Chapter 4042: Money Is King

The group along with the new recruits came to Omniscient Home after the transfer process.

The place became lively right away with new masters. This looked like the start of a new sect.

“Everything is available here.” Li Qiye smiled and told Crimsondeath Monarch: “Omniscient Dao Lord left behind top merit laws and secret arts from all over the world. Use them as rewards for notable contributions.”

“My Lord, should we really publicize these secrets?” The monarch was startled.

Cultivation manuals were heavily guarded in any sect, never available to outsiders. This was especially true for dao lord merit laws since they were considered nothing short of priceless. Sect members themselves didn’t necessarily have access to top-level merit laws.

However, Li Qiye was ready to give Omniscient Dao Lord’s secrets to the new recruits. This dao lord was famous for his knowledge and insight.

His lifelong collection of merit laws should be magnificent. Anyone else would rather monopolize it instead of sharing. Most importantly, they all belonged to Li Qiye in the first place. No one would have an issue with him keeping them for himself.

Furthermore, the new recruits had no ties with Li Qiye. Their motive was the handsome salary, nothing more.

Crimsondeath had traveled around the world but never experienced anything like this before.

“Manuals are dead, they are mere pieces of paper if there is no one to take advantage of them.” Li Qiye said: “An invincible merit law still requires a capable user to show the world its might.”

The monarch and those nearby didn’t expect this response from him. It was certainly a refreshing angle.

Most of them were accomplished cultivators with prestigious backgrounds. They naturally understood how heavily guarded merit laws were. Thus, Li Qiye’s viewpoint was a stark contrast to anyone else.

“My Lord, your magnanimity knows no bounds. Meeting you must be the luckiest event in my life.” The monarch bowed deeply.

“Lead them well. Remember, ask A’zhi for help when necessary.” Li Qiye ordered.

He then turned towards the reticent A’zhi and said: “Feel free to look at the sequestered merit laws. As for handlings the reward, you and Crimsondeath will be in charge.”

“Your existence shall be a blessing for the world. You have my gratitude.” A’zhi bowed as well.

Li Qiye chuckled and waved his hand. The group left as commanded.

He then turned his attention towards Tie Jian and smiled: “You and A’zhi are different. He’s only a spectator while ambition fuels you. But that’s fine, the stage is right here, progress is up to you. If you need money, I have money. If you need merit laws and treasures, they’re right there. I have given you all the advantages. If you still can’t amount to anything, that’s your own fault.”

“I understand, Young Noble. We will do our best to live up to your expectations.” Tie Jian solemnly said.

“I have no expectations. It’s just that I have too much money and no place to spend.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He didn’t demand anything of the group. Nonetheless, they shall avail themselves to his wealth and do their very best.

“This is your new home now, do as you please.” Li Qiye waved.

Tie Jian bowed deeply before taking his leave.

“I don’t think there’s another master as generous as you, Young Noble.” Lu Qi said after everyone was gone.

“Then you should think about switching master, no? You’ll have all the food and clothes you want afterward.” He smiled.

Lu Qi smiled wryly and said: “It is a blessing of three lifetimes to be able to serve you, Young Noble. However, my life belongs to my lord for what she had done for me. I will follow her till my last breath.” 

She knew that he was special and not inferior to her lord. However, her loyalty remained unwavering.

“That’s her fortune then.” He smiled.

“Young Noble, you have a lot of trust in A’zhi despite his mysteriousness.” Xu Yiyun started a new topic.

Li Qiye had many followers at this point but the most mysterious was A’zhi. No one knew a thing about the old man.

These followers all had their own goals and agendas. This didn’t seem to be the case for A’zhi.

Just three meals a day? Impossible. Tie Jian said something similar but his group desired a lord capable of giving them a stage for expansion.

This didn’t apply to A’zhi. The man had no demand and simply wanted to follow Li Qiye as if he was a lost soul.

“Why not? He doesn’t look like a bad guy.” Li Qiye smiled.

“We can’t see his character in such a short time and we know nothing about him. It’ll be difficult to guard if he has treacherous intentions.” She said.

Li Qiye even allowed the guy to look at the sealed merit laws of Omniscient Dao Lord. This was something Yiyun couldn’t understand. She was still afraid of potential complications by keeping him around.

“A smart man knows what he should and shouldn't do and I have no complaints about his intelligence.” Li Qiye replied.

This wasn’t enough to dispel Yiyun’s doubt. She remained cautious of the old man.

Lu Qi didn’t feel the same way. She was stronger and possessed more knowledge of the upper level. She wasn’t afraid of the old man being able to harm Li Qiye and only had curiosity regarding his identity and goal. Why would such a powerful cultivator choose to lay low and work for Li Qiye?

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t care. A’zhi could do whatever he wanted and leave whenever as well.


The arrival of the group was akin to the starting of a new sect despite Li Qiye never claiming so. Nonetheless, Omniscient Home was comparable to any power right now after the influx of recruits.

Because of this, other sects and countries came to congratulate Li Qiye, wanting to please the richest man in the world.

Moreover, some tried to start business deals with Li Qiye too. His generosity was well documented at this point.

“Young Noble, a few declining powers want to sell their land to you.” Xu Yiyun had to do numerous meetings since Li Qiye didn’t want to see anyone. She then relayed it to Li Qiye.

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