Chapter 409: One Triumphant Move

Chapter 409: One Triumphant Move

“Senior Brother is amazing, he already obtained a dragon soul.” A disciple exclaimed after seeing Yan Long’s transformation into a giant fiery dragon.

Long Yan had the bloodline of a Fire Serpent, so he belonged to the demon dao. If he could make the dragon flames eventually give birth to a dragon soul, then in the future, it could evolve into a True Dragon. At that time, his bloodline would undergo a real transformation to become a powerful and heaven-defying divine beast.

“Senior Brother, beat him up!” A junior brother cheered while waving their arms after seeing Yan Long on the move! Many others also encouragingly cried out for him.

Right when the fiery claw was scratching downward, Li Qiye suddenly shifted his body at this very second. The space around him suddenly shivered as if it was a flap of his wings.

“Bang!” A huge explosion resounded. Everyone thought Li Qiye had become mince meat under the fire dragon’s gigantic claw. However, when all of them took another look, Yan Long, with a dragon encircling him, was sent up high, staining the sky with his own blood.

“Boom!” Another loud bang resonated as Yan Long, who was just blown away, didn’t have time to regain his composure before being slammed down to the ground by someone in the sky.

“Bang—bang—bang!” Three more explosions rang. Before Yan Long could reach the ground from the sky, he was struck three more times. The force of these three blows accumulated on his body in a split second, crushing the gigantic fire dragon around Yan Long’s body into little pieces!

“Rumble!” Finally, a loud bang shook the entire stage as Yan Long heavily slammed into the ground, creating a huge pit.

Inside this huge pit, Yan Long was bruised and covered in blood; he was completely immobilized. If he wasn’t still breathing, others would have thought that he was dead.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye still stood in the same place as if he had never taken any action.

Instantly, everyone’s mouth was gaping; they couldn’t close them for a long time. The disciples who were cheering for Yan Long earlier had unvocalized words stuck in their throat. In the end, they had to forcefully swallow them. At this time, all sounds disappeared.

Even the elders of the river sect were shocked because everything happened instantaneously. In this split second, even Yan Long’s powerful defense was completely useless.

Their disciples most likely couldn’t see Li Qiye’s actions, but the elders saw them. However, even they themselves only saw his afterimages. If it wasn’t for their Heavenly Sovereign cultivation, and some were even Heavenly Kings, they would not be able to keep up with Li Qiye’s speed.

This speed was too fast. Even peak Sovereigns and powerful Heavenly Kings would not necessarily have such terrifying speed.

Even Lan Yunzhu was staring at Li Qiye in aghast. She knew more about Li Qiye compared to others. Six palaces and nine stars — such an Ancient Saint would have a definite advantage even when facing Heavenly Sovereigns.

In her eyes, Senior Brother Yan Long’s defeat was assured; it was only a matter of time. However, the swiftness of his defeat shocked Lan Yunzhu. Li Qiye didn’t even use his six palaces and nine stars, yet Yan Long had already lost. What kind of terrifying thing was this?

Lan Yunzhu was a rare genius of an absurd level. She had enough faith in her cultivation that she could challenge any emperor’s lineage descendant. Today, she needed a calming breath after seeing Li Qiye in battle.

“What kind of secret technique was that?” The elders of the sect were in disbelief. They were certain that Li Qiye had to be cultivating an extremely unbelievable secret art.

Soaring Immortal Physique and Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — these two immortal physiques activating at the same time would have an incalculable power. And the result was right in front of everyone’s eyes. Moreover, Li Qiye’s Soaring Immortal Physique had yet to reach minor completion!

One body with two physiques was something the world could not fathom. Today, Li Qiye utilized both physiques for the first time and found the power to be quite terrifying.

Absolute speed and absolute weight! His extremely heavy body under the fastest speed became the most powerful weapon with an incredibly shocking destructive power.

“Long’er!” The frightened Elder Lin quickly rushed down and found that Yan Long was still barely breathing. He then took a sigh of relief and hatefully glared at Li Qiye.

“This brat is truly ruthless!” He glared at Li Qiye with a chilling expression and a flash of murderous intent.

Li Qiye lazily retorted without bothering to look at him: “Ruthless? Who was the one who said they wanted to slay me within three moves? Me sparing his life was already plenty merciful.”

