Chapter 4036: Black Wyvern Link

The tree demon floated in the air with his roots twisting in a nightmarish manner. He had all the visual characteristics of a devil in the mind of others and sure enough, his personality also matched one.

“Brat, I’ll send you to your demise since that’s what you’re asking for.” He coldly uttered.

On the other hand, although Crimsondeath Monarch was weaker than his exponent, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest.

“Geezer, one of us will go down today. No need to waste breath!” He swung his hatchets again, looking determined to seize victory.

“Let’s see what you can do then, junior!” The tree demon furiously laughed.

“Boom!” The tree demon activated his fate palaces. Twelve manifested into reality along with nine dao. Each dao was unique and looked like rivers circling around the tree.

“Nine Dao Sovereign.” Others confirmed upon seeing this.

The floating dao shouldered heaven and earth as they poured down laws. A chaotic presence emerged, seemingly gestating a new world inside.

The tree demon fully showed his power at this point. The aura of a sovereign permeated across the realm and intimidated the spectators. Everyone could sense the pressure and found it harder to breathe.

“I am going to crush you!” The demon tree looked like the incarnation of a devil king. His nefarious voice resembled the breezes of hell.

“Enough boasting, you might be stronger but you can’t crush me. Say this again once you reach the golden level.” Crimsondeath retorted.

There was only one level separating the nine dao and golden level. However, the power difference was immense.

“I don’t need to be a Golden Sovereign to crush you.” The tree demon declared.

“Activate!” The monarch released his own fate palaces and chaos energy poured out like a tsunami.

He had a total of six dao that circled around and protected him like a divine wall. His body grew larger before turning into a gigantic serpent. When it coiled together, it was the size of a mountain.

This wasn’t an illusion or a grand avatar but rather, his true form. As his cultivation improved, his original size also increased.

“You’re finished!” The tree demon attacked first by taking out a bowl made from a skull. It grew larger and became an enormous gate.

It came crashing down straight for the serpent. One could hear screams and howls coming from it. There were millions of souls trapped inside.

“Boom!” This gate could even suck in the sun and the moon. It hovered right above the serpent, ready to imprison the beast.

Resisting seemed futile before its power. The skin then flesh would be stripped away first before the bones.

“So strong!” Experts trembled in fear. They were smart enough to be away from the radius of that skeletal bowl.

Nonetheless, they still felt their soul being pulled away from their body along with their flesh. This was a terrifying experience.

“Break!” Crimsondeath commanded his two hatchets to smash the gate with the force of two tornadoes.

However, this bowl was an extraordinary treasure - a prized creation of the tree demon. It had killed numerous experts before.

Thus, it kept on descending closer towards the serpent. The spectators thought that the monarch was absolutely on the losing side.

“There’s a considerable gap in power.” One soul commented.

When weapons were similar, the fight became a contest of power and cultivation. Thus, the tree demon had the upper hand.

“Seal!” The monarch could see the deteriorating situation and went on the defensive instead. He crossed the hatchets together and the blades came together like two serpents. They formed a single rune and erected a barrier around him.

“Boom!” The gate smashed into the barrier and began removing the embedded dao power.

“Crack!” Everyone heard the barrier cracking so the serpent was pushed into the ground, creating a deep pit.

“Not an even match.” A few ancestors expected this outcome from the start.

In fact, the monarch was already impressive enough to resist the devouring bowl for this long.

“Kekeke, brat, see, you’re not my opponent.” The tree demon started gloating.

“Too early for that!” The monarch leaped out of the pit again, resulting in a tsunami of debris.

“Black Wyvern Link!” The monarch summoned his ultimate weapon for a counterattack.

“Boom!” Frost and snow took over the region due to the appearance of this treasure. An ocean of dao runes also appeared with a black wyvern in the center.

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