Chapter 415: Negotiation

Chapter 415: Negotiation

Li Qiye gently shook his head in disagreement regarding the daoist’s assertion: “You are mistaken. To be more exact, your Thousand Carp River exists because of the Yin Yang Pond. Your paradise depends on the pond, and it does not belong to you. Is that clear?”

Daoist Bao Gui had always been biased in favor of Li Qiye, but Li Qiye’s words had angered him. Nevertheless, he tried to remain calm in a manner befitting that of a sect master. However, he still inevitably showed some anger in his tone: “Then pray tell, if the Yin Yang Pond does not belong to the Thousand Carp River, then who does it belong to?”

“Me.” Li Qiye pointed at his nose and said: “Frankly speaking, the pond belongs to me alone, and only with my permission can someone else enter.”

Daoist Bao Gui angrily exclaimed: “Young Noble Li, you are going too far!”

The daoist had tried to protect Li Qiye many times regarding this matter, but now, Li Qiye’s blustering and uncooperative attitude had made him furious.

Li Qiye lazily glanced at him and said: “Sect Master, I understand your position. I also know the attitudes of the old men of your Thousand Carp River. There are a few secrets that must be obtained by any and all means, correct? But do you know why I am still here?”

Daoist Bao Gui’s heart quickly thumped as his eyes turned serious. As the sect master of an emperor’s lineage, he had seen many storms. He was also a smart man and felt that there was something not right with Li Qiye since Li Qiye clearly knew how things would develop, yet he still chose to stay here.

Anyone else would have run away a long time ago if they knew that the river sect harbored unfriendly intentions towards them. However, it was the opposite for Li Qiye; he was without any fear.

Daoist Bao Gui then took a deep breath to maintain his calm before saying: “I’m ready to listen.”

Li Qiye let out a wide smile and spoke in a very leisurely manner: “It’s nothing much, I just wanted to see whether Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s descendants would shame him or not. The truth is that I am already showing respect towards you. However, if you choose to be unreasonable, then I think it is time for the Thousand Carp River to go on the decline.”

“What are you trying to say!” Daoist Bao Gui’s expression greatly changed as he gravely asked.

Li Qiye nonchalantly responded: “Nothing that serious. If your Thousand Carp River has nothing worthy of my remembrance, then this land no longer deserves me looking after it. If this is the case, then the prosperity of the river sect is one less thing for me to worry about.”

The reason why Li Qiye didn’t take away the items he left behind in the golden temple was not only because of Immortal Emperor Qian Li, but also to give the river sect a chance. Although it had several elders that annoyed Li Qiye, at the very least, he had a good impression of Lan Yunzhu, Daoist Bao Gui, and Venerable Yang. They were deserving of Li Qiye’s mercy.

Daoist Bao Gui’s countenance became quite difficult to look at as he gazed at Li Qiye. If it was anyone else, they would have erupted with anger, but not him.

The daoist then said with a serious tone: “Young Noble Li, do not forget that this is the Thousand Carp River. We are an emperor’s lineage; we have stood strong for generations and are not easily intimidated.”

“I’m not intimidating Sect Master, I merely speak the truth. Yes, this is the Thousand Carp River, and that is precisely the reason why I am the ruler of all things here. Do I make myself clear?” Li Qiye declared with a smile.

Li Qiye personally created this piece of miraculous land together with Immortal Emperor Qian Li. If he wished to reign over the Thousand Carp River, there were many means for him to do so.

Daoist Bao Gui coldly retorted: “Our Thousand Carp River is not clay for just anyone to mold as they please.” These words were not empty since an emperor’s lineage indeed had a certain sense of confidence that would remain strong against any foe.

“I know, the Thousand Carp River is very powerful.” Li Qiye nodded his head in agreement: “But do you know why the river sect has been prosperous till this day? Do you know why it is allowed to have such a paradise as the Thousand Carp Lake?”

Li Qiye emotionlessly continued: “It is because this land is worthy of my remembrance.” Just like Immortal Emperor Qian Li, these rivers and mountains had a history that could not be forgotten. The items in the golden temple were peerless; with them, Li Qiye could create a new Immortal Emperor lineage. However, after Immortal Emperor Qian Li left, Li Qiye did not take these things away.

