Chapter 500: Di Zuo’s Arrival

Chapter 500: Di Zuo’s Arrival

“A Scarletflame Qilin!” Many people were moved when they saw this qilin.

A Scarletflame Qilin was not a real divine beast; it was a descendant with some of the qilin’s bloodline flowing through its veins. In spite of this, the sight of the Scarletflame Qilin standing in the sky still caused many people to palpitate.

It emitted an aura that caused even Heavenly Sovereigns to tremble. Its domineering aura was not just for show since it actually had the strength to back it up.

This was an auspicious beast that had appeared only once in the last thirty thousand years. It usually showed itself in many places in the Sacred Nether World and would make nests to rest for years in each of its domains.

Anyone would want an auspicious beast like this with divine blood running through its veins. Many people chased after it, but no one was successful, not even Heavenly Kings. Even some reclusive ancestors came out, but the qilin managed to evade all of them.

Later on, there was a legend that spread throughout the Sacred Nether World. It stated that this Scarletflame Qilin was the descendant of a divine beast, so only the future Immortal Emperor would be able to tame it. Only a future Immortal Emperor would make this qilin willing to become a mount!

“Look! It is Sir Di Zuo!” A person with keen eyes saw the person mounted on this qilin and loudly screamed.

Everyone looked up and saw a young man sitting on the qilin’s back. He sat straight as his back carried the blue sky, making time stand still.

The young man was not overly handsome, but he had a pair of divine eyes that were seemingly capable of seeing through eons. With a cloak on his back, he exuded a mighty imperial aura. There were no signs of affectation, this aura seemed to naturally radiate from him.

What was even more dreadful was the golden door that appeared right behind the young man’s back. This golden door acted like a divine gate that opened a path to the heavenly grand dao; it exuded an eternal breath that surrounded Di Zuo’s body.

Di Zuo — the descendant of the throne of bones, a legend in the Sacred Nether World, the pride of the ghost race. One of the three heroes with even greater prestige than Tian Lunhui and Chan Yang.

Despite the three heroes all having great backgrounds, Di Zuo was different from Chan Yang and Tian Lunhui. It was undeniable that both Tian Lunhui’s and Chan Yang’s talents, efforts, and lineages were no less than Di Zuo’s, but they were born with a golden spoon and were already fated to become extraordinary. Tian Lunhui was presumed to be the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor while Chan Yang was chosen by the Ancestral Realm during his youth.

Fate itself had decided that these two would be able to reach the peak while stunning the world.

However, Di Zuo’s achievements and glories were hard-earned by him. It was indisputable that coming from the throne of bones was great, but Di Zuo was not the only genius there. He faced a plethora of competition from a young age. Nevertheless, he used his talents and hard work to prove his worth and eventually sat on the descendant’s throne.

Di Zuo once continuously challenged the world and his own limits, using blood to cast his fame.

When he was ten, he was able to defeat Royal Nobles. When he was fifteen, Ancient Saints were placed beneath his feet. And when he was eighteen, he used an invincible momentum to kill an entire country in an earth-shattering battle that caused rivers of blood to flow. Di Zuo’s battle record was worthy of pride no matter which era one looked at.

While Tian Lunhui and Chan Yang were enveloped in an aura of extraordinariness since birth, Di Zuo fought his way through bloody battles to earn his reputation. Thus, he exerted a greater and more tangible pressure compared to the other two. As a result, many of the young and old generations in the Sacred Nether World called him Sir Di Zuo.

“The legendary Imperial Gate! I heard that when the young Immortal Emperor Wan Gu reached a certain level, he also had an Imperial Gate just like this. This is a symbol of being enlightened by a supreme grand dao.” The group emotionally uttered after seeing the golden gate behind Di Zuo’s back.

Immortal Emperor Wan Gu was the progenitor of the Myriad Bones Throne, the first emperor of the ghost race. He originated from a great clan where its members, after having learned a supreme grand dao, would have a golden gate behind their backs. Because of this, the golden gate represented the supreme grand dao as well as the opportunity to reach the peak in the future; maybe they could even become an Immortal Emperor!

Di Zuo’s visit caused a huge commotion as the crowd gazed at him with anticipation. Even Tian Lunhui above the All-Eras continent suddenly stood up.

His arrival caused the descendants of emperor’s lineages, like the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child, to be unable to sit still.

