Chapter 404: Flirting

Chapter 404: Flirting

“You—” Lan Yunzhu’s pretty eyes angrily stared at Li Qiye as she felt the urge to beat him up.

Li Qiye leisurely asked Lan Yunzhu with a smirk: “What do you want to do about this marriage arrangement? It seems that your Thousand Carp River is really eager to cancel it.”

“Oh? Uncle, an old lady like me is still not in a rush, so why are you in a hurry?” Lan Yunzhu said snappily.

Li Qiye then replied with a serious tone: “How could I not be in a hurry? A wife suddenly appearing out of nowhere — this is not a good thing for me. You need to compensate for my losses!”

“Brat, don’t act as if you didn’t gain something good from this!” Lan Yunzhu was shaking in anger and wished that she could strangle this annoying brat to death! She was the descendant of the river sect, a princess that ruled over millions of miles, someone with countless suitors. And now, this brat was acting as if she was an old, unmarriageable grandma, and that it was a big loss for him to marry her.

Countless geniuses wanted to earn her favor, yet this little devil dared to treat her like this. It was too frustrating!

Li Qiye leisurely replied: “Faded Old Woman, who said that I am just acting? I am already in a bind. Because of this marriage, your Thousand Carp River kept coming to my door to bother me. I am physically and mentally traumatized, so you need to do a good job to compensate for my suffering.”

Even Lu Baiqiu to the side was at a loss for words. Lan Yunzhu was indeed a great catch in the Distant Cloud region with her dual Saint talents. And it was not just limited to the Distant Cloud, the entire Sacred Nether World was filled with so many geniuses that wanted to marry her. To these geniuses, marrying her was a blessing accumulated from doing good deeds during their past three lives. However, in her opinion, Li Qiye was acting indignantly as if he was the victim of this marriage.

“Bah, so be it, there will be no marriage then. Who wanted to marry you anyway!” Lan Yunzhu exasperatedly said.

Li Qiye took out the jade pendant that belonged to Lan Yunzhu and swung it around while leisurely smiling: “Not marrying is not a problem. This is your promissory item for marriage. You can take it back, but the question is, what will you give in order to reclaim it?”

Lu Baiqiu didn’t know how to describe her feelings. Even descendants from emperor’s lineages wished to marry Lan Yunzhu, but not Li Qiye. Just what kind of person was he?

A peerless beauty from the Distant Cloud, the descendant of the Thousand Carp River, a genius with dual Saint talents — all of this seemed to be insufficient to Li Qiye as he paid them no mind.

The initially angry Lan Yunzhu suddenly shifted her eyes and changed her attitude. She revealed a charming smile like the blossoming of a hundred flowers. She became more at ease and spoke: “Uncle, do you really want to escape from me that quickly? Very well then, now I am in no hurry to cancel this marriage, so you can put away that promissory item!”

“Aizz, nothing I can do about it, it is a sin to be so handsome!” Li Qiye put away the jade pendant and cheerfully laughed: “It seems that my supreme romantic charm has completely got you head over heels for me, making you want to marry me no matter what!”

“Wow—” Lan Yunzhu acted as if she wanted to puke and glanced at him to say: “Don’t be so narcissistic.”

At this point, she put on Li Qiye’s style as she narrowed her eyes and revealed a slight smirk to say: “Uncle, wait until we are married. Then, I will take my time fixing you and beat you into a pig’s head every day. Trust me, I am very competent at being a bad wife.”

Lu Baiqiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she witnessed the two of them like this. Who would have thought that Lan Yunzhu, the fairy in everyone’s eyes, would also have such a devilish side?

“Pop!” Li Qiye slapped her butt and conveniently caressed it as well. Lan Yunzhu jumped up from shock and angrily glared at him. Seeing Lu Baiqiu standing right there, she became even more embarrassed and shouted: “Brat, what are you doing?”

Li Qiye leisurely answered with a smile: “I can’t touch my wife’s butt? Since you want to marry me... As the husband, I’m just giving you some early love. There is nothing wrong with this!”

Lu Baiqiu immediately looked away and acted as if there was nothing to see. In the entire Sacred Nether World, maybe only Li Qiye would dare to flirt with Lan Yunzhu like this.