Just like Immortal Emperor Qian Li said, this land deserved preservation since it contained an abundance of happiness. Otherwise, Li Qiye would have taken these items away during the Black Dragon King’s era. They were all things that Li Qiye took from the most dangerous places under the nine heavens.

Daoist Bao Gui was in a daze as he looked at Li Qiye without knowing what to say. He actually didn’t think that Li Qiye was simply speaking nonsense, and this greatly confused him. Li Qiye was only a junior... What kind of abilities or backing did he actually have for him to oppose an emperor’s lineage? No matter how powerful they were, a young man would not dare to oppose an emperor’s lineage in such a grand manner.

Daoist Bao Gui finally quelled the many thoughts in his mind and gravely stated: “Young Noble Li, I will try my best to work this out. I hope that we can reach a peaceful conclusion. However, without your cooperation, even I — as the sect master — am powerless to protect you.”

“I appreciate your kind sentiment.” Li Qiye answered with a smile: “But if Sect Master forces me to cooperate, then I am also powerless.”

The daoist was in a dilemma, but he did not give up despite Li Qiye’s refusal. He took a deep breath and continued on: “Young Noble Li, in the end, this is an issue integral to our sect’s survival, so we cannot afford to tread lightly. We have no other intentions. As the Thousand Carp River’s disciples, we only wish to take a look to further our understanding of the sect’s foundation. If you could tell us the method of entry that we currently lack, then our sect is willing to pay the price!”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Oh? Now it is the carrot after the stick has failed?” [1. Raw is ‘Since the hard method didn’t work, now it is time for the soft?’]

Daoist Bao Gui replied in a serious manner: “We simply wish to talk this through. As long as you are willing, just name the price. We shall have a fair negotiation and our sect will definitely satisfy your demands.”

“Sect Master does not understand the crux of the situation.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “A price? Sect Master, if I truly wanted treasures, then I would not wait for Sect Master to bargain with me. Do you feel that your sect has something more valuable than the Golden Divine Willow? If I truly wanted treasures, then I would not be wasting my time with you, I would have already taken the divine tree away.”

“Take away the Golden Divine Willow!?” Daoist Bao Gui became aghast after hearing this.

The divine tree was related to the Thousand Carp River’s foundation so if someone took it away, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“If that is my wish, I’m sure the Golden Divine Willow would very happily follow me.” Li Qiye lightly continued: “Do you know why I left it behind? It is to give the Thousand Carp River a chance. I have explained myself very clearly, so Sect Master needs to be sensible now.”

Daoist Bao Gui silently stood there while deliberating these words. Taking away the Golden Divine Willow? Even the river sect itself knew very little about the tree… Could Li Qiye actually take the tree away? The daoist began to hesitate at this point since Li Qiye did not seem like he was joking.

“Sect Master, I do not wish to repeat myself anymore.” Li Qiye spoke apathetically: “Forget about the Yin Yang Pond and do as you did before. Otherwise, your Thousand Carp River would simply be seeking self-destruction.”

The daoist turned silent. The river sect was an emperor’s lineage so logically speaking, it would not easily falter due to the threats of a junior.

However, his intuition was telling him that involving themselves in this matter any longer would become detrimental to the sect. He was not sure of Li Qiye’s true abilities, but his heart was saying that by blatantly opposing Li Qiye, the river sect will decline.

There was no evidence since he knew nothing about Li Qiye’s means, he only knew that opposing Li Qiye was an unwise decision.

After a good while, the daoist stood up and eventually said with austerity: “Young Noble Li, I cannot decide this matter by myself. Even as the sect master, it is beyond my control.”

“I understand. As the sect master, your wisest decision is to persuade the others and act as if nothing had happened. Only then would all of you still have this paradise that is the Thousand Carp Lake as your emperor’s lineage continues to prosper. Don’t venture where you are not supposed to.”

Daoist Bao Gui gently sighed. Although he believed Li Qiye’s words and agreed to give up on discovering the secrets of the Yin Yang Pond, the other elders and high elders would not necessarily be convinced.

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