Chapter 431: Plenty of Excuses To Frame Someone

Chapter 431: Plenty of Excuses To Frame Someone

Qiurong Wanxue didn’t know what to say and could only reveal a bitter smile. She hated the Yin Moon Prince’s group, but Li Qiye’s attitude was too arrogant. He even offended the Myriad Bones Throne! If the throne heard these words, it would bring about a disaster.

She wanted to stop him from speaking, but it was already too late. If his words were made known to the public, then having nine lives still wouldn’t be enough.

The Yin Moon Prince’s expression turned cold after hearing Li Qiye’s response. Although the Yin Moon Tribe was a second-rate sect at the Nether Border, they were still a monstrous existence compared to the human sects.

In the Sacred Nether World, outside of the southern Distant Cloud, human forces at the other regions were very weak. Second-rate human sects were already considered quite powerful at these places since first-rate human sects virtually didn’t exist.

In the Yin Moon Prince’s eyes, a human junior like Li Qiye was but an ant, so how could he not become furious in the face of such blustering?

The prince then angrily shouted: “Fool, the Nether Border isn’t a place for an ant like you to boast!” His blood energy surged like a tidal wave. He didn’t make a move and let his blood energy soar towards Li Qiye to turn him into a mist of blood.

An ant like Li Qiye could easily be crushed by a single finger of his.

The sudden attack from the prince left Qiurong Wanxue with a bad expression. Li Qiye also narrowed his eyes.

“Do not fight on my ferry!” At this time, the handler weakly stated.

Although his words were quiet, they carried quite a weight. The Yin Moon Prince’s expression greatly changed as he withdrew his blood energy that attacked Li Qiye.

No one wanted to oppose the handlers or the local inhabitants at Necropolis for it was not a wise decision. It was hard to leave with one’s life once a feud began.

“Hmph! Junior, I’ll temporarily spare your life.” The Yin Moon Prince snorted. It was hard for him to restrain this anger, but he didn’t want to offend the handler.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the prince. The handler then rowed the boat as they disappeared above Nightsea while the prince coldly glared at their departure.

“Prince, wait until they come to shore. Then, we can punish them at any time.” The Black Cloud Young Lord quickly said to the prince.

The prince only scowled and showed a glare as cold as ice that overflowed with murderous intent.

The handler eventually brought Li Qiye’s group back to shore. The six youths took a sigh of relief the moment their feet touched the hard ground and immediately became excited.

Peng Zhuang patted his pocket and put on a look of a newly rich fella: “Hehe, we should go to the city to see if anyone is selling anything good.” His excitement made sense since each of them had a crazy amount of Yang Nightfish. Even emperor’s lineage descendants would not have as many fish as their group even if they spent three years straight on Nightsea.

At Necropolis, they were considered quite wealthy and could buy many things they wanted. Of course, in order to buy the real good stuff, good eyesight and luck were also essential.

Even after becoming rich, Qiurong Wanxue remained calm in contrast to Peng Zhuang’s attitude. She also had a huge amount of fish, but she was not excited and restless like the young ones. She looked at Li Qiye who was standing next to her and asked: “Where does Young Noble Li want to go now?”

Li Qiye looked at the mature and beautiful chief and asked: “Chief Qiurong wants to go with me? Very well. Necropolis is filled with ghastly energy so going alone will be very sad.”

His flirting caused her to become quite annoyed, but she restrained herself and put on an elegant and calm demeanor befitting of a leader. She then said: “We’ll see you off.”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “So Chief Qiurong is worried about my safety.” Li Qiye understood her thoughts. She was afraid that the Yin Moon Prince’s group was going to take care of him, so she wanted to go together for a while.

She looked at him and responded calmly: “Since Young Noble Li helped us catch so many fish, we should lend you our strength when you are in trouble.”

She knew that protecting Li Qiye would bring about trouble for the Snow-shadow Tribe, but she still wanted to escort him for some distance. She was someone who knew how to be grateful after being given so much, so naturally, she would lend him a hand.

Peng Zhuang looked at Nightsea then quickly spoke to the chief: “Chief, we should talk while walking or else the Yin Moon Prince’s group might catch up.”

The group of youths was worried for Li Qiye. They weren’t afraid of the Black Cloud Young Lord, but their tribe couldn’t afford to provoke the Yin Moon Tribe. Of course, should Li Qiye face trouble, everyone was willing to help him.

