Chapter 450: Nightsea Becomes Clear

Chapter 450: Nightsea Becomes Clear

She looked up at Li Qiye to find a slight smirk and his always-nonchalant attitude; all of these things were imprinted in her heart before she knew it. A flame enkindled deep within her when she looked at this young man right before her.

Qiurong Wanxue took a deep breath and suddenly mustered her courage. She approached and stretched out her jade-like hands to embrace his neck and couldn’t resist the urge to kiss his lips.

When their lips touched, her heart pounded hard as she lost control of her body. Despite her nervous state, she still decisively chose to kiss him longer.

This elegant woman was blushing like the evening sun. The kiss revealed her inexperience, but she remained persistent.

Li Qiye was surprised as he felt her soft, sweet lips. He then lifted this mature beauty’s face and resolutely tasted her lips. He showed no mercy as he pried his way in to cherish her fragrant tongue and didn’t allow for her to escape.

Qiurong Wanxue’s soul almost left her body from Li Qiye’s overbearing kiss as she felt her strength being sapped from her body. Her unskilled self let it all go; she slightly pushed out her tongue to let the man do as he pleased, she was like a moth drawn to the flame.

The passionate kiss led to Li Qiye’s hand caressing her voluptuous buttocks. With a pinch, she became weak and fell into his embrace. He then patted it and teased: “My beloved chief, do you want to warm my bed tonight?”

This suddenly caused her entire body to feel hot as her skin became dyed with an alluring shade; she was unable to remain calm from the embarrassment and quickly pushed him away. She couldn’t lift her head to look at him when she bashfully said: “In your dreams, I would never warm your bed!” Having said that, she ran away with her fastest speed.

She still felt the rush after having left Li Qiye behind. She gently bit her lips while recalling the embarrassing scene from earlier. It was as if she had been possessed by the young man’s charm and couldn’t help but to offer her first kiss. She didn’t know where she found the courage to do such a thing.

Eventually, the ripe beauty coquettishly scowled and didn’t dare to remember the event that just transpired.


The next morning, her face felt hot after she saw Li Qiye. He then playfully asked: “So? Did you not sleep well last night?” Li Qiye then winked in an innocent yet suggestive manner.

While being both ashamed and angry, she took in a deep breath to pacify her chaotic thoughts before glaring at him to say: “Less nonsensical babble. Where are we going today?”

Qiurong Wanxue was a mature and elegant lady so her flirty yet shy eyes had a completely different charm to it. The combination of these two things made her even more attractive.

Li Qiye smiled and freely responded: “We’ll be looking for someone. I don’t know whether we can find the person or not, though. If successful, then maybe we’ll be able to get some news.”

They then left the inn and went around Midtown. He specifically looked for alleys and noted certain markings around them. They went to several small alleys but they couldn’t find the person.

After walking through many alleys, Qiurong Wanxue curiously asked: “Who are we trying to find?”

“A guy in hiding who doesn’t want to meet others.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

“Boom, boom!” However, as they continued on with their search, all of Midtown, no, all of Necropolis suddenly shook.

The shaking town scared Qiurong Wanxue as she asked: “What happened?”

Li Qiye felt the heaven and earth shake as he pulled Qiurong Wanxue up to the sky with a changed expression. He then gazed towards Nightsea and exclaimed: “It’s coming from Nightsea!”

“Rumble!” Nightsea was not that far away from where Li Qiye was. Everyone saw a terrifying scene. The splashing sounds of water contributed to an astonishing sight as a pillar of tides shot up straight to the sky, nearly piercing the nine heavens. This wave seemingly wanted to sweep through all the stars that hung above.

After reaching an unbelievable altitude, it started to descend while creating monstrous splashing sounds that were heard by everyone in Necropolis.

All were in fear, including the young cultivators from the outside as well as the local residents.

Long after the tide fell down, many people were still shaken since no one knew what was going on with this sudden development.

“It has to be Nightsea.” Li Qiye murmured. His expression changed after remembering a certain thing.

Qiurong Wanxue was stunned by this new development. She had never heard of a similar occurrence before. A tidal wave suddenly shot to the sky — this was too frightening. Just what on earth had occurred?

“What now? Do we go to Nightsea to take a look?” The frightened Qiurong Wanxue asked Li Qiye.

However, they didn’t need to go to Nightsea. In a short amount of time, new information spread across Necropolis. The messengers were cultivators from the outside along with the local ghosts.

“Nightsea is now clear!” A dazzling piece of news shocked all of Necropolis.

“Nightsea is clear? Impossible!” The first reaction to this news was disbelief.

The local inhabitants didn’t believe it either. Even as ghosts, they didn’t believe such an unimaginable thing.

For the past millions of years, Nightsea had always been as dark as ink. Even the longest living sentiment in Necropolis had never heard of Nightsea turning translucent.

“This cannot be any truer. Not only has it turned clear, it is no longer an ominous ground anymore. Anyone can enter without facing any dangers, and the handlers disappeared as well. I have a friend who was catching fish in Nightsea. He was sent into the sky by the tidal wave and thought that he would be dead for sure once he fell into Nightsea, but the water turned clear and it didn’t drown him!”

“How could this be…” Many people quickly went to check. When this sudden change occurred at Nightsea, many people were still fishing and were blown into the sky. They thought that they would be doomed for sure, but Nightsea was no longer dangerous by the time they fell into the water. All of the handlers disappeared as well.

Despite the new risk-free environment, these young cultivators all ran away from Nightsea in fear.

After confirming, many people headed towards Nightsea, including its ghostly inhabitants.

“What is going on?” Many people flocked to the shore and looked at the clear ocean water in astonishment. They rubbed their eyes repeatedly since they thought that it was merely an illusion.

However, this was not the case, this was reality. The previously pitch-black water was now as clear as crystal. One cultivator couldn’t help but jump into the water: “Come, we’ll go explore!”

In the beginning, the young ones were very cautious and only dipped one foot into the water. Once they found that nothing was wrong, they all traveled into Nightsea.

“It really is fine now, Nightsea is not drowning people anymore!” After discovering the lack of danger, many young cultivators excitedly rushed into the sea and swam around like flood dragons.

Before this, Nightsea was notorious for its dangers; once one fell into its waters, their only fate would be death. Thus, everyone was extremely careful at this place.

But now, Nightsea was not dangerous at all, so how could people not become excited?

Compared to the happy outsiders, Necropolis’ local ghosts were very cautious. These ghosts were still very afraid of Nightsea despite it being clear. They then went away; they were too reluctant to stay close to the shore.

“I wonder what actually happened.” Momentarily, many speculations formed around Necropolis to explain Nightsea’s change.

“Why did Nightsea suddenly become clear?” Qiurong Wanxue also found it hard to believe.

Li Qiye became quiet after hearing the news. He had several speculations to explain this change, but he could not be certain until he personally confirmed it.

“What should we do now? Do we still need to find that person?” Qiurong Wanxue asked her Young Noble.

“No, we have to go to the Ancestral Flow so I can meet someone.” Li Qiye pondered for a moment before replying.

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