Chapter 488: Bloody Training

Chapter 488: Bloody Training

At this time, everyone understood the true power of having nine stars and ten palaces. This was a miracle that allowed the eternal and perfect kingdom to unleash an absolute power capable of crushing everything.

“Kill him!” At this time, the eight buddhas that were still alive came again. Another shadow flashed, and the Nightwalker King bared his fangs once more.

“Everyone go together, cut him into pieces!” At this moment, someone shouted. Many weapons and treasures began to attack as several thousand experts rushed to attack. Those who wanted to take his life were surrounding him like a pack of wolves.

They now understood that no one could kill him one-on-one. Even a Heavenly King would find it difficult to kill this nine stars and ten palaces miracle. This brat was already too heaven-defying, so others could no longer remain patient. They all jumped out to attack Li Qiye.

“This is even better!” Li Qiye wildly laughed. He kicked away the Armored Heavenly Sovereign beneath his foot. The Terra’s Root that grew like a divine tree sucked up the boundless worldly energy, the kingdom’s energy, and the energy from the stars and gave it to Li Qiye in the form of a heavenly waterfall.

Li Qiye utilized the thousand hands technique to its limit as all of his hands raised the three thousand worlds behind him.

“Kill!” He did not cower in the face of the gigantic army and instead was excited to see blood. One hand held a saber while the other one held an iron sword; one was channeling the Kun Peng’s Six Variants while the other was creating an inescapable net.

“Roar!” The Kun Peng flew into the sky while creating a noise that shook the nine heavens. The primordial Kun Peng swept everywhere, causing a downpour of blood. Li Qiye’s foundation turned into this primordial Kun Peng that wildly swung its wings to kill several hundred Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and Ancient Saints!

“We have to go together in order to flay him!” Against Li Qiye’s domination, a Little Sovereign crazily cried out and then took the vanguard. He was immediately followed by several thousand experts to enter the battlefield.

Calm River Ghost Monarch, Nether Well Bonedemon, Onyx Mountain Corpse King, Eight Slaughter Heavenly Sovereign… All of these famed great characters in the Sacred Nether World joined the battle.

“Very good!” Li Qiye became fiercer as the battle progressed. The Sky Traversing Eight Saber came for the Zen Ghost Eight Buddhas while the Trinity Sword made the Nightwalker King flee in shame. A sky-covering hand captured the Armored Heavenly Sovereign while another plucked out a bundle of dry grass. This bundle of grass suddenly turned into heavenly swords that were surrounded by stars. This was the Grass Sword Attacking Immortal Law! One grass sword to sweep through a thousand enemies. A single swing of this grass sword caused the heads of Enlightened Beings and Ancients Saints to roll, creating a scene of carnage in the sky. [1. Grass Sword Attacking Immortal Law is a technique given to Xu Pei from the Immortal Dao City, chapter 324.]

At this point, the battlefield had escalated to the point where even the heaven and earth was collapsing; rivers were split while the mountains crumbled. A huge mountain range was unearthed by Li Qiye and used as a weapon to swing across ten thousand miles…

Even his enemies were influenced by this scene of blood. No matter if it was Li Qiye’s blood or the blood of others, those who wanted to kill Li Qiye were crazily rushing forward like sharks baited by blood.

Treasures soared up high while weapons were roaring nonstop. The battlefield was chaotic due to waves and waves of cultivators continuously attacking Li Qiye in order to slay him with their blades. They had let go of all thoughts, including revenge or the bounty — these things were no longer important. They only had one thing on their minds, and that was to kill Li Qiye!

Li Qiye laughed hysterically as he rampaged across the huge army. While being besieged from multiple angles, Li Qiye opened up a path of blood and then killed his way deeper within the army, wishing to kill all of his enemies.

Even those who initially didn’t want to participate rushed into the battlefield. Everyone became insane from the killing; they all wanted to peel Li Qiye’s skin and drink his blood.

Countless corpses fell down in just a short period of time, painting the scenery red. Blood then formed rivers as corpses plied up as high as the mountains, creating a horrific picture.

At this point, from Royal Nobles all the way up to Heavenly Sovereigns, they all joined in the war. Only the old undyings that were hiding behind the scenes were hesitating. This was because Li Qiye was too fierce; he fought against this army while only using ordinary weapons. These undyings recognized that Li Qiye was training himself instead of just killing his enemies. He was just enjoying this process!

Because of this, many old undyings were shuddering. Li Qiye didn’t use his real abilities, so he still had some hidden killing moves. This was why the hiding undyings and Heavenly Kings from the previous generations did not want to make a move.

