Chapter 4043: Pineleaf Sword Lord

“Buy them all, why not?” Li Qiye smiled and agreed.

“I don’t think we should because their territories are far away from us. We can’t accept and administrate over them. For example, this estate in Cloud Dream Marsh is infested with bandits. We’ll just be throwing money away.” Yiyun became worried.

Some came to sell Li Qiye their properties and land at sky-high prices, aware that Li Qiye had too much money.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider a few deals as scams. These properties were worthless and too far away from Omniscient Home. Even if he were to purchase them, he wouldn’t be able to go and take over.

Yiyun knew all of this since she had traveled extensively and was far from being a novice. She wanted to refuse right away but still waited to hear Li Qiye’s opinion.

“We’ll be fine. Send people to take the purchased territories. If there are problems, then subdue them with force. Otherwise, what’s the point of feeding all these cultivators? My meals aren’t free.” Li Qiye smiled.

Yiyun agreed with this. The new recruits so far could take on an entire country. Li Qiye spent such a monstrous sum already so they should work for it.

“I see, then I will carry out your command.” Yiyun agreed to buy the distant territories and estates.

Regardless of their conditions and circumstances, they would belong to Li Qiye after the purchase. This was time for his new recruits to work. Moreover, it would increase his reach in Sword Continent as well.

“I’ll tell Crimsondeath to help you.” Li Qiye said before summoning the monarch.

“Train your group well because Yiyun will be going to take over some properties. Prepare well, we can’t let the poor girl go all by herself for this sensitive task.”

The monarch understood Li Qiye’s intention right away. This wasn’t a charity. Li Qiye might be wanting to spend money but it must also entertain him in some ways.

“I will do my best to assist Miss Xu, My Lord.” The monarch bowed.

“Be clear with merits and contributions. Reward those deserving and vice versa. There are plenty of sealed merit laws, use them.” Li Qiye nodded.

The monarch accepted the order and went to carry it out.

Because of Li Qiye’s attitude, Xu Yiyun no longer hesitated in buying unsavory or problematic territories.

Nonetheless, she remained relatively picky regarding the purchases. She chose against buying the truly worthless territories even though Li Qiye never limited her capital. Thus, the sellers found it impossible to pull a quick one on her.

She was decisive and quick in this regard. Li Qiye was quite happy with her and joked: “You should just stay here forever and be in charge of administration and transactions.”

She chuckled in response. She was currently working for Li Qiye but would have to leave eventually to return to her clan.


Too many came wanting an audience with Li Qiye. Some wanted to join him, others wanted to sell their treasures, and more wished to befriend the richest man in the world due to his famous generosity.

Li Qiye didn’t see any of them with the exception of one group.

It was none other than Calm Bamboo Princess and the seniors from her sect who have been waiting a long time in the main chamber. Li Qiye took his time before arriving.

It wasn’t that long since the Preeminent Legacy event. The princess looked the same and still wore a green dress. She brimmed with life force and a refreshing aura.

Sitting next to her was an old man adorned in a regal robe. He was clearly a man of status despite having a wooden hairpin instead of a crest to hold his hair.

He exuded an ancient aura akin to a pine tree growing on the precipice - unmoved by the winds and rain.

His eyes contained a frightening flash despite his best effort to hide his power. This was a mighty Heavenly Sovereign.

Other big shots were nearby - the seniors of the princess from Wooden Sword Holy Kingdom.

The princess looked rather obedient this time around, no longer as prideful as arrogant as before. She bowed and introduced the group to Li Qiye: “Young Noble, please meet our king.”

The old man turned out to be the ruler of Wooden Sword with the title of Pineleaf Sword Lord. He was also one of the Six Sect Masters of Sword Continent. The six were members of the last generation and were quite influential.

His kingdom only had one dao lord in the past. This didn’t deter its prestige.

It was founded by Wooden Sword Holy Devil. He wasn't a dao lord but had defeated War God Dao Lord before.

Keep in mind, this dao lord had carried out numerous expeditions against the forbidden zones so he was no slouch.

Unfortunately, their founder died in one of the zones later on. The next notable character of the kingdom was their single dao lord - Jade Bamboo. 

He was a jade bamboo demon and after finishing his dao, his first deed was recovering their founder’s corpse from the forbidden zone.

Before leaving Eight Desolaces, he took off one of his branches and penetrated the Sword Burial Zone with it. This bought everyone else an opportunity spanning three thousand years.

Moving forward, the kingdom couldn’t train another dao lord. Nonetheless, it remained as one of the top powers in the continent. Their current king being one of the Six Sect Masters was a testament to their prestige.

Pineleaf Sword Lord stood up and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Your reputation precedes you, Young Noble Li. There is no one else like you in history.” He acted as humble as can be despite being a mighty king.

“Sounds about right.” Li Qiye smiled and shamelessly accepted the praise.

A big shot in the back scowled after hearing this.

“Young Noble, I am here to carry out my end of the bargain…” The princess said.

However, an ancestor from the kingdom stood up and interrupted her: “That’s too early to say, Little One. We haven’t decided yet.”

The princess wanted to speak but chose to move to the side instead.

“We’re here to settle this dispute with you.” The ancestor then turned towards Li Qiye.

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