Chapter 496: Worldwide Fame

Chapter 496: Worldwide Fame

However, in the end, Li Qiye alone killed all of his enemies and the Phoenix Maiden suffered a decisive defeat. The black clouds that loomed over the Snow-shadow Tribe were dispelled. This narrow escape caused the Snow-shadow disciples to be excited beyond words as they jumped up cheering.

Qiurong Wanxue, who had been watching the fight from afar, was emotionally speechless. Suddenly, a teardrop dripped down from the corner of her eye. Li Qiye didn’t fight against so many just for himself, but also for the Snow-shadow Tribe.

Meanwhile, the other human cultivators were ecstatic as well. One of them couldn’t help but crazily laugh and say: “Hahahaha! Our human race will sweep through all of the enemies in this generation and reach the apex!”

Many human monks clapped in unison and excitedly exclaimed: “That’s right! From now on, there is a genius of our race who is comparable to the three heroes of the Sacred Nether World!”

Those who were saddened the most by the result of the battle had to be the ghost race. Being defeated by humans in the southern Distant Cloud was understandable; after all, humans had some formidable powers there. However, this was the eastern Nether Border! Tens of thousands of experts joined together only to be annihilated by Li Qiye in the end. Li Qiye had now established his fame with this battle and shattered the pride of the ghost race.

Ghosts had always considered themselves to be the rulers of the Sacred Nether World, especially when the three heroes in the current generation were so absolutely brilliant. All of them assumed that the Immortal Emperor of this world would definitely be a ghost, so they look at the other races — like humans and demons — with disdain in their eyes.

But today, Li Qiye swept through his enemies and defeated the Phoenix Maiden; this in turn also struck the ghost’s arrogant momentum quite hard. It could be said that the ghost race had lost all face after this battle.

Once Li Qiye met up with Lan Yunzhu’s group, she said with a cheerful smile: “Hey, Uncle, you will become famous overnight after this battle. From now on, only the three heroes will be comparable to you.”

Li Qiye looked at her and replied: “Girl, you are really looking down on me. Putting the three trash heroes on the same level as me... Who do you think I am?”

Despite his overbearing attitude, Elder Zhi and the other Snow-shadow disciples didn’t think that he was boasting.

Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and then playfully said: “Oh, Uncle, don’t you know that humility is a virtue? Just a little bit of praise and you are already in over your head, have you no shame?”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter and then told Qiurong Wanxue: “Go back and check on the situation, your disciples need a chief to take care of them.”

Qiurong Wanxue was too emotional to speak as her eyes became all teary. In the end, she only gently spoke: “Thank you.”

Peng Zhuang’s group of six looked at Li Qiye. In the beginning, they thought that he was only an ordinary human cultivator. They didn’t expect that Li Qiye would eventually sweep through the world and be someone on the same level as the three heroes, so they felt quite proud to have known Li Qiye. Peng Zhuang gave him a thumbs up and said: “Young Noble, no, Big Boss, you are truly invincible! You’re so amazing!”

The six of them couldn’t help but take pride in having become friends with Li Qiye, walking shoulder-to-shoulder with him during their time together. Existences like the three heroes were people that little characters like them could only look up to.

After thanking Li Qiye, Qiurong Wanxue quickly brought Peng Zhuang’s group and Elder Zhi back to the Snow-shadow Tribe. After having survived this storm, the disciples were still anxious and needed Qiurong Wanxue to run the show.

After she left, Lan Yunzhu told Li Qiye: “Master’s group will arrive tomorrow at the latest, will you open the Prime Ominous Grave right now?”

Li Qiye shook his head and replied: “No, I’m not in a hurry right now. I learned quite a lot and must reflect on it. I have a new perspective on battles and maybe I’ll be able to create an invincible technique.”

This bloody battle refined everything Li Qiye had learned and combined them together, especially his Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds — it had reached a new apex. The seed of a supreme merit law had been formed in his head, so he needed time to try to understand the fruits of this battle.

“I’ll keep a lookout for you.” Lan Yunzhu didn’t say anything else and immediately prepared a safe place for him. She would act as his dao protector.

As Lan Yunzhu had said, Li Qiye became famous overnight from this one battle. His fame spread across the Nether Border and he became a hot topic for many cultivators, especially those who saw the battle with their own eyes. These people had the chance to retell the events in a grandiloquent manner.

