Chapter 4035: Myriad-eyed Hypnosis Banner

“We’ll see who will be the last man standing.” Crimsondeath raised both hatchets and shouted: “Geezer, don’t blame me for killing you today.”

“Kekeke, the blood of a wild crimson serpent should be delicious. I’m gonna have my fill today.” The tree demon licked his lips.

When comparing the two, the tree demon was far eviler. Crimsondeath was certainly fierce and brutal. However, the tree demon was evil incarnate.

Of course, the crowd became excited, wanting to see the outcome of the fight.

“Enough talk!” Crimsondeath spewed out poisonous miasma. The smoke surrounded the tree.

This miasma was made from his own snake poison. Normally, cultivators have become impervious to poison.

However, his poison wasn’t normal. One aspect of his cultivation included gathering the strange poisons and venoms all over the world. He then refined and added it to his own poison.

It had transcended into something greater long ago - a miasma capable of melting cultivators’ body and true fate.

A scorching heatwave accompanied the miasma and melted the affected area. The crowd quickly retreated, not wanting to die for a dumb reason.

“Zzz…” However, the surging miasma was actually being devoured by the countless roots and branches of the tree demon. They served as a defensive barrier and easily stopped the snake poison.

Of course, some branches were being burnt by the high temperature. Alas, they had a frightening level of tenacity. The burnt sections kept on growing back to protect the tree demon.

“Kekeke, brat, this is nothing. Watch.” The tree demon uttered.

“Whoosh…” His roots shot upward and blotted out the sky. This looked like a prison descending to trap the monarch.

This was a large-radius attack, enough to seal a clan or a sect.

“Bring it! Wild Whirlwind!” The monarch retaliated by spinning his hatchets and unleashing whirlwinds.

They pulled everything nearby inside and crushed them into smithereens. This applied to the incoming roots as well. 

“Not bad!” The tree demon summoned a devil banner.

It caused people to become dizzy since it had countless eyes. They each exuded a beautiful and mesmerizing light with a hypnosis effect.

The weaker spectators started falling asleep and dropped to the ground. Those nearby took note of this and stopped looking at the banner.

“Get back!” They shouted.

“Myriad-eyed Hypnosis Banner.” An ancestor took a deep breath after seeing the banner.

It was refined from the dao bone of a myriad-eyed moth. Thus, it had the potential to hypnotize others into sleeping forever. Just imagine having the ability to do this in battle. The opponents would become fish on the chopping board.

The tree demon activated the banner and all of the eyes opened wide. They exuded a frightening radiance that engulfed the entire area.

Even the faraway spectators felt themselves becoming dizzy and drowsy. This was the case for Crimsondeath Monarch as well.

He became alarmed but still maintained his composure: “Geezer, this is nothing more than a trick. Watch this!” 

He also opened his eyes wide. The pupils suddenly changed shape and assumed a dark red color. A third eye opened on his forehead. This was his heavenly gaze. It released a green light akin to the ray of death from hell itself.

The red and green rays gathered into a pulsing halo of both colors. This successfully stopped the hypnosis effect of the banner.

“That’s the monarch’s innate ability.” Most were surprised to see this outside of the ancestors.

They knew that he used to be a crimson serpent with this innate ability. It became even stronger through cultivation, allowing it to see through illusions and techniques.

“Take this!” The monarch swung both hatchets without holding back after defeating the banner.

The large tree demon easily evaded the slash by sliding to the side with incredible speed. It then leaped into the air.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” The monarch instantly unleashed a vertical slash. 

However, the tree demon had a strange movement technique. Everyone got the impression that space was being displaced. Thus, the swift slash didn’t hit the target.

“Demon Shift, his top technique.” One ancestor who had seen it before spoke.

With the successful evasion, the tree demon had the advantage of being higher up in the air and ready to attack.

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