Chapter 478: Leaving

Chapter 478: Leaving

Li Qiye took a final glance and softly sighed before turning around to leave. He didn’t know when the next meeting would be after this farewell.

“Stop!” The master finally spoke with a cold tone once Li Qiye reached the door: “Come back here!”

One of his feet was already out the door, but he paused and slowly pulled his foot back. He then turned around back to the grand hall before looking at the master seated on the chair.

The master didn’t say anything, and the person’s mood and thoughts were impossible to decipher.

“Are you just going to leave like that?” The Ancestral Flow Master asked coldly.

Li Qiye softly sighed and said: “I know I owe you, but I cannot repay it right now.”

“I’m not interested about that.” The master scowled.

“Okay, what do you want to talk about? I’m all ears.” Li Qiye gave up and responded with a defeated smile.

“Hmph!” The master was very unhappy with Li Qiye as the pressure of this scowl emanated throughout the grand hall.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything. He put on a patient appearance, waiting for the master to talk.

“Do you really have to declare war?” After a long time, the master spoke again in a cold manner: “Do you really have to do this? This situation has lasted for a billion long years!” [1. 1,000,000,000 is the exact text here, but you can think of it as the master is saying a very very long time.]

“I know.” Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “But now, there is a chance, so why not start the war? I am not afraid. Like you have said, it has lasted for so long so it is time for it to end.”

Li Qiye freely smiled: “Even if it doesn’t end by my hands, I still want to give it a shot.”

“Don’t forget that you are a human. This is the ghost race’s issue and it has nothing to do with you. If it should end, then it will. There is no need for a human like you to intervene!”

“I know.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “You are also a ghost, right? To me, whether this is a problem of the human race or the ghost race is not important. I only want an answer and a new era. It is time to turn a new page for the Sacred Nether World, to usher in a new era.”

“Even if the Sacred Nether World needs a new era, it is something that the ghost race should do!” The master continued: “There is no need for an outsider like you to worry. I should be the one doing so, not you!”

“I know.” Li Qiye responded: “That day will come for sure. The new page of the ghost race shall be turned by your hand.” He then looked at the master: “However, before this new page gets turned and the new era begins, allow me to lift the curtains of the first battle. Let me sweep away all the obstacles that are blocking the new era!”

“Do you think doing this will be repaying the favor to me?” The master snorted.

Li Qiye shook his head and answered: “No, I only want the answers to the mysteries. From a very long time ago, I have wanted to see those damned things.”

“Hmph! Suicidal fool!” The master snorted again with words full of dissatisfaction.

Li Qiye was not angry at all and smiled: “Many people have said that about me, and numerous others have cursed for my death for millions of years now. Unfortunately, I have disappointed all of them because I have been alive and well.”

“Don’t forget that you are no longer the you of the past, no longer the immortal existence.” The master said: “Before, you wouldn’t have died no matter how dangerous the crisis was, but now, just one wrong step and you will be rendered into nothingness.”

“You are right.” Li Qiye said: “I am no longer the immortal Dark Crow, but I have more initiative than ever before. I have prepared well for this war.”

The Ancestral Flow Master silently listened as if he was frozen.

Li Qiye stood there silently and watched the master. After a long time, he gently sighed and said: “I have decided to start this battle. Win or lose, I must fight. I have waited for this war for a long time and I’m confident that I will be able to return victorious!”

“If you had an existence like Immortal Emperor Qian Li to escort you like in the past, then maybe you would be able to turn over this heaven and earth. However, do you feel that you can actually do it with your current circumstances?” Finally, the master coldly asked.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Even though I don’t have an Immortal Emperor protecting me, that doesn’t mean that I do not have methods comparable to them. Are you saying such things to undermine my morale? Since time immemorial, were there things I couldn’t do?”

“If you want to die, then I won’t bother asking anymore!” In the end, the Ancestral Flow Master stated with a snort.

Li Qiye replied: “Don’t worry, wait for my victorious return. I will pierce the sky and plow that ghastly place asunder! Certain things should come to an end!”

The master snorted and then coldly said after a long time: “Huang Jiaofu can go.”

These words shocked Li Qiye. He didn’t expect for the master to agree.

The master coldly declared right after: “Remember well, this is you asking for a favor for Huang Jiaofu; this is your debt to Necropolis, not Huang Jiaofu’s! Don’t even think about dying! Since you owe Necropolis, you have to return alive. Otherwise, even if you die and turn into a wandering soul, you will still have to pay off this debt! Necropolis will not spare you!”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smilingly say: “Don’t worry, it is not that easy to kill me. My debt to Necropolis will certainly be repaid.”

“Scram, don’t waste my precious time.” The master coldly humphed and uttered. Having said that, the master slowly closed their eyes and went back into a deep slumber.

Li Qiye softly sighed and left.


While Li Qiye went to the Ancestral Flow to ask the master for a favor, Necropolis exploded with big news, churning like boiling water.

The news of the Prime Ominous Key being in Li Qiye’s possession spread all over Necropolis. The countless great powers that were camped right outside were perturbed after hearing this. They quickly discussed countermeasures.

“Someone obtained the key to the Prime Ominous Grave!” Many were excited after hearing the news, even though they weren’t the ones who had it.

A person who couldn’t sleep due to the anticipation of the grave opening exclaimed: “After several generations, someone finally found it. The grave will be opened soon!”

Everyone knew that opening the grave was the same as opening a land of treasures. Although Necropolis had legends regarding its treasures, very few people across the eons found any. The Prime Ominous Grave was different. Its opening signaled the start of a fruitful harvest. Although it was a dangerous place, the harvest was proportional to the danger.

“A human brat got the key.” A sect master had crooked thoughts of wanting to steal it after knowing that Li Qiye had the key.

A young cultivator who saw Li Qiye’s fierceness with his own eyes reminded his sect master: “This brat is not easy to mess with. He easily killed a thousand experts and the group of Golden Child, the Divine Spark Prince, Ghost Monk, and the Hundred Clans Child. This brat is not any weaker than the descendants from the emperor’s lineages.”

“What!? He dared to kill even the Divine Spark Prince? Is he tired of living?” After hearing this news, anyone would be shocked, including sect masters and even Heavenly Sovereigns.

Killing the Divine Spark Prince in the Sacred Nether World was not a good thing. Everyone knew that he was the little brother-in-law of Di Zuo. How could the prince’s sister, the Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden, let this go? Di Zuo would surely take the side of his fiancee, and offending Di Zuo was the same as offending the entire Myriad Bones Throne.

Both sects and cultivators would be wary of the Myriad Bones Throne. It was not just a sect with three emperors; its progenitor, Immortal Emperor Wan Gu, was the first emperor of the ghost race — an existence that towered proudly across the ages. It could be said that the true strength of the throne was unimaginable. Perhaps even the Ancestral Flow had to be cautious of it.

Not too many great powers in the Sacred Nether World dared to oppose the throne of bones!

A cultivator who personally witnessed the fight said: “This human brat not only killed the prince, he also provocatively challenged Sir Di Zuo without any respect!”

“This junior is too arrogant. Maybe he doesn’t know just who he is facing.” A Heavenly Sovereign from the previous generation shook his head and continued: “Opposing Di Zuo is suicidal. Only the other two heroes of the Sacred Nether World, Tian Lunhui and Chan Yang, can compete with Di Zuo.”

“I hope Sir Di Zuo doesn’t come too quickly. Then, maybe we’ll have the chance to grab the Prime Ominous Key.” A person revealed his crooked intentions.

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