Chapter 507: Legendary Grand Creation

Chapter 507: Legendary Grand Creation

The daoist took a deep breath and put on a solemn expression. He lit up some incense and fixed his clothes, then he slowly took out a turtle shell before finally sitting down with crossed legs.

Seeing the daoist’s appearance, Lan Yunzhu laughed and asked: “You want to take the great creation, not someone’s fortune. What are you taking out the turtle shell for?”

The embarrassed daoist smiled and answered: “Items created by the heavens are one of a kind and not just anyone can enjoy them. Even seizing it might not be a good thing, so I will calculate my own fate to see if I can bear such a supreme treasure or not.”

“There is such a belief?” Lan Yunzhu asked with skepticism. Then she smiled and said: “Then since our Thousand Carp River has Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and True Treasures, doesn’t that mean we will also be punished by the heavens?”

The daoist shook his head in response: “Fairy Lan, our Heart-ghost Tribe is different from the Thousand Carp River. Our divining tribe obeys the heavens while your Thousand Carp River goes against the heavens. If we calculate anything too amazing, we’ll suffer a heavenly punishment.

“According to our calculations, your Immortal Emperor Qian Li continuously went against the heavens until they reached the level of Immortal Emperor. This means that, to a certain extent, the will of the heavens allowed the emperor to carry the Heaven’s Will. The emperor then created a supreme emperor’s foundation for the Thousand Carp River to protect it for millions of years.” When it came to fortune telling, the daoist blabbered on incessantly.

“Against the heavens? In accordance with the will of the heavens?” While she listened, Lan Yunzhu became very interested. Generally, cultivators didn’t care for divination and only considered fortune tellers to be street charlatans.

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head to add: “This matter is very mysterious, but you can put it like this: Your Thousand Carp River is an emperor’s lineage with sufficient strength. You guys have emperor’s laws so the sect has become quite mighty. Even those who want emperor’s weapons would not dare to maneuver against you.

“But now let’s talk about a smaller sect. For example, a smaller sect or a vagrant cultivator possessing several emperor’s weapons or a mythical scripture — would they be able to protect them? Once found out, they would be annihilated within several days.”

“Ah…” Li Qiye’s simple explanation made the daoist speechless. He eventually added: “Sir’s argument is indeed an alternative explanation, there is some truth to it.”

“Very well. In your divination teachings, there is this saying: only the courageous will prosper. It doesn’t matter if you will be able to bear it or not, take the chance to grab it first then decide later. Which invincible existence didn’t face hardships? Those who reached the apex all went through countless life and death trials and through baptisms of blood.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued with a grin: “Like you said before, you would calculate for yourself before leaving home. In a generation such as this, you might as well never leave the house since it is safest to stay there like a turtle in its shell.”

“Well…” The daoist scratched his head and pondered for a while before replying: “Sir makes a lot of sense. Haha, my habit of calculating can’t be fixed.”

At this point, he couldn’t help but ask: “Sir, how does one take the great creation from this place?”

“You must have a certain something or win the acceptance of this Secret Realm. There is another simple and direct method — just jump straight in. If you are lucky like a heaven’s son, then maybe the Secret Realm will accept you and you will obtain the great creation after diving in.” Li Qiye smiled, then he added: “But think about it carefully. If you directly jump in, the probability of dying in there is a lot higher than coming out alive.”

Lan Yunzhu couldn’t help but startlingly exclaim: “Didn’t you say that there was no danger in a Secret Realm? Why would he die by jumping in? What is the point of even talking about the creation then?”

“Where can you acquire a defining treasure so easily? Of course, obtaining a creation would be difficult as well.” Li Qiye shook his head with a smile.

“Okay, let me calculate to see what item would be accepted by the Secret Realm.” The daoist took a deep breath and decided. In the end, he couldn’t change his occupational habit.

“Craa—craa—craa—” With a serious expression, the daoist meticulously shook his turtle shell, creating crisp sounds.

“Ding ding ding ding!” Finally, he threw the turtle shell to the ground to see how he could procure this great creation.

“Crack!” However, the turtle shell immediately shattered the moment it touched the ground. With a blanched expression, the daoist took several steps back while shivering as if he had just taken a hammer to the chest.

Seeing this sudden development shook Lan Yunzhu with a jolt as she asked: “What happened?”

