Chapter 456: The Gathering At Nightsea

Chapter 456: The Gathering At Nightsea

News of Nightsea becoming clear quickly spread across Necropolis to all of the great powers in the Nether Border. And in a short dozen days, the news spread across the entire Sacred Nether World.

This news was simply too shocking. Many people didn’t mind opening gateways to traverse the plains in order to send this news to their sects at the fastest speed.

Many sect masters and royal lords were astonished by this news and quickly called for their elders to convene.

Even the undyings, ancestors, and legendary masters that were buried underground were stunned as well by this news.

“Nightsea has turned clear?” An ancestor asked in disbelief.

“Even the earliest records state that Nightsea had always been black like ink. It is an ominous ground that buries even Virtuous Paragons. What could have caused it to turn clear and no longer drown people in just one night?” The old undyings who hid underground were disturbed. Even the ancestors from the great powers didn’t mind breaking their seals in order to find out more information.

Countless speculations traveled far and wide. In just a short period of time, all kinds of rumors emerged. Some even said that the world was about to change.

This type of speculation was not without merit. Not long ago, the day suddenly turned dark and the lost mythical island disappeared instantaneously! Now, Nightsea had turned clear overnight. Such heaven-shaking events happening one after another were most likely not a coincidence.

This led to many imaginative speculations. Many ancestors from the great powers felt that something big was about to happen.

“Could it be that the Prime Ominous Grave is about to open?” An ancestor guessed after hearing about the clear Nightsea: “Or is it that someone will successfully find the key within this generation?”

Not just one or two people thought this way. Many undyings and ancestors believed that there was a large chance that the grave would open.

Some great powers were very excited at this idea; many even sent young disciples to Necropolis for the first time.

Such a thing was not surprising because the Prime Ominous Grave was full of temptation. Even the undyings and ancestors who had experienced many storms in their lives couldn’t restrain themselves.

Many great fortunes awaited them if they could enter the grave. Who wouldn’t want to take part in such a legendary adventure? And the most mouth-watering part was the rumor of the grave containing a technique for immortality. None of the great characters were able to sit still at such a thought, especially the ancestors that were near death. This was the only way to escape their inevitable fate!

The promise of everlasting life was something that could bait even Immortal Emperors!

In just a short amount of time, many young cultivators entered Necropolis from all over the Sacred Nether World.

On the second day after the change occurred, people found a whirlpool in the middle of Nightsea. This whirlpool reached all the way to the seabed. Some brave adventurers entered the whirlpool and found that there was another vast ocean right beneath Nightsea.

“This is a new mysterious realm, a previously undiscovered realm!” The adventurers were stunned after finding this huge ocean underwater.

At this time, people began crossing this ocean in order to discover the riches on the other side of the shore.

This discovery quickly leaked out. A mysterious and previously undiscovered realm right below Nightsea had been found, so how could others not be shocked?

“Could it be that the treasure mountain in Necropolis is about to come into being?” After hearing about this mysterious realm, a few ancestors from the great powers thought about a particular legend.

Until now, Necropolis had been a paradise of treasures for young cultivators. Many of them excavated great things in the city.

For millions of years, there were legends of supreme treasures, divine weapons, and a mysterious treasure mountain. Supreme treasures and divine weapons had been found before.

The most famous of these findings was about Immortal Emperor Ju Tian. It was said that, at a young age, the emperor found an unparalleled treasure in the Ghost River that allowed him to undertake the path towards invincibility.

This tale was known and passed down to future generations. Because of Immortal Emperor Ju Tian’s fortune, countless people ran to Necropolis later on in search of treasures.

Necropolis, indeed, had supreme treasures and divine weapons. These were not just baseless rumors; however, the mythical treasure mountain had always been a mystery.

A very long time ago, it was said that there was a treasure mountain in Necropolis. The specifics and name of the mountain remained unknown. Rumor has it that this treasure could kill even gods and seal all the experts in this world. In short, there were many beliefs surrounding this particular mountain, but no one had seen it before. Even Immortal Emperors had come to Necropolis in search for it, but they were all unsuccessful.

Because no one had actually seen it before, two differing views arose. One stated that there was no treasure mountain at Necropolis and that it was only a rumor. The other one stated that the treasure mountain indeed exists and that it had something to do with the immortal art for everlasting life.

The second view was greatly supported by the fact that Immortal Emperor Di Yu came back to Necropolis in search for this treasure mountain at an old age. Thus, many people made the connection between the two.

The sudden change in Nightsea along with the discovery of a new, mysterious underground realm caused people to contemplate many things. For millions of years, no one had seen this treasure mountain, but now, there was a previously undiscovered realm right below Nightsea. This led people to think that the mountain was inside this mysterious realm.

After this idea took shape, countless great powers sent young cultivators to Necropolis. Regardless of whether it was for the key to the Prime Ominous Grave or for the mythical treasure mountain, it was worth the risk.

Because of this, in just ten short days, disciples and descendants of the great powers continuously appeared at Necropolis; many of them were famous geniuses.

Within a short period of time, Necropolis became very lively as the young crowd flocked to the city. Even the descendants were willing to venture into this dangerous place.

A few particularly strong people garnered quite a bit of attention.

For example, Ghost Monk. With a chant, a monk trod the sky to arrive. The moment this monk appeared inside Necropolis, buddhist chants resounded as if many Buddhas themselves had arrived. However, this scene was different in that, instead of having a peaceful atmosphere typical of the faith, there was a nether and dark air as if evil Buddhas had arrived.

This monk exuded a cold yet sacred presence. He seemed to have turned into a nether Buddha, causing others to be quite wary.

“The Young Lord of the Zen Ghost Tribe, Ghost Monk has come!” The Zen Ghost Tribe was a big tribe in the Green River; it was a very powerful group within the ghost race. Their members were born with shaven heads and ordainment markings, so they were meant to be monks since birth!

Ghost Monk was a member of this tribe; he was a famous genius in the western Green River. Rumor has it that he had obtained a secret Zen Law that paved the way towards a promising future.

“Ghost Monk arriving should come as no surprise, but even Hundred Clans Child is here.” A young cultivator said.

“Hundred Clans Child is also here? The genius that can be bestowed the legendary title of God-Monarch?”

There was no lack of geniuses amongst the youths that arrived at Necropolis. However, compared to distinguished characters like Ghost Monk, these other geniuses paled in comparison.

At the western Green River, Hundred Clans Child was a genius on the same level as Ghost Monk. These two were called the two young experts of the Green River — very exceptional amongst the younger generation.

Hundred Clans Child came from the Kingdom of Gods, a great country that once had eight God-Monarchs — quite a fearful accomplishment. Hundred Clans Child was the favorite of the Kingdom of Gods’ elders since they believed that he could also become a God-Monarch in the future.

“I have arrived!” The appearance of another man was even more jolting. A huge foot descended from the heavens as he stepped into Nightsea. Once he was standing above Nightsea, even the rising water could not drown his figure.

The moment this foot disappeared, everyone saw a short young man standing above Nightsea’s surface. He was only half the height of an ordinary man, but no one dared to look at him with disdain.

This short young man’s body was filled with muscles, brimming with power as if his bare hands could tear apart dragons and tigers. The most distinctive aspect of this young man was the divine flames burning in his eyes that intertwined to create universal laws. The power of the grand dao was frightening like the roars of tidal waves, causing spectators to shudder.

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