“Di Zuo!” Their hearts sank after seeing Di Zuo in the far distance.

Both of them were imperial descendants and were geniuses among geniuses. They expended countless amounts of blood and sweat to finally become imperial descendants. It could be said that their type was not willing to accept defeat to anyone, and very few people could cause them to bow their arrogant heads.

Therefore, they became quite dejected to see Di Zuo. They realized the gap between them and him. Even the most egotistical genius would have to accept their shortcomings in the face of Di Zuo.

In fact, bowing before Di Zuo was not a shameful thing in the Sacred Nether World for countless geniuses had already done so after being convinced by his might.

Tian Lunhui, who was standing on his continent, stared at Di Zuo in the far distance with his profound gaze. Tian Lunhui was a person shrouded in mysteries, and his eyes were very frightening. The sun and moon inside his pupils became dark then bright again; it was as if there was a universe inside his eyes that was forever undergoing the samsara cycle.

His expression became more serious after seeing Di Zuo. After all, as one of the three heroes, Di Zuo was a powerful rival.

The three heroes had never broken the friendly posture and no one had heard of them fighting before. In fact, rumor has it that the three of them were good friends.

However, all three knew very clearly that the path to the Heaven’s Will was destined to be brutal. There was only one Heaven’s Will, so one day, the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World would have to fight each other. This was why the three of them had always considered the others as their strongest rivals!

Even members of the previous generation had to click their tongues approvingly after seeing Di Zuo riding the Scarletflame Qilin: “Sir Di Zuo has tamed the Scarletflame Qilin!”

This qilin had appeared in the Sacred Nether World many times over a long period of time, but it had never submitted to anyone before, so how could people not be amazed now that Di Zuo had accomplished this feat?

A group of sect masters and royal lords clapped their hands and applauded: “Sir Di Zuo is indeed a young Immortal Emperor. It is not too strange for him to be able to do so. Moreover, divine blood flows in that qilin, so it knows how to pick its master.”

“Boom!” With a deafening blast, the qilin trod the sky and instantly appeared right outside of the Thousand Carp River’s camp. Its aggressive aura alarmed all the elders inside, prompting them to rush out.

Although the river sect only had one emperor, Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s fame still ran strong in this generation so they had a strong position in the Sacred Nether World.

However, Di Zuo rode the qilin above the river sect’s sky today. How aggressive and domineering was this?

This action caused those right outside of the grave to glance at each other. The ghost cultivators were especially excited.

One cultivator whispered: “A battle is about to break out.” The crowd was eager and many ghost cultivators ran there to watch the fun.

Everyone knew that Li Qiye had killed tens of thousands of ghost cultivators several days prior, resulting in the Phoenix Maiden fleeing in defeat.

That battle caused many ghosts to choke with resentment for it was a huge slap to their faces. Prior to that, the ghost tribes had always looked down on humans. The eastern Nether Border was the world of ghosts, and many ghost tribes declared their intent to kill Li Qiye. The result was that they were all massacred by Li Qiye, so how could ghosts show their faces now?

No one dared to challenge Li Qiye afterwards. Even imperial descendants like the Saint Child and Evil Child were very cautious and didn’t dare to speak recklessly.

Everyone understood that Li Qiye was on the same level as the three heroes, so those who challenged him without sufficient ability were just courting death.

Right now, Di Zuo was riding his qilin above the river sect, so his purpose was as clear as day. The ghost tribes couldn’t hide their excitement because the ghost race was finally going to regain their pride. They waited for Sir Di Zuo to kill Li Qiye.

Di Zuo looked down at the river sect as his voice traveled far: “Where is Li Qiye?” Issuing a challenge right above the sky of the river sect was a very overbearing move.

“What is your business, Fellow Daoist Di Zuo?” Daoist Bao Gui still managed to respond with a smile in the face of Di Zuo’s imposing momentum.

Sitting up in the nine heavens, Di Zuo’s voice thundered like a god: “Tell Li Qiye to come out and fight; one battle till death to decide the victor!”

A life and death battle! Di Zuo’s words traveled very far. Many people took a deep breath. This was the final showdown between cultivators, a way for cultivators to solve grudges. Since it was one-on-one, the loser could only blame their lack of skills.

No sect would take revenge after a life and death battle, lest they risk becoming a joke to the rest of the world.

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