“It is incalculable.” Li Qiye shook his head and answered.

“The heaven’s punishment!” The daoist no longer dared to divine any further. As a Heart-ghost member, he understood the significance of the heaven’s punishment.

He struggled to heave in a deep breath to calm down before bowing towards Li Qiye: “I’m grateful for Sir’s chance, but unfortunately, I cannot own this creation. Maybe it will bring about a calamity to my entire tribe.”

“Is the heaven’s punishment that terrible?” Lan Yunzhu saw the fear in him and emotionally asked.

“That was only a warning from the heavens. If I force myself to divine it, then maybe I will share the same fate as my ancestor. And it wouldn’t just be my death, maybe my entire tribe would face the heavenly lightning as well. These creations are extremely heaven-defying and I don’t think I should own such items. Even obtaining one by chance would not necessarily be a blessing.”

“What about me? You think I can take it? Or rather, do I have the fortune and ability to enjoy the defining treasure?” Lan Yunzhu asked Li Qiye.

Li Qiye answered with a smile: “You? With regards to the Thousand Carp River’s power as well as divination, you should have sufficient fortune to bear it. However, do you know how to acquire it?” Here, he pointed at the daoist and said: “If he risks his life to calculate as a Heartless Mirror Master, then maybe he will find out some clues, but you... You don’t know anything…

“That is why I gave him a chance. Others won’t be able to know, only Heartless Mirror Masters of the Heart-ghost Tribe have the chance to figure it out.”

“Heartless Mirror Master?” Lan Yunzhu looked at the daoist and startlingly uttered: “Legend has it that these masters are born with natural calculating divine pupils in your Heart-ghost Tribe!”

“Indeed, Fairy Lan, I am naturally born without a Heartmirror, so I am pitied by the heavens.” The daoist didn’t dare to boast and only answered truthfully: “However, being born with divine pupils for seeing is not necessarily a good thing.”

Everyone knew that Heart-ghost members were born with a Heartmirror, but Daoist Heaven Calculating was born without one. Most members without a Heartmirror would not be able to become a diviner. However, there was a certain chance of them having divine pupils. These people were called Heartless Mirror Masters and were destined to be great diviners since the moment of their birth!

“And so, only a Heartless Mirror Master like him has a certain chance of divining the secret. You, on the other hand, cannot unless you have something else to assist you.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Lan Yunzhu immediately looked at Li Qiye and revealed a sparkling smile, a smile that encompassed charm and beauty, a smile that was crying for sympathy. She then said: “Then tell me about this creation, or just help me get it.”

“Sorry, but you have to obtain this creation by yourself.” Li Qiye shook his head and added: “Me bringing you here is already a creation in and of itself.”

Lan Yunzhu angrily elbowed him and glared as she said: “Stingy, nevermind then.”

Li Qiye then shifted his attention to the daoist and said: “You still have a chance. If you can figure out the ultimate meaning, then you can still grab it without having to do anything. Granting you the power of the divine pupils could only be seen as the heavens loving Heartless Mirror Masters.”

“Thank you for your kindness.” The daoist was reasonable and said: “Obtaining this supreme treasure is useless if I won’t be alive to enjoy it. This little one does not have the fortune to enjoy such a precious treasure.”

“Hmph! Fine, then just forget about this defining treasure.” Lan Yunzhu coquettishly said: “You can grab this thing yourself, I will go get a different creation. Quick, tell me how to get a different one.”

Li Qiye chuckled and pointed at the sleeping elves by the lake, saying: “Go wake them up. You guys can pick an elf and trade something with them. Whatever you get will depend on your own fortune.”

Lan Yunzhu and the daoist stared at the sleeping elves by the lake. They were like round rocks without any movement at all.

“What should we trade?” Lan Yunzhu asked.

Li Qiye answered: “It’s very simple, they like golden things the most. Take out something with a sparkling golden color, but of course, gold is best. They like gold a lot.”

Lan Yunzhu and the daoist suddenly became silent. In the eyes of mortals, gold was indeed very precious, but it was trash in the eyes of cultivators for they had no need for mortal items.

Some vagrant cultivators, especially weaker ones who often mingled with the mundane world, would have a lot of gold in their pockets. Sadly, Lan Yunzhu came from an emperor’s lineage so she had no need for such things.

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