Chapter 508: Exchange

Chapter 508: Exchange

“Ah… Hmm… It seems that I have a little bit.” The daoist searched his pockets to see if he could find any gold. He was more fortunate than Lan Yunzhu; since he regularly calculated others’ fortune, he coincidentally had some gold. After spending half a day looking, he finally had a few bits of gold.

He then excitedly asked Li Qiye: “Young Noble, will each elf have different treasures?”

“Yes! Each elf has their own special treasure. You are free to do as you please.” Li Qiye smiled and added: “If you want, you can try to divine it as well to see which elf is right for you.”

“That… won’t be necessary, I’ll just test my luck.” The daoist simply closed his eyes and picked a random “rock.” He wanted to test his luck for a change.

“What do you want?” The awakened elf was very annoyed. Any sleeper being woken would be unhappy. The elf then glared at the daoist and angrily exclaimed: “Brat, if you are not here to trade, then I’ll beat you into a pig’s head!”

The daoist opened his palm to show off the bits of gold and quickly said: “I want to trade for a creation.”

The elf’s green eyes immediately opened up wide after seeing the sparkling gold bits in the daoist’s hand. His sleepiness immediately disappeared. Li Qiye was right, these elves really liked gold.

“I want all of it!” The elf quickly gathered all the gold bits into his own pocket, then he took a look at Daoist Heaven Calculating: “Oh, a ghost, and a lying swindler ghost at that!”

The daoist became speechless when the Heart-ghost Tribe were dubbed lying swindlers by the elf. He let out a wry smile and tried to explain: “I am part of the Heart-ghost Tribe, we specialize in divining for others.”

“I know.” The elf said with a clearly disinterested appearance: “There is nothing redeeming about these ghosts!”

The daoist was completely dumbfounded once again. What could he say to counter these words?

Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu both exploded in laughter; the daoist became quite embarrassed.

“Take it. Because of the gold, I’ll give you the Divine Board of River Luo. Hmph, if you didn’t give me gold, I would never have decided to give you such a nice item like this!” The elf threw a treasure towards the daoist then coiled up and went back to sleep.

The daoist looked at the divine board in his hands. His eyes brightened and he emotionally exclaimed: “This… This is a great treasure for divining. It’s even better than the turtle shell left behind by my ancestors!”

“Of course.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Inside the Prime Ominous Grave, the fortunes in this Secret Realm are amazing. As long as you have the luck to enter, you will have a great harvest.”

“Thank you for your help.” The daoist bowed again towards Li Qiye. If Li Qiye didn’t bring him along, then he wouldn’t have been able to enter this Secret Realm.

“Now it’s your turn to test your luck.” Li Qiye smiled at Lan Yunzhu and continued: “If you are lucky, maybe you will be able to trade for something great.”

Lan Yunzhu looked at the group of elves but couldn’t make a decision right away. After looking at them for a while, she then looked over at Li Qiye with puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t look at me, I will not give you a treasure.” Li Qiye denied as he shook his head.

Lan Yunzhu cheerfully smiled and said: “Uncle, your eyes are as bright as torches and are sharp enough to see through all things; will you choose an elf for me?” She acted a bit coquettishly like a pampered child and continued on: “I know that Uncle is a person who knows all things under the heavens and above the earth. My admiration for you spans as long as the endless rivers…”

“Okay, stop flattering me, it’s so fake.” Li Qiye angrily said: “I will pick an elf for you.”

Lan Yunzhu then threw a gentle and lovable smile at him and said: “I knew that Uncle was a nice person!”

“Don’t keep on using the beauty trap or I’ll really have you tonight.” Li Qiye’s direct words left Lan Yunzhu flustered. She quickly elbowed his chest and angrily shouted: “Go die, pervert!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh. After looking for a while, he pointed to a sleeping elf: “That one, maybe you will have an unexpected harvest.”

Lan Yunzhu happily ran over and woke up the sleeping elf.

“What do you have to trade with me?” The elf got up and asked.

Lan Yunzhu immediately took out some shining golden items and placed them in front of the elf.

Who said only the Secret Realm’s elves liked bright things? Women also loved them. The items she took out were not treasures, they were just some of her jewelry. Even the most simple and elegant girl would carry some golden jewelry around, and female cultivators were no exceptions.

