Chapter 430: Scoundrel’s Plot

Chapter 430: Scoundrel’s Plot

If Qiurong Wanxue knew that her focus on Li Qiye had been misunderstood by Peng Zhuang’s group, she would definitely go insane.

“I think that is true.” Another disciple added: “How about after we return to shore, we give them some time alone?”

The six of them deviously grinned. They wanted to encourage and match their chief and Li Qiye together.

How would Li Qiye and Qiurong Wanxue feel if they knew about this mischievous matter?

Today was the last time the group of Li Qiye released their nets.

“Pull them up!” After a month had elapsed, the group was quite in sync with each other. With his command, everyone pulled up their nets.

A golden light appeared together with the nets as jumping Yang Nightfish could be seen everywhere. This was not their first harvest; it could be said that during this month, they had caught an unbelievable amount of fish. Nevertheless, seeing the net full of fish still left them in amazement.

The group was already very familiar with storing the fish in jars. Everyone was satisfied and excited with such a grand harvest.

Peng Zhuang emotionally said: “I’m afraid we caught more in one month than others in three years.” He understood that this was all because of Li Qiye. Without him, they were no different from ordinary cultivators; there was no way they could be compared to the descendants from the great powers.

“Don’t move!” At this time, Li Qiye was gazing intensely at the sea. Suddenly, he then shot out a terrifying gleam.

Qiurong Wanxue’s group was startled by Li Qiye’s attitude as they held their breaths. As they were completely lost, no one dared to move.

Li Qiye suddenly released his net and then pulled it back up again with an incredible speed.

“Crash!” Before the net was retrieved, the sea was already setting off waves as if a giant monster had been captured.

The rest were scared out of their minds. They had captured a lot of Yang Nightfish, but there had never been such a commotion.

Qiurong Wanxue wanted to help Li Qiye pull his net up, but he suddenly cried loudly as the ferry shook back and forth. He mustered all of his energy and flexed his body to pull the net up.

The moment the net was successfully pulled up, waves of bright lights painfully pierced the group’s eyes. They then took a careful look and found that a turtle was inside the net.

The turtle was around the size of a palm and had fire blazing on its body. This fire was made from universal divine laws in the form of chains, and each chain was a very profound grand dao. The small turtle emitted dazzling rays of light that pierced the eyes of spectators like needles.

The group was astounded since they had been catching fish for more than a month, but they had never caught anything besides Yang Nightfish. Qiurong Wanxue had come to Nightsea several times, and she had heard that there were only Yang Nightfish in this sea, nothing else.

This was the truth and not something that was just limited to her alone. No one who had come to Nightsea had ever caught anything outside of fish.

So today, when Li Qiye caught a strange turtle, how could Qiurong Wanxue’s group not become shocked? They had never heard of such a thing before.

“Good stuff!” Li Qiye was pleased to see the turtle in the net. He moved as fast as lightning to grab this turtle that intended to break free from the net.

“There’s a treasure over there!” Right when Li Qiye grabbed the turtle, a voice came from the distance.

Qiurong Wanxue looked up and noticed two ferries swiftly approaching.

By the time they came closer, Li Qiye had already put the turtle away in a treasure jar. He gently patted it after closing the lid. This time was a very fruitful harvest; he didn’t expect to be able to catch such a thing.

Many generations ago when Li Qiye was staying at Nightsea, he had caught a turtle like this before. That time, it required a long period of calculation to catch one, so this meeting could only be described as him being super lucky.

Qiurong Wanxue’s heart sank the moment she saw the people on the two approaching ferries. Who else could it be besides the Black Cloud Tribe and the Yin Moon Tribe?

The fact that these two tribes were traveling together was not a good thing for the Snow-shadow Tribe.

The Yin Moon Prince was interested in Qiurong Wanxue, so after going out to Nightsea, he wanted to both catch fish and look for her, intending to go together.

The prince then coincidentally met the Black Cloud Young Lord. The Black Cloud Tribe was a lot weaker than the Yin Moon Tribe, so the young lord purposely made friends with the Yin Moon Tribe. He told the prince how he met the group of Qiurong Wanxue who managed to catch dozens of Yang Nightfish in just one session.

