Chapter 408: A Kiss

Chapter 408: A Kiss

If Lan Yunzhu was not there, then maybe Yan Long would have been the descendant of the Thousand Carp River. Of course, compared to a devilish monster like Lan Yunzhu, Yan Long was much weaker. Moreover, Lan Yunzhu’s cultivation within the river sect was a mystery. The disciples only knew that she was very strong, strong to the point where she could challenge any descendant from the other emperor’s lineages in the Sacred Nether World.

“Senior Brother, beat him in three moves!” The moment Yan Long entered the stage, countless disciples loudly cheered to support him.

“Three moves? Brother Hu, you think too highly of that brat. One move from Senior Brother is enough!” A disciple immediately laughed and stated.

In brief moment, an encore of laughter emanated throughout the stage.

Compared to Yan Long, Li Qiye’s side was much weaker. There was nothing anyone could do about it since the river sect was Yan Long’s home ground, so the disciples here naturally supported him.

Compared to Yan Long’s huge entourage, Li Qiye’s arrival to the stage was rather lonely. Only Lu Baiqiu, who had always stayed by his side, and Lan Yunzhu accompanied him.

Li Qiye came strolling in under the watchful eyes of many. Meanwhile, Lan Yunzhu was like a graceful fairy with her delicate walking posture. Her swaying body commanded attention no matter where she went. Because of her presence, Li Qiye’s side became more noticeable.

Today, Lu Baiqiu also specifically wore leather armor. Being dressed in full battle armor, she was quite energetic, causing her to look quite heroic while being ready to cheer for Li Qiye. Today, the only outsider cheering for Li Qiye was her.

Of course, many were annoyed to see Lan Yunzhu walking together with Li Qiye. In an instant, countless vengeful gazes fell upon his body. He was the enemy of everyone present.

Despite Yan Long’s domineering and aggressive aura, Li Qiye remained carefree. After entering the stage, he started to wave at the Thousand Carp disciples, causing Lan Yunzhu right next to him to angrily quip: “It is only a trial, why are you messing around? It is not like they are here as your fans!”

“This is a good place to start. I’m going to use this trial so that the sect’s disciples can get to know their future son-in-law.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled and said. Then, he waved and shouted towards the Thousand Carp disciples: “Fellow Brothers and Sisters, good morning. This little brother just got here, so I hope that everyone can look out for me in the future. This time, I came here in a rush and didn’t prepare any wedding sweets. Wait until after the ceremony, then this little brother shall give everyone sweets as compensation.”

Lan Yunzhu was now shaking with embarrassment. She couldn’t help but clench her white-as-snow fists.

“Stop!” A Thousand Carp disciple suddenly cried out: “Stop dreaming you frog-wanting-to-eat-a-swan!”

“You are completely correct, I am indeed a frog wanting to eat a swan!” Li Qiye nonchalantly teased the Thousand Carp disciples while smiling: “Don’t worry, Fellow Brothers and Sisters, wait until we are married. Then, you guys will all get your wedding sweets. According to the mortal traditions of our Soaring Remembrance Village, we will have a feast that lasts for fifteen days before our marriage; I hope all of you brothers and sisters can come to celebrate.”

“If you keep on speaking nonsense, I’m going to beat you to death.” Lan Yunzhu was too embarrassed and wished that she could just hide in a hole underground. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists as she threatened Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at her and lightly smiled: “Girl, there is a price for everything. It is unknown whether our marriage will be a thing or not, but for now, I am being used as your tool. What if things turn bad and I have to leave my life behind? … Can't I even tease you a little bit? If you have an issue with this, then I can just leave right now.”

Despite her rage, she still had to endure it as she gripped her fists tightly. After this matter ends, she was going to teach this brat a good lesson.

But in the eyes of the Thousand Carp disciples, Li Qiye and Lan Yunzhu’s banter appeared to be very intimate, so many of them became quite jealous.

Especially Yan Long, his eyes became fierce as he was overwhelmed with jealousy. He wanted to smash Li Qiye into pieces at this very moment.

“Very well, since both sides are here, the duel can begin.” An elder who was seated up high said with a serious tone.

Another elder added: “Once a party accepts defeat, the other party must immediately stop. This is only a trial and not a life and death battle. One can immediately acquiesce once they can no longer handle it.”

