Chapter 483: The Approaching Storm

Chapter 483: The Approaching Storm

Killing Li Qiye would win them success and recognition to become the most dazzling hero of the younger generation.

The young cultivators knew that they were not a match for Li Qiye one-on-one, but many wanted to take his life anyway. Even Heavenly Sovereign predecessors personally came along with several tens of thousands of experts, acting like tigers stalking their prey.

As the proverb says, “enough ants will bite even an elephant to death.” These young cultivators wanted to sneak attack Li Qiye during the chaos and take his head. When that time comes, not only would they gain the bounty from the Phoenix Maiden, they would also gain an illustrious reputation.

Just thinking about the potential fame left their blood boiling with excitement. They couldn’t wait to cut off Li Qiye’s head and use it to pave their future path!

And of course, there were those who didn’t want to become involved in these murky waters and instead came to join the fun. This group stood very far from the Snow-shadow Tribe since they only wanted to watch the battle.

There was also another group that had a different plan. This group consisted of a few undyings hiding in the shadows. Given the chance, they would definitely deliver a fatal blow to Li Qiye. They didn’t come for the bounty or for the Prime Ominous Key, they came to take revenge for their disciples and descendants.

At the oasis, Li Qiye killed many young ghost cultivators. Their elders were the ancestors of sects who had been waiting for a chance to take revenge.

Outside of the Snow-shadow Tribe, countless experts held their breaths in anticipation for Li Qiye’s arrival. Some were excited, others were tense while the rest hid their emotions.

Only the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden who was sitting on her phoenix chariot remained calm. It was as if her victory was already a foregone conclusion.

The Snow-shadow members were stricken with fear. Although the enemies hadn't taken action against them yet, who could predict what would happen after the battle?

At this point, they could only pray for Li Qiye to be the victor with the last laugh. The majority of the Snow-shadow disciples didn’t know who Li Qiye was or why their tribe was linked to a human.

However, these questions were no longer important to them. What was crucial was that Li Qiye’s victory was the Snow-shadow’s last hope of survival!

If Li Qiye died, then amidst the excitement, the Divine Spark Country and the crowd would destroy the entire Snow-shadow Tribe. Because of this, the entire Snow-shadow Tribe quietly prayed for Li Qiye to triumph over everyone for the sake of their survival.

Li Qiye finally appeared under countless gazes. Just like he had previously stated, he came alone. He strolled with leisure as if this venture was not dangerous at all; he was merely taking a stroll before a mighty army.

“He’s here, he is here!” At this time, the atmosphere was tensing. Many experts who were ready to sneak attack or those who only wanted to spectate were in a frenzy.

The gazes that fell upon Li Qiye came in a plethora of emotions; there was anger, murderous intent, cold and calculating glints, and cruelness… These gazes alone seemed enough to cut him into many pieces.

The ten thousand experts outside of the tribe secretly took out their weapons or maneuvered to a better position. When the time was ripe, they would deliver the fatal blow.

Li Qiye seemed to be a lost lamb as he faced so many prowling experts among the hills. He had entered the tiger’s den, and these hungry experts were just waiting to take his head. Or, one could also describe him as a drowning man surrounded by sharks that were ready to swarm him once they smelled blood.

Among the tumultuous crowd, some people couldn’t help but admire Li Qiye. One older sect master said while being visibly moved: “So courageous! He knows that there are tigers on the mountain yet he still chose to come.”

Even knowing full well that countless experts were lying in ambush, Li Qiye still came alone. Such a person was either truly confident in his cultivation or was a madman.

“This guy is absolutely crazy. Opposing the Phoenix Maiden alone wasn’t enough, he even dared to challenge the world, resulting in him having to face its wrath. He’s a freaking maniac!” Someone inside the crowd exclaimed.

A human cultivator couldn’t help but say: “Maybe he is just full of confidence? He believes that he can leave in one piece just like Di Zuo. When Di Zuo was eighteen, he also destroyed the North Ridge country alone and walked freely in the midst of a 500,000 strong army.”

Although the human race had a very weak presence at the Nether Border, many human cultivators here hoped for Li Qiye’s victory, for the pride of humanity.

The Nether Border was the territory of the ghost race, especially when an unbeatable dao lineage like the Myriad Bones Throne presided there. The human race certainly did not have an easy time there.

If Li Qiye could sweep through all of his foes today, then the human race would shine, especially if he could become an existence like the three heroes. This also meant that a human genius would have a chance to become an Immortal Emperor in the Sacred Nether World.

However, the words of this human expert caused the spectating ghost members to become discontent. A ghost cultivator sneered: “Hmph! You dare to compare a human brat with Sir Di Zuo? He is nothing!”

The human expert strongly retorted: “Nothing? He is the Guardian of the Thousand Carp River, I dare you to go say that to the Thousand Carp River!”

“So what if he is the Guardian of the Thousand Carp River?” The ghost cultivator coldly mocked: “Just watch, before the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, he will be torn apart by the thousands of experts. He is just a lost lamb waiting to be eaten by the wolves; he will die without a burial!”

The human expert sneered back and retorted: “Back at the oasis, Li Qiye killed a thousand with one swing, so he can still do it here. So what if you have the advantage of numbers? When one is powerful enough, mere numbers wouldn’t be able to do anything to one!”

The human cultivators were backing Li Qiye while the ghost cultivators spoke for their own. Many ghosts only wanted Li Qiye to be dismembered and left rotting in the field.

After all, how humiliating would it be if several tens of thousands of ghosts couldn’t kill a human junior?

Ghost tribes considered themselves as the sovereigns of the Sacred Nether World, but this was also very close to the truth. If they were to lose today to a human junior, then their authority would come under attack.

“Calm River Ghost Monarch, Nether Well Bonedemon, Onyx Mountain Corpse King, Eight Slaughter Heavenly Sovereign…” The more composed ghost experts looked at the experts gathered by the hills and recognized all the famous characters, saying: “Even Sir Di Zuo might not be able to face so many enemies, unless he brought an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure with him. Otherwise, he might not be the last man standing.”

At this point, the ghosts that gathered here were all notoriously powerful. The young geniuses were one thing, but the more surprising part were the great characters from the previous generation, especially those who became Heavenly Sovereigns during the Difficult Dao Era.

There were also experts from the other races, such as the demon race, the blood race, heavenly devils, and stone golems among others… The Phoenix Maiden’s bounty was too generous, so even the other races’ experts joined in the hunt.

Only humans did not participate. This was a battle between Li Qiye and the entire ghost race; any human expert who participated in attacking Li Qiye would be abhorred by the rest of the humans in the Sacred Nether World.

Li Qiye slowly approached under countless gazes. He came closer and closer while the experts hiding in the mountains held their breaths. In this tense atmosphere, even they could hear their own heartbeats.

Li Qiye stopped right before the hills. He was as calm as ever as his gaze swept past everyone. Finally, his gaze stopped on the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden sitting on her chariot in the sky.

The Phoenix Maiden had an ice-cold expression as her sharp glare was directed towards Li Qiye. Her eyes were full of a murderous intent that resembled the cold glints of blades.

“Ah, are you the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden?” Li Qiye looked at her and smilingly said: “I am here, do you want to fight one-on-one or all together? I welcome either choice.”

The Phoenix Maiden up high above coldly looked at Li Qiye and spoke with a murderous tone: “Against enemies, I do not care for the process. The only thing that matters is the result of either you prostrating before me, or having your head placed on my table!”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to achieve either outcome.” Li Qiye nonchalantly stated while standing before the mighty army with a smile: “How about I give you a suggestion? Scram now to the edges of the heavens and I’ll pretend that nothing happened.”

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