“We’ll get out of here.” Qiurong Wanxue spoke and immediately led Li Qiye away from Nightsea.

Seeing their enthusiastic goodwill, Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t deny their affection.

“You are in such a hurry to leave, do you have something to hide?” However, the moment they left Nightsea, a person led a team and blocked their path. This person was the Black Cloud Young Lord. He and a dozen disciples blocked Li Qiye’s path with very aggressive postures. The atmosphere became extremely tense.

“It is this Little Black Ghost again!” Peng Zhuang sneered and said: “So? You want to stop us with your group? Are you tired of living?” He then rubbed his palms together.

Snow-shadows and Black Clouds had been enemies throughout many generations, so now that the young lord himself came to their doorstep to cause trouble, it caused the group of six to become very angry. They would not show mercy to their enemies.

As the chief, Qiurong Wanxue was much calmer and stopped the six from rushing forward. She then spoke in a serious manner towards the young lord: “What is your intention for blocking our path?”

The young lord revealed a malicious smile: “Chief Qiurong, we don’t want to oppose your Snow-shadow Tribe, but our tribe had lost an extremely important item.”

Peng Zhuang coldly smiled and asked in anger: “What does your tribe losing an item have to do with us?”

The young lord showed a sinister smile: “It indeed has nothing to do with the Snow-shadow Tribe, but it has something to do with him!” He then pointed at Li Qiye.

“And then what?” Li Qiye asked without a care. He didn’t even bother to look at the young lord.

The young lord smiled insidiously and said: “Some time ago, a little human snuck into our tribe and stole a treasure. Although he hid his face, he couldn’t change his body shape. Ever since we met, I’ve felt that your figure was very familiar. Now I understand, you were that human who snuck into my tribe!”

The young lord caused the expressions of the group of six and Qiurong Wanxue to sour while only Li Qiye remained calm as if nothing had happened.

“One cannot speak like this without thinking it through.” Qiurong Wanxue resolutely spoke: “Black Cloud Young Lord, your claim requires evidence.”

The young lord smiled and said: “Chief Qiurong, our tribe has evidence, this is why we are calling out this human boy. If he is innocent, then he can come and prove his innocence at our tribe. If we are wrong, then we are willing to accept our blunder.”

Qiurong Wanxue’s expression sank. She knew that the young lord’s claim was only an excuse. Once Li Qiye entered the Black Cloud Tribe, there would be no exit. Even if Li Qiye stealing a treasure was a lie, once he steps into the tribe’s territory, it would become the truth.

The young lord’s words were merely excuses while his real intention was to bring Li Qiye back to the Black Cloud Tribe.

Qiurong Wanxue then exclaimed: “Black Cloud Young Lord, your words alone are insufficient. Young Noble Li will not go with you to the Black Cloud Tribe. If you have clear evidence, then you can present it at my Snow-shadow Tribe at any time. Right now, Young Noble Li is our tribe’s esteemed guest.”

The Black Cloud Young Lord’s expression turned cold as he responded: “So Chief Qiurong is determined to protect this human? Do you understand that once word of this gets out, it will have a negative impact on your tribe? A ghost race protecting a human thief — do you think the Sacred Nether World will tolerate your tribe in the future?”

“You do not need to concern yourself with this matter.” Qiurong Wanxue had firmly decided to protect Li Qiye and spoke frankly: “Please leave. As long as Young Noble Li is our Snow-shadow Tribe’s guest, don’t think about bringing him away in front of me.”

“Chief Qiurong is making it very difficult for me.” The Black Cloud Young Lord was not afraid at all: “All of my brothers are here, but if Chief Qiurong makes me go back empty handed, what am I going to tell my elders?”

The dozen disciples then surrounded Li Qiye’s group. They were ready to fight the moment their young lord gave the order.

Qiurong Wanxue suddenly gave him a sharp glare as the dignified aura of a ruler enveloped her, making her seem like an empress. She then dryly said: “If the Black Cloud Tribe must fight against us, then we shall entertain you anytime.”

The young lord knew that Qiurong Wanxue was stronger than him, but he still said without any apprehension: “It seems that we have to talk with our fists.”

“We are all members of the ghost race, there is no need to be so tense. We should be unified with each other and coexist in peace.” At this point, a voice suddenly appeared.

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