“Li, come here!” After getting permission from the elders, Yan Long coldly gazed at Li Qiye and shouted: “Let us end such a boring fight! I shall conclude this within three moves.”

Li Qiye didn’t bother to take a glimpse at Yan Long. He only looked at Lan Yunzhu next to him and smile: “I’m about to fight for you, shouldn’t you reveal a bit of sincerity?”

“Reveal what?” Lan Yunzhu angrily glared at him and immediately felt that this brat had some evil intentions.

Li Qiye leisurely replied with a smile: “How about a lucky kiss or something of that sort? Of course, a passionate kiss on the lips would be even better. I would be very motivated and might even be able to slay emperors and evil lords.”

“Go to hell!” Lan Yunzhu felt her face becoming hot as she felt embarrassed and angry. However, she couldn’t kick him in front of everyone.

“Aizz, so heartless.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled, then he told Lu Baiqiu who was standing right beside him: “Baiqiu, I have to step onto the stage soon, so give me a lucky kiss and wait for my triumphant return.”

The valiant Lu Baiqiu looked at Lan Yunzhu then back at Li Qiye before revealing a beautiful smile and saying: “I’ll wait for your triumphant return.” Having said that, she softly kissed Li Qiye’s forehead and gave him her blessing.

Meanwhile, Lan Yunzhu started to sulk on the side after seeing this.

“Li, don’t delay this! If you are afraid, then it is not too late to surrender!” Yan Long became furious after seeing such a scene. He wanted to instantly kill this thing that doesn’t know life from death.

“What’s the hurry? Do you not see that I’m trying to get a lucky kiss?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Faded Old Woman, wait for my victory then warm my bed tonight, okay?”

“You—” Lan Yunzhu couldn’t stay calm from embarrassment. However, at the time of her eventual outburst, Li Qiye suddenly came close and kissed her lips, then he decisively turned and stepped onto the battle stage.

After suddenly being kissed, Lan Yunzhu became frozen as her mind was emptied as she watched Li Qiye enter the stage.

The Thousand Carp disciples who saw this scene became quite furious. If gazes could kill, then Li Qiye would have died countless times already.

Yan Long’s temper exploded as he gritted his teeth and prepared his fists while he coldly said: “Ignorant thing, you chose to ignore a clear path to heaven while insisting on trespassing into hell without an entrance. Don’t blame me for being ruthless today!”

“Senior Brother, teach him a good lesson!” At this time, the Thousand Carp disciples roared, especially the male disciples who wished that they could be the one to beat Li Qiye up instead. He actually dared to shame the goddess in their hearts! Unforgivable!

Yan Long was overtaken by extreme anger at this point, so he said with a cold demeanor: “Li, it is not too late to say your last words because you won’t have the chance once I make a move.”

At this point, Yan Long wanted to kill Li Qiye. This was no longer an examination; he swore to slay Li Qiye within three moves, denying him a chance to even give up.

“Last words? I have never needed to say these before!” Li Qiye looked at Yan Long and said without a care.

This arrogant attitude only fueled Yan Long’s murderous intent as he responded coldly: “Still boasting on the verge of death... I shall slay you in three moves!”

“Three moves?” Li Qiye gently shook his head in response: “Three moves are too many, one is plenty for us to end this fight. Within one move, your defeat is guaranteed.”

“Bah, how naive. Senior Brother, behead him with one move, make us proud!” Many disciples were instantly enraged as they shared the same enemy!

“Brat, come accept your death!” Yan Long furiously took a deep breath. In just the blink of an eye, his blood energy let out a draconic roar as the flames that encircled his body turned into a gigantic dragon. His body then emitted a frightening draconic aura as this gigantic dragon devoured the raging flames.

“So powerful!” Seeing Yan Long turning into a gigantic dragon, even Lu Baiqiu became astonished. His power could definitely challenge Ancient Saints from the previous generation.

Elder Lin was very satisfied with his disciple after seeing the powerful draconic aura. Although it was not comparable to Lan Yunzhu’s might, Yan Long was certainly not bad compared to the younger generation in the Distant Cloud!

“Brat, it’s time to end this!” Yan Long cried out as this flame dragon struck downward with a draconic claw made from fire. Under this sharp and thick claw, the entire battle stage seemed to be a piece of paper; it was as if this claw could tear the whole field asunder.

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