Lan Yunzhu was a proper girl. No one had ever dared to tease her let alone touch her butt, so she was suddenly embarrassed as her cheeks started to heat up. She was shaking with anger after being taken advantage of by Li Qiye!

“Little Girl, you alone want to discipline me? You are still too young. Maybe cooking and acting like a housewife is doable, but as for being a bad, controlling wife... I’m afraid it is not possible. There are no girls that can put me on a leash!” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Lan Yunzhu was angry to the point where she swung her palm around in the air and snappily exclaimed: “Little Devil, just wait and see. One day, I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Little Girl, where are you going?” Li Qiye said with a wide smile as he watched her leave.

The now-far-away Lan Yunzhu dismissively replied: “Going to meet the elders. I have my own plans about my marriage and do not need interference from the sect.”

After she left, Lu Baiqiu whispered: “Young Noble, I think Fairy Zhu seems to like you, will you marry her?”

Li Qiye only gave Lu Baiqiu a look and gently shook his head with a smile without saying anything.

Not long after Lan Yunzhu left, an uninvited guest came to visit. But rather than a visit, it was more like a forceful break in.

This was an old man with white hair and a beard. His blood energy was quite plentiful as divine rings orbited around his body as if they were shouldering individual worlds. Each ring looked like a gigantic star while he appeared to be a giant. A suppressive aura that could render others breathless came along with his arrival.

There was a total of eighty-one rings around his body. This meant that he was an amazing Jewel Sovereign at grand accomplishment.

Despite the passing of the Difficult Dao Era, Heavenly Sovereigns were still a rare sight, let alone a powerful Jewel Sovereign. A grand accomplishment Jewel Sovereign was indeed someone worthy of awe and fear.

“You are Li Qiye?” This old man entered with an oppressive momentum. He didn’t even bother to look straight at Li Qiye; it was as if Li Qiye was only an insignificant insect.

“Where did this little buzzing fly come from?” Li Qiye met the old man’s arrogance with an even more boisterous tone. He also didn’t bother to look at the old man while he performed a fly-swatting motion with his hand.

Lu Baiqiu immediately held his sleeve and whispered after hearing Li Qiye’s arrogant reply: “This is Elder Lin, Yan Long’s master.”

The old man’s eyes became fierce as he exuded a frightening aura that emanated throughout the room. Lu Baiqiu had a weak cultivation so she had difficulty breathing amidst this suppression.

“Don’t act all high and mighty within my domain. State your business or do not bother me!” At this time, Li Qiye finally gave him a cold glare.

The elder replied with a similar chilling tone: “Brat, be smart and drop this marriage with Yunzhu! One should know their own place in this world; Yunzhu is our descendant, so you are not worthy of her! Let go of this marriage and the Thousand Carp River will not mistreat you. You can leave this place with treasures and go as far as you want. It is best to never return to the Distant Cloud!”

“Is this your wish, or the Thousand Carp River’s?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile at Elder Lin’s sudden and threatening intrusion.

Elder Lin came to threaten him for a reason — Yan Long was his disciple. Meanwhile, inside the Thousand Carp River, he was the one who wished for a marriage between Yan Long and Lan Yunzhu the most. The descendant marrying the senior brother was the best possible outcome; it was a match made in heaven!

He was the first to reject this marriage with a fiance that appeared out of nowhere, and he was also the strongest proponent of using more aggressive means to force Li Qiye to abandon this marriage!

Just for his disciple, Elder Lin personally appeared to decisively end this matter by forcing Li Qiye to give up.

Elder Lin coolly said: “It doesn’t matter whose wish it is! You don’t deserve our descendant, so be smart and give up! Otherwise, you are just asking for trouble.”

“So you are telling me that if I don’t give up, there will be trouble?” Li Qiye let out a bright smile.

Elder Lin’s gaze became serious as he stated: “This world is dangerous. Cultivators traveling outside cannot guarantee their own safety. What if they meet a dangerous man? Maybe they would die a shady death!” Having said this, a murderous glint flashed in his eyes.

Lu Baiqiu drew in a cold and calming breath after hearing the elder’s words. She understood that this threat was more than just empty words.

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