Chapter 469: Disappearance Of The Black Sea

Chapter 469: Disappearance Of The Black Sea

However, she was still quite worried while looking at Li Qiye’s appearance.

What could these ants possibly be to cause him to be so immersed like this and risk it all just to comprehend them? Li Qiye didn’t care for Virtuous Paragon merit laws or emperor’s weapons since he gave them to Qiurong Wanxue as if they were garbage. So what in this world could cause him to be so fascinated?

Qiurong Wanxue found it difficult to imagine such a thing, but it turned out that these few tiny ants were sufficient.

She didn’t dare to look at them since the lesson from last time was still fresh. With just a couple glances, she had almost lapsed into a coma. If it wasn’t for Li Qiye saving her in time, maybe she would have died at this place from qi deviation.

Tian Lunhui’s sudden appearance at this land was a source of worries for her. She decided to stay as a guard by Li Qiye’s side day in and day out, but Li Qiye still remained inert like a stone statue. Time kept on moving and his hair went from black to white, then white to black.

In the beginning, she had concerns about Li Qiye expending too much blood energy, but these were dispelled when she saw the endless life force inside his Fate Palace recovering his blood energy.

“Rumble!” Today, she was still by his side, but the landscape suddenly shook. Even the golden and black seas were swaying.

She suddenly realized something as she lifted her head and noticed that the kingdom in the sky suddenly became bright as if a paragon was waking up. She had the feeling that a giant had turned his body, causing the earth to quake like this.

And it wasn’t only her, all the geniuses on this land were scared out of their wits.

Even Tian Lunhui, who was searching alone in a corner, became alarmed.

“What is that?” Tian Lunhui looked up at the faintly visible kingdom in the horizon and wondered.

Many young ones that were still at the other side of the sea felt their souls leaving their bodies in horror because, at this time, the gigantic shadow and the sky-swallowing Fish King had begun to fight, causing the earth to be torn asunder. The first move of one side plucked the celestials while the other side unleashed a tsunami millions of feet high. Everyone immediately escaped very far away before watching with quivering legs.

They all assumed that the victor between these two monstrosities would be decided today. However, while enjoying this spectacle, the earth suddenly shook like a giant turning his body, causing them all to become aghast.

Something rose up from the bottom of the golden sea. This was a huge divine ring flashing red lights as if it was made out of blood. On the surface were universal laws that intertwined into a sacred portal. This portal then sucked in the gigantic black shadow along with the Fish King and teleported them to a different world.

All became dumbfounded when the golden sea suddenly set off a gigantic wave. Before they could calm down, a splashing sound could be heard as the black sea on one side was drowned out by the golden sea on the other. The black sea and the thousands of handlers along with their ships disappeared without even a bubble remaining.

In this fashion, the black sea was flooded along with the ferry handlers. All disappeared without a trace and only the golden sea remained.

The ocean became calm again right after, and the gigantic divine ring sank back into the depths to an unknown location.

When everyone regained their composure, the scene was tranquil without winds nor waves as if nothing had happened at all. If they didn’t see the black sea, the tens of thousands of ferry handlers, and the gigantic black shadow, then others who just arrived would think that nothing had happened.

“What… What just happened!?” All the young cultivators were frightened since they didn’t know what was going on.

“Hahaha, the black sea is not there anymore!” However, someone reacted very quickly with excited laughter.

Many people suddenly realized it as well. Although they didn’t know what happened, the black sea disappearing was good news to everyone so they immediately rejoiced.

“It has finally happened, the black sea is no longer there!” A young cultivator couldn’t help but exclaim: “It is fine now. Without the black sea, we can reach the other shore!”

“Here we come, other shore! Necropolis’ treasures and the ancient treasure mountain — all of these are meant for us!” Another couldn’t contain his excitement and let out a wild laughter. Then he used his fastest speed to fly towards the other shore.