Becoming a Heavenly King was very difficult, especially those who cultivated during the Difficult Dao Era. This resulted in them having a lot of hesitation.

Li Qiye was just sharpening himself, so he didn’t use either of his Immortal Physiques. If these two appeared, then the joy of the battle would be lost since it would end very quickly. He didn’t take out other treasures either. He had too many killing methods, and any of them could easily turn this army into ashes, ending this battle in just one second!

“All of you, die for me!” Li Qiye madly laughed while sweeping through the crowd. He was completely covered in blood. Some was his own, but the majority belonged to his enemies.

The bloody Li Qiye was not tired at all; instead, he became even more spirited and eager.

“Clank!” Saber hymns filled the nine heavens; this was the God Slaying Saber. The saber in Li Qiye’s hand maddened as the sixth technique of the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber came out, causing the saber intent to go completely wild. Eight saber slashes came down, cutting the Zen Ghost Eight Buddhas in half!

“Pluff!” The ghost-like Nightwalker King suddenly broke through Li Qiye’s defense and a knife stabbed into his body at the speed of lightning. Unfortunately for this king, due to the power of an entire world pouring down like a waterfall, this knife that pierced through Li Qiye’s skin could not kill him.

“Ahh—” A shrill scream resounded. A pair of hands appeared out of nowhere from under Li Qiye’s ribs and quickly grabbed the Nightwalker King; he was too slow to escape and was torn into two halves.

Li Qiye’s hands then threw his body away while he burst out in laughter and said: “I have been waiting for you for a while now!”

One wouldn’t be able to know whether the Nightwalker King’s sneak attack was successful or if it was just a trap by Li Qiye, but this was no longer important. The only thing that remained of the Nightwalker King was his bisected corpse.

“Murder him!” More crazed enemies rushed forth.

“I’m going to kill all of you!” Li Qiye let out a long laugh and screamed. He then soared forward with an incomparable and domineering presence while chasing after the escaping Armored Heavenly Sovereign.

“No—” The Armored Heavenly Sovereign let out a scream in horror. However, Li Qiye — with his world power — crushed the sovereign into a pulp. Even his grand completion Diamond Physique could not stop Li Qiye’s tyrannical kick.

The Yin Yang Sea of Blood exuded a blood energy that towered millions of meters high. This blood energy caused Li Qiye’s Trinity Sword to kill all in its path with its three variations. The Earth Sword devoured the sky and swallowed the earth; the Heavenly Sword showed no mercy in its massacre; the Mortal Sword was a style filled with life essence, but it was completely merciless in ending the lives of its enemies.

“Swoosh!” Although the Calm River Ghost Monarch managed to cut off one of Li Qiye’s thousand hands, the newly grown hand tore off the monarch’s head…

At this time, Li Qiye was a monstrous butcher. Although he was injured, none of the injuries were fatal. The endless vitality from the Yin Yang Sea of Blood and power from the nine stars and ten palaces continued to strengthen him. Even a Heavenly Sovereign with a Virtuous Paragon True Treasure would not be able to give Li Qiye a fatal blow in a short amount of time!

Momentarily, Li Qiye had massacred countless enemies as he made his way in and out of the battlefield. Sounds of bones breaking, dao shattering, pitiful screams, and battle cries all wove together like a creepy symphony from hell.

At this minute, all the experts and masters had joined the battlefield. This front line was a black hole that devoured countless lives. Once one stepped inside, no one would ever think about escaping because Li Qiye would not let anyone leave this battlefield; he was determined to slay them all.

Li Qiye was bathing in many types of blood; there was ghost blood that shone a purple color and also the blood race’s blood that was shockingly beautiful… All of these types of blood mixed together and no one could tell who they belonged to. Which was Li Qiye’s and which was his enemies’?

At this time, his shoulders were pierced, but he only became more ferocious as the war went on. His hands swept through innumerable enemies while his feet stomped on the corpses of the fallen foes.

Right now, Li Qiye resembled a Fiendgod with his invincible and domineering attitude. He would kill until the sky collapsed without a care for his own mortality while basking in the endless blood of his enemies.

At this time, some people slowly became aware that even the gods and devils would not be able to hold back Li Qiye!

Many were astounded by this scene. Earlier, many young ghost experts did not like Li Qiye, and some of them didn’t put him into their eyes. But now, any genius would have to shrink their arrogant neck after watching this sky-shattering battle. Those who previously held him in disdain would not even dare to breathe loudly in front of his presence.

In the horizon, some great characters from the ghost race changed their expressions. One of them quietly murmured: “This brat is too terrifying. Who will be able to stop him if he also has an invincible weapon?”

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