“Well, go down there, saving him is more important!” Daoist Bao Gui opened his mouth: “Li Qiye has passed the first trial, so the content of the second trial will be decided by Li Qiye. What will you pick? As long as you say it, the river sect will accept your challenge.”

“My choice?” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and then smiled: “If it is my choice, then how about catching immortal sungrasses? Whoever catches more will be the winner.”

“Catching immortal sungrasses?” Daoist Bao Gui couldn’t help but to look at Li Qiye and ask: “Do you know what catching immortal sungrasses actually entails?”

“There is no need for Sect Master’s reminder regarding this matter.” Li Qiye smiled and replied with a question of his own: “Who doesn’t know that the Yin Yang Immortal Sungrasses beneath the Yin Yang Pond are great immortal treasures of the southern Distant Cloud?”

“Very well. Three days later, the second trial will be at the Yin Yang Pond.” Daoist Bao Gui didn’t question Li Qiye’s request and immediately agreed.

As for the rest of the Thousand Carp disciples, they could only stand there silently. Although they were quite annoyed with Li Qiye, after seeing Li Qiye use his own strength to defeat Yan Long, they could only acquiesce.

“Very well, let us go!” Li Qiye smiled as he spoke to Lan Yunzhu: “I trust that no one can separate the two of us, don’t you think?”

Li Qiye’s words were really prone to misunderstanding. At this moment, it seemed as if the two of them were stranded lovers while the Thousand Carp River was a wicked man that was trying to break them apart with a rod.

Lan Yunzhu gave him an angry look, but she didn’t retort and left with him.

The Thousand Carp disciples didn’t know how to describe their current feelings outside of their restrained anger. Before the battle, many of them were excited and had a winner’s mentality. In their eyes, this battle was without any doubt since their senior brother would certainly teach this ignorant brat a lesson. They didn’t expect that their senior brother would be lying flat on the ground after just one move from the opponent. This was truly humiliating to the sect, but they couldn’t do anything about it since Li Qiye won fair and square.

“Hmph, even if he passed the first test, he cannot pass the second. Not everyone can go down into the depths of the Yin Yang Pond.” In the end, an unconvinced disciple scowled.

After returning to their private mansion, Lan Yunzhu looked at him and asked: “Going down to the Yin Yang Pond to catch immortal sungrasses requires two people, can you do it alone?”

Li Qiye smiled and looked at Lu Baiqiu to the side and spoke: “If you don’t want to help me, then Lu Baiqiu can go down with me.”

“Me?” Lu Baiqiu was taken by surprise as she shook her head: “I can’t, Young Noble, do you actually know the meaning behind catching immortal sungrassess below the pond?”

Li Qiye answered with a faint smile: “If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have chosen sungrasses catching.”

“But Young Noble, you must know that the Yin Yang Pond is a very terrifying environment. The pond contains both Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang Water, so even though they are in the same pond, these two types of water are completely different. Extreme Yin Water is the coldest liquid in this world. A touch of a drop could completely freeze one’s true fate and soul, and the pond gets even colder the further one goes down…” Lu Baiqiu quickly explained to Li Qiye.

“... Extreme Yang Water is the hottest liquid in this world. It could easily melt steel. Even Named Heroes and Royal Nobles would not dare to touch it carelessly.”

She continued on: “It is not because I don’t want to lend Young Noble a hand, it is because my cultivation is really too shallow. Once we enter the pond, I’m afraid I will only slow you down.”

“Don’t worry, it is no big deal.” Li Qiye continued while being completely at ease: “If you can’t, then Yunzhu can do it. The two of us can go down while you watch.”

“Who said I would help you?” Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and said: “You brought this upon yourself; I didn’t tell you to pick such a challenge. Also, I am a disciple of the Thousand Carp River, so how can I help an outsider?”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye nonchalantly looked at her and said: “Do you feel that martial brothers and sisters are closer than husband and wife? Don’t forget that I am your husband!”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” Lan Yunzhu was both shy and angry as she stated: “There is no chance for you to be my fiance. Wait for your next life! Wait, no, even in your next life, there would be no chance!”

“Oh? Since you are saying this, should I think about giving up?” Li Qiye gently chuckled and said: “If I give up now, I think your river sect will happily hand me a few treasures. As for the matter of your marriage, you can take your time and think about it again in the future.”

“Don’t you dare—” The blushing Lan Yunzhu had her hands placed on her waist while revealing an appearance as if she was about to explode from anger.

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