The drowsiness immediately went away as the elf stared at Lan Yunzhu’s items. This elf looked at one thing and touched another; all of them were definitely to his liking.

Li Qiye looked at the elf touching the items and smiled to say: “Aizz, girls always have things that these elves like the most; they’ll always have eight to ten pieces of golden jewelry.”

“I want all of them!” The elf shouted. This came as no surprise since Lan Yunzhu’s jewelry were all very finely crafted. Who wouldn’t like them?

Lan Yunzhu then excitedly responded: “Then what treasure will you take out to trade with me?”

“The Reverse-time Shuttle is something I really like, it's extremely precious.” The elf took out a round container and replied. [1. A shuttle in a loom, not a ship.]

Standing beside them, Li Qiye immediately said: “Trade it.”

Under Li Qiye’s instruction, Lan Yunzhu grabbed the round container right away and pushed her items into the elf’s hands. She then smiled and said: “Deal!”

The elf was very happy and coiled himself, falling back to sleep.

Lan Yunzhu then ran back to Li Qiye while holding the round container. She was the river sect’s descendant, a high and above goddess in the eyes of others, but at this moment, she was like an excited little girl in front of Li Qiye.

“What is this treasure?” Lan Yunzhu handed the container over to Li Qiye and asked.

Li Qiye took a careful look. The simple and round lines were extremely smooth; ordinary people would not be able to see what was magical about it. He rubbed the container and praised: “Good stuff, very amazing.”

“What are the mysticisms behind this Reverse-time Shuttle?” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t see through it, so she asked again.

Li Qiye had seen countless treasures. He noticed some clues but didn’t want to tell Lan Yunzhu. He instead answered with a smile: “You have to study this yourself. Only then would it become a treasure that belongs to you. Then, it would not be limited to being only a tool or a weapon.”

“Fine, I’ll meditate on it by myself later then.” Lan Yunzhu gave him a look and said. Nevertheless, she was still quite happy to have this Reverse-time Shuttle. As an imperial descendant, she had seen emperor’s weapons before, but this Reverse-time Shuttle had a different significance. It was something that she traded for with Li Qiye’s guidance, so she liked it a lot.

“Okay, Uncle, we both got treasures so it is your turn. We can leave once you obtain a treasure too.” Lan Yunzhu urged Li Qiye.

Li Qiye sat by the lake and took out a treasure box; inside was a burning turtle. This was the turtle taken from Nightsea, a Yang Night-turtle.

After Li Qiye’s training, this turtle became very obedient unlike its previous rebellious self.

“What kind of divine turtle is this?” Lan Yunzhu noticed the flames on top of the divine universal chains and asked.

Even the most unaware individual would know that this turtle was extraordinary.

“A Yang Night-turtle from Nightsea.” Li Qiye’s forehead loosened up as a brilliance suddenly flashed. A universal law chain locked the turtle once again.

“There are turtles in Nightsea?” The daoist asked in astonishment: “I’ve never heard of anyone fishing anything out of Nightsea besides Nightfish!”

Lan Yunzhu was also surprised. Up till this point, the people of the Sacred Nether World knew that Nightsea only had Nightfish. For millions of years, there had never been any tales indicating otherwise.

Now, a turtle suddenly showed up from Nightsea. Anyone would know that this turtle must be extremely heaven-defying.

Li Qiye looked at the turtle in his palm and said: “We’ll make a deal. You go get something for me, and I’ll give you a creation as well as find someone to take you back to Nightsea. In the future, when you become accomplished with the dao, the Ancestral Flow will take care of you inside Necropolis. Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you, but I have to let you know that I will be making a turtle hot pot tonight. Don’t even dream about escaping, it is useless with my divine chain around you.”

“You call this a deal? You are clearly threatening it.” Lan Yunzhu threw a frustrated glance at Li Qiye and said.

Li Qiye’s eyes squinted as he smiled and said: “You are right, I am threatening it and I'm not joking around.”

When Li Qiye narrowed his eyes, not to mention Lan Yunzhu who knew him too well, even the turtle in his hand shuddered. It felt that if it couldn't escape, then its fate would be even worse than becoming turtle stew.

“If you agree to the deal, then nod your head and I’ll grant you a creation.” Li Qiye smiled and said. At this point, his demeanor appeared to be very harmless, but Lan Yunzhu and the daoist both shivered. They felt that Li Qiye’s current appearance was the most frightening.

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