Chapter 438: Immortal Moon Margin

Chapter 438: Immortal Moon Margin

In just a moment, Li Qiye dashed forward and dragged out a trunk from the river.

“Crash!” A skeletal scorpion flew out from the river with its extremely sharp tail stabbing at Li Qiye with lightning speed.

Li Qiye smiled and met the skeleton as both of his hands grabbed onto its tail.

“Snap!” Before the stinger could reach Li Qiye, it had already been torn in half by him.

“Such strength!” Many cultivators were shocked at how easy it was for Li Qiye to subdue the skeleton.

Li Qiye effortlessly threw the skeleton back into the river then landed on the shore and handed the fish over to the ghost representative. In the end, he gave the trunk to Qiurong Wanxue.

“For you.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “It is a shame that this is not the thing I want, but it is perfect for you.”

Qiurong Wanxue accepted the Ghost Algae Trunk with some surprise. Judging by Li Qiye’s attitude, this seemed to be an amazing treasure. Someone close by urged her due to their curiosity: “Open it, let’s see what is inside.”

It was a fun event to open these trunks, so many young cultivators hastily opened them right away to see if they were lucky or not. However, Qiurong Wanxue knew not to show off her wealth, so she looked at Li Qiye instead.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Open it and see, a bit of fun isn’t bad.” Li Qiye wasn’t afraid of others seeing the treasure. Qiurong Wanxue no longer hesitated after hearing this and quickly took care of the algae to reveal an old box.

Finding a box was a very rare occurrence. The moment this box was opened, a bright moonlight appeared like multi-colored fireworks.

Before seeing the treasure, this dazzling moonlight was already amazing enough.

Qiurong Wanxue noticed that this box contained a crescent moon around the size of a palm, emitting moonlight just like the actual moon in the sky. The shocking thing was that there seemed to be a shadow sitting on the moon; it exuded an ethereal presence like an immortal.

Before anyone could see what was actually inside, Qiurong Wanxue had already closed the box. Her heart was beating very quickly despite her not knowing what it was. However, she was certain that it was an incredible treasure.

Nevertheless, the spectators knew that it was a treasure just from the moonlight.

“It must be a decent treasure.” A young cultivator said in admiration: “So lucky, he only attempted once and already obtained a treasure.”

“Let us go.” In contrast to the cautious Qiurong Wanxue, Li Qiye freely smiled and said.

She obediently followed right after him and they left the ferry. Once they were outside, she quickly asked: “Are you not picking up a trunk for yourself?”

Li Qiye’s first choice already contained a treasure so she knew that it was another scenario like with the Yang Nightfish, where Li Qiye understood a few secrets about Necropolis. Otherwise, his actions wouldn’t have been so precise.

“No.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued: “The Ghost River is a very special place. Once an earth-shattering treasure appears, don’t even think about finding another one for several dozen years. I’m certain that the key is not in the Ghost River.”

“Earth-shattering treasure?” Qiurong Wanxue felt a rush as her spirit was shaken. An earth-shattering treasure was something she would never have dreamed of, but now this crescent moon seemed to be one of them.

At first, she simply thought that it was a good treasure, not an earth-shattering one.

“Are you… saying that this crescent moon is such a treasure?” Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t stay calm, quivering as she spoke.

“Half-moon Immortal.” Li Qiye nodded his head and explained: “A very long time ago, the Half-moon Immortal appeared once again, but it disappeared later on. I didn’t expect for it to be at the Ghost River.”

“Half-moon Immortal? Not Half-immortal Moon?” Qiurong Wanxue was struck into a daze: “This… This thing is alive?”

“It is a Half-moon Immortal, a foreign dao treasure with a great origin; you can call it the Immortal Moon Margin.” Li Qiye continued with a smile: “The last time it appeared, numerous battles took place for it. Later on, its owner took it away and it disappeared. Luckily, we found it this time.” [2. Immortal Moon Margin is a translation I’m not sure of. Since this is a living creature, I suspect that it should be a name, so it would be Xian Yuemei, which is exactly Immortal Moon + Eyebrow/Upper Margin of a book. But since I am not certain that this is a person’s name and it also follows the previous naming scheme, I translated it to English.]

Qiurong Wanxue was quite emotional. This treasure was wondrous, but it was also a thing that could bring about a calamity since anyone would be tempted by its greatness.

She restrained her emotions and asked: “What kind of treasure is this Immortal Moon Margin?”