Compared to the idiotic young lord, the Yin Moon Prince was a descendant from a second-rate great power, someone who had vast knowledge. He immediately found it strange after hearing the story about this great catch.

People on the same boat all having such a great harvest had to be called a miracle. There was only one explanation, and that was that the group of Qiurong Wanxue had met a school of Yang Nightfish.

He had been thinking about this matter, but he didn’t expect to see Qiurong Wanxue’s group today. However, before he could greet her, he saw Li Qiye’s yield.

Catching the turtle caused his heart to tremble. He had never heard of anyone catching anything besides fish in Nightsea. He immediately understood that this turtle was amazing — an absolutely world-shocking item.

Necropolis always had legends about its amazing items. Even though the Yin Moon Prince didn’t know what this turtle was, an existence that lived in Nightsea amidst the Nightfish must be marvelous, so he immediately wanted it.

The Yin Moon Prince clapped his hands and smiled: “Congratulations to Miss Qiurong’s group for having such a great harvest.”

After seeing the Black Cloud Young Lord and the Yin Moon Prince traveling together, Peng Zhuang’s group of youths immediately became restless. Although they were not afraid of the Black Cloud Tribe, they couldn’t afford to mess with the Yin Moon Tribe.

With her heart beating fast, Qiurong Wanxue smiled in response: “Yin Moon Prince is too kind, it wasn’t anything great. We only caught a bit more than ten fish in one month, so it is only so-so.”

“That is already not bad.” The Yin Moon Prince responded with a smile. He then looked at Li Qiye and asked: “Earlier, I saw this little brother catch a turtle with a strange shape. I wonder if you could take it out so that I can have a look?”

If it wasn’t for Qiurong Wanxue’s presence, the prince would be too lazy to bother talking to Li Qiye. At the eastern Nether Border, a human junior was nothing; he could easily and directly seize the turtle from him.

“No.” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at the prince since he knew what was on the prince’s mind.

The smile on the prince’s face froze as he wryly spoke: “I like to collect strange things, and Little Brother’s turtle matches my taste quite nicely. How about selling it to me? I will pay two thousand pieces of Ancient Saint Refined Jades.”

His words annoyed the group of Peng Zhuang. Although two thousand Ancient Saint Refined Jades was indeed a very high price to a minor sect, even Yang Nightfish sold for an extremely sky-high price, let alone a mysterious turtle.

The prince’s price was clearly trying to take advantage of them.

“Let us go back to shore.” Li Qiye didn’t bother wasting time, so he told the handler to head back.

The Black Cloud Young Lord wanted to curry favor with the Yin Moon Prince so he shouted at Li Qiye: “Hey, Human Junior, did you hear what the prince asked just now?”

Li Qiye ignored the young lord as well, prompting an ugly expression from the Yin Moon Prince.

The prince then said in a grave tone: “Little Friend, don’t be so arrogant on the road. This place is the Nether Border, it’s not a place for you humans. In this place, you have to know propriety. If you see a ghost tribe, you have to call them sir, understand?”

Qiurong Wanxue’s heart sank. She knew that the Yin Moon Prince was only looking for an excuse. Although the Nether Border was the ghost race’s territory, unless there was a conflict of interest, they rarely bothered to care about human cultivators. With the prince bringing up the ghost race, one could easily guess his intentions.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the prince as he calmly retorted: “So what if it is the Nether Border? Not to mention an insignificant Yin Moon Tribe, but even if the Myriad Bones Throne comes, I still wouldn’t bat an eye! Keep on buzzing in front me and I’ll throw you down into Nightsea!”

Although the group of Peng Zhuang wanted to cheer for Li Qiye’s words because the Yin Moon Prince had no respect, they couldn’t help but wryly smile when Li Qiye brought up the Myriad Bones Throne. They secretly shouted in their mind: ‘Little Ancestor! One can eat anything, but one can’t speak everything carelessly.’ Offending the Myriad Bones Throne in the Nether Border... Not to mention a little tribe like the Snow-shadow Tribe, even a great power would become ashes.

Myriad Bones Throne — what a terrifying existence. One sect, three emperors… It was invincible in the eastern Nether Border!

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