“We have to hurry as well, maybe the legendary treasure mountain has already been found by Tian Lunhui.” Others also quickly set out. In just a brief moment, many young cultivators rushed forward as they were unwilling to be left behind.

Someone eventually set foot on the other shore and instantly felt the sounds of the heaven and earth. The first group couldn’t help but be taken by surprise.

“There really is a legendary treasure in this place!” Their excitement was uncontainable as they celebrated before jumping into the mountain ranges ahead.

This sudden change caused Qiurong Wanxue’s heart to shiver. Although she didn’t know what was going on, something must have happened after the kingdom in the sky suddenly exuded a bright light.

Li Qiye had said that he wished to reach the Kingdom of Heaven, but the sudden change just now caused her to become quite nervous. What was even more important was that the two of them still hadn’t found the area with life yet.

Qiurong Wanxue looked over towards Li Qiye. Now, he was completely petrified. Unaware onlookers would not be able to recognize him.

Qiurong Wanxue hesitated for a bit. Even if she continued to stay here, she wouldn’t be able to contribute anything. Maybe she should go to find the area with life to save Li Qiye some time.

In the end, she was still the chief of an entire tribe. After deciding, she no longer hesitated and chose a direction for her search. In fact, they had already gone considerably deep into this landmass, but there were still a few directions left unsearched.

At this time, she basically chose to backtrack. She didn’t know where the area with life was, but it was definitely not ahead of them so she had to pick a different direction, even if it meant going backward.

She had traveled for several days and encountered a lot of people. This land that was once only inhabited by the two of them was now quite lively, to her surprise.

She didn’t know what was going on, but she was deliberately avoiding the young cultivators. Li Qiye had made a lot of enemies so she went out of her way to put on a disguise to mix amongst them.

The next day, she found several groups and discovered what happened after asking some questions.

The black sea had disappeared so countless cultivators were able to reach this land.

Many young cultivators were astonished by the magical properties of this land and became incredibly excited. It was as if there were numerous treasures just awaiting their excavation.

However, their desperate search bore no fruit as no mountains of treasure could be seen. At this time, they began to recognize the strange aspects of this place.

In the end, geniuses couldn’t instantly recognize the mysticisms of this land. Not everyone was like Li Qiye, who knew many secrets.

The moment the geniuses discovered the heavenly accumulation of universal laws, they had a certain thought and specifically went to Tian Lunhui with questions.

Tian Lunhui had been — for some time — searching while traveling so he gave these geniuses a very definite answer: “This place is a dao land. Once, there was a supreme existence who left behind his life’s findings here. Every mountain and river on this land is an incredible merit law.”

After getting such a definite answer, these geniuses became quite shocked, and news of this got out very quickly.

“What? Every mountain and river is an incredible merit law?” All the young cultivators were amazed at this finding.

“No wonder why everything in this place is formed from universal laws. So this was the case…” Many became very excited. They began to study the landscape in order to research the merit laws.

The first to show some results were the Titanic Crescent Saint Child and the Ghost Insect Evil Child. The Saint Child observed a river and obtained some enlightenment as he quickly shouted with joy: “Amazing, this is an emperor level merit law!”

“This merit law… It is indeed specifically tailored for our ghost race!” The Evil Child studied a particular peak with an emotional expression.

The two of them were attracted by these landscapes and became deeply immersed. Although they themselves cultivated emperor’s laws, studying these scenes before them still benefited them greatly.

They were both from emperor’s lineages so they cultivated emperor’s laws from a young age. Factoring in their excellent talents, very few could match them. Their general knowledge and understanding was also far above their peers, so they quickly reaped a good harvest after observing for a while.

“Not weaker than emperor’s laws?” The Saint Child’s evaluation quickly spread, causing everyone to be quite astounded.

Countless people immediately stopped what they were previously doing to continue observing the landscapes in order to understand their profundities.

“Emperor’s laws ah!” What kind of shocking news was this? To everyone, the treasures were no longer important. An emperor’s law would greatly benefit them for life.

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