Fierce Li Qiye — this title resounded everywhere in a short period of time with a thunderous magnitude no less than tales of the three heroes.

“Fierce Li Qiye is the pride of our human race!” Some human cultivators even came up with a slogan for him.

While people were discussing this battle, there was also another matter to note — the Prime Ominous Key. It was hard to avoid this issue when Li Qiye was brought up.

“When will Li Qiye open the Prime Ominous Grave?” No one dared to ask him directly, so they could only speculate.

However, people would wait until he opened the grave. After the battle, even more people from various sects went and camped right outside of the Prime Ominous Grave. In a matter of days, a multitude of groups from all over the world camped in this location, waiting for Li Qiye to open the grave.

They wanted to follow him inside, but whether anyone would have any success or not was up to their own fortune.

The news that the grave would be opened was momentous and quickly spread throughout the Sacred Nether World. Countless lineages sent experts and masters to the Nether Border.

Even little sects and vagrant cultivators rushed here immediately without minding the cost.

The Prime Ominous Grave was filled with boundless temptation to the Sacred Nether cultivators. The legendary method to everlasting life, King Medicines and Immortal Elixirs, ancient treasures and sacred artifacts — any of these creations inside the grave would pave the future path of just about anyone.

Many reclusive sects and clans came out after hearing the news. They even sent a message to inform their masters. The Thousand Carp River was one of the earliest sects to arrive at the Prime Ominous Grave. The moment they came, a huge carp could be seen swimming in the horizon above the nine heavens like a dragon creating ripples of waves.

“The Thousand Carp River is here, is it to back up Li Qiye?” Many sects were very wary to see Daoist Bao Gui and the other elders with their majestic blood energies. The Thousand Carp River had proudly traversed the Sacred Nether World with a smile for a long time due to their substantial power. Yesterday, Li Qiye’s battle could be considered a challenge to the ghost race, so today, when Daoist Bao Gui brought along this many experts, it was probably not for the Prime Ominous Grave but instead to lend Li Qiye a hand. Perhaps the river sect wanted to let the Sacred Nether World know that it was a lineage not to be underestimated or looked down upon by anyone!

Daoist Bao Gui and the elders quickly came to see Lan Yunzhu right after they arrived. The old daoist was a bit worried and asked: “How is Young Noble?”

After hearing Li Qiye’s challenge to the world, the old daoist became quite startled. He not only brought the high elders along, but he even invited an ancestor to come protect him.

“He is fine and is in isolated cultivation at the moment.” Lan Yunzhu reported Li Qiye’s situation to her master and the elders.

After hearing her report, the old daoist was both relieved and shocked. Even a high elder from the river sect couldn’t help but murmur: “Truly formidable. Being able to kill so many enemies alone... It is no wonder why the patriarch chose Young Noble to be our Guardian.”

Venerable Yang praised: “Our Thousand Carp River is one sect with two geniuses. Yunzhu is already brilliant enough, and now we also have someone like Young Noble. This is more than enough to compete against the likes of Di Zuo for the Heaven’s Will!” He already knew that the dream tree picked Li Qiye for a reason, so now that Li Qiye showed his talents, he was very optimistic.

The elders were quite ecstatic. They placed high hopes in Lan Yunzhu; although she, as the descendant of the river sect, didn’t sweep through the world like Di Zuo, she had cultivated the secret law at a young age and could communicate with the Heaven’s Will. The elders believed that, in the future, Lan Yunzhu would not be any weaker than Di Zuo, Tian Lunhui, and Chan Yang.

Now, with the addition of a heaven-defying genius like Li Qiye, the Thousand Carp River became even more confident about competing for the Heaven’s Will. A sect with two geniuses was quite rare.

The river sect didn’t mind coming from the far southern Distant Cloud all the way to this place. Meanwhile, the other Nether Border sects had also congregated right outside of the grave. Amongst them, the arrival of the Myriad Bones Throne was especially grand.

“Boom!” With a deafening explosion, a divine mountain that resembled an imperial crown suddenly landed right outside the Prime Ominous Grave. An immortal energy surrounded this divine mountain with faint celestials around it as if this mountain was the center of the heaven and earth.

“Even the ancestral mountain is here!” Seeing this divine mountain appearing caused many people to become shocked. Any person and even any sect would feel fear and awe in front of this ancestral mountain.

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