Chapter 4037: Evil Takeover

The black wyvern roared and released an oppressive divinity. It had the aura of a divine beast capable of soaring through the nine firmaments and time itself.

Other beasts had no choice but to accept their inferiority since the divine beasts stood at the apex.

Weaker cultivators felt the same way. Some fell down to their knees, unable to stand up again.

“This is divine beast?” A youth asked in horror.

“No, this is what’s known as a true link, a treasure crafted from the dao bone of an emperor-level dao bone. That’s the only way to summon the beast’s true power.” A high elder shook his head.

Crimsondeath possessed such an item. He knew that he didn’t have a chance against the enemy without using it. Thus, he chose to unleash its true link - Black Wyvern Link with the ice affinity.

The tree demon’s expression soured after seeing this. He took out a divine lamp and released flames for self-protection.

“Zzz…” A confrontation between ice and fire ensued. The opposite duality resulted in smoke and vapor permeating the air.

This seemed to be an even contest but the true link wasn’t so simple. The wyvern formed a mudra with its claws and started a sealing art.

“Boom!” The myriad dao in the area were instantly subjected to its power.

The spectators became frozen due to an invisible rune hitting them. This left them unable to muster any power from their vitality and energy. The main seal then went on the offensive, shooting straight for the tree demon.

The demon was startled to see this treasure in action. His nine dao moved to the front in order to block the wyvern’s attack.

The laws of the nine seals couldn’t stop the attack so he was sent flying into the ground, creating a second pit.

“Hahaha, did that taste good, geezer?” The monarch vented successfully after seizing the upper hand.

He was bloodied from top to bottom. That last move from the bowl seriously injured him. Alas, he got his revenge thanks to the Black Wyvern Link.

“The monarch isn’t bad at all.” Some spectators found his success surprising due to the cultivation gap.

“Hmm, this should be his strongest ace card. If he has nothing else, he can’t win.” An ancestor shook his head.

“Hahaha!” The tree demon laughed from being too angry. He also looked tattered and injured. The move earlier was clearly effective.

“You’re not leaving this palace alive, brat.” His face twisted with rage and anger.

This was rather understandable because he was proud of being a Nine Dao Sovereign. Now, he actually was sent flying and suffered injuries to a Six Dao Sovereign?

This was partly due to him underestimating the monarch, not expecting the guy to have such a powerful ace card.

“Buzz.” Dao runes appeared beneath the tree demon and turned into a diagram depicting an abyss. It contained millions of wailing souls and ghosts to the horror of the spectators.

His nine dao weaved together and emitted a dark light. This in turn created a tree of the darkness affinity, large enough to blot out the sun. Darkness took over as a result.

“Evil Takeover!” The tree demon shouted before summoning a special mirror.

“Boom!” The mirror released a horde of fiendish creatures towards the monarch. Meanwhile, the dark tree also attacked with all of its branches at the same time.

“Black Wyvern Guard!” The monarch was startled to see such a strong response from the tree demon.

The wyvern roared and coiled around the monarch, protecting him like a fortress. His six dao came together to form a wall as well.

“Rumble!” The dark fiends and the branches began hitting the monarch’s defensive lines. The world seemingly spun from the shockwaves.

The monarch had a tough time holding on so he trembled continuously. The onslaught seemed endless with the next wave stronger than the previous.

“Ugh…” The monarch’s vitality churned so he spat out blood.

“Kekeke, I’ll feel much better once I crush you.” The tree demon laughed.

“We’ll see about that!” The monarch bellowed.

The spectators could see that his defeat was inevitable.

“Crimsondeath Monarch lost.” One spectator said. This was a clear display of when cultivation mattered too much.

“Crack!” The dao fortress and wall started cracking, on the verge of crumbling any second now.

“Die!” The tree demon channeled all of its energy into the attack without holding back.

“This is it!” One spectator shouted, aware of the incoming murder.

However, in this split second, the tree demon suddenly had an ominous feeling and became alarmed.

A bright ray came out of nowhere and aimed for the tree demon’s forehead. Once the top masters realized it, it was already inches away from him. It turned out to be a divine arrow with extreme speed.

Nonetheless, he quickly evaded with a spatial shift so the arrow only pierced his left shoulder instead of his head.

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