Li Qiye looked at her quivering self and replied: “That depends on you. This foreign dao treasure is from the Legendary Era, so its level is dependent on you and your fortune. As long as you keep trying, one day, this Half-moon Immortal will be no less than an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure and you will greatly benefit from it.”

Despite mentally preparing herself and knowing that what Li Qiye called “earth-shattering” would absolutely not be bad, hearing the words “Immortal Emperor Life Treasure” still left her heart beating rapidly.

An emperor’s Life Treasure was something outside of the Snow-shadow Tribe’s reach. Even great powers did not necessarily have one, let alone a small tribe like theirs. It could be considered a supreme and priceless treasure.

She didn’t dare to accept such a treasure: “This… It is too valuable.” An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure could cause fellow brothers to turn on each other and force master and disciple to slay each other.

“Take it.” Li Qiye calmly smiled: “This is your reward for catching the Yang Nightfish.”

Li Qiye could give a real Immortal Emperor Life Treasure to someone else, let alone the Half-moon Immortal.

Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t help but stand there in a daze. Just what kind of person would be so carefree about an emperor’s Life Treasure? Not to mention her, even the descendants from emperor’s lineages would not be so nonchalant when dealing with items of this magnitude.

All the geniuses and experts from the previous generation greatly valued emperor’s Life Treasures and considered them a lifeline. Li Qiye, on the other hand, couldn’t care less and immediately gifted it away like it was nothing.

Suddenly, before they could put some distance between them and the Ghost Fate Sect, tendrils of smoke suddenly condensed before them as a figure appeared to block their path.

“Ye Sha!” Qiurong Wanxue exclaimed after seeing the person that suddenly arrived. She took a step back and knew that the matter was not good after seeing his expression.

Ye Sha gazed at them as if they were mere lambs: “I heard you guys obtained a decent treasure?”

Qiurong Wanxue was panicking while Li Qiye remained calm. Li Qiye then slowly spoke: “Your information gathering is pretty fast.”

Ye Sha had just come back to the ferry in order to test his luck again, but after hearing that Li Qiye’s group found a treasure, he quickly gave chase.

“Hahaha, it seems that this treasure was meant for me.” Ye Sha deviously smiled: “I’ll pay three Yang Nightfish for the treasure in your hand.”

Qiurong Wanxue’s expression greatly soured. What kind of exchange was this? This was clearly robbery!

Li Qiye remained unperturbed and grinned: “What if I don’t want to sell?”

Ye Sha coldly glared at him: “Human Junior, maybe you don’t know who I am, but I’ll give you some advice anyway. Be smart and sell it. At the very least, you will get three fish. If not, your corpses will be lost in the wilderness.”

“You are right.” Li Qiye nodded his head in agreement: “Someone’s corpse will definitely be lost in the wilderness, but it will be your corpse, not ours.”

“Foolish Thing, you’re only making this hard for yourself!” Ye Sha’s eyes revealed a murderous glint as his expression darkened: “Very well, I will just save three fish. It is not a small amount.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye responded with a relaxed air: “Be smart and hand over all of your treasures, or else I will flay your flesh piece by piece.”

“You’re courting death!” Ye Sha angrily exclaimed. Today, a human junior dared to humiliate him and incited his murderous intent.

Ye Sha wanted to attack, but suddenly, buddhist chants appeared: “Amitabha, oh merciful Buddha.” A monk descended from the sky and said: “No wonder why the murderous air is so dense here. Benefactor Ye Sha, I am here.” [3. Reminder, “benefactor” here is just what monks call everyone else, he doesn’t owe Ye Sha anything.]

The moment Ye Sha saw this monk, his expression quickly changed. A dense fog surrounded him as he wanted to quickly escape.

The monk didn’t give chase and merely warned him with a smile: “Benefactor Ye Sha, you can escape from the monk but not from the temple.” [4. This looks to be a modified version of this phrase — the monks can escape, but the temples won’t be able to escape. So in this modified version, temple stands for justice/buddhist faith. Of course, this is just my interpretation of this particular version.]

However, Ye Sha didn’t dare to stop. He ran quite a distance away as if he had seen his nemesis.

[spoiler title='438 Teaser']In just a moment, Li Qiye dashed forward and dragged out a trunk from the river.

“Crash!” A skeletal scorpion flew out from the river with its extremely sharp tail stabbing at Li Qiye with lightning speed.

Li Qiye smiled and met the skeleton as both of his hands grabbed onto its tail.

“Snap!” Before the stinger could reach Li Qiye, it had already been torn in half by him.

“Such strength!” Many cultivators were shocked at how easy it was for Li Qiye to subdue the skeleton.[/spoiler]

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