Chapter 4034: Money Causes Problems

“Kekeke, I’ll live long enough to spend an even larger sum.” The tree demon coldly smiled: “Brat, you’re running out of time. My branches are thirsty right now, don’t force my hand.”

Having said that, his roots and branches wiggled creepily. This tree demon followed the evil path. Its roots and branches were its weapons. Once they drilled into the opponent, they would suck out all the vitality, leaving a dried corpse behind.

Many have suffered this terrible fate before so the listeners trembled after listening to the demon.

“You’re not leaving this place alive after your threat.” Li Qiye smirked and declared a death sentence for the demon. The actual process didn’t matter but this demon’s fate has undoubtedly been sealed.

Xu Yiyun glanced at Li Qiye. The way he was staring at the demon was akin to staring at a dead man.

“Kekeke.” The demon tree smirked: “You’re quite bold, brat. You might be rich but you can’t kill me. Be smart and hand one billion over before losing your life over nothing.” 

All eyes were on Li Qiye, wondering if he would acquiesce. After all, this sum was inconsequential to him.

He ignored the tree and stared at the crowd: “Don’t all of you want an invitation? Here’s your chance. Kill him and one spot will belong to you. The salary is one billion Golden Sovereign Refined Jades annually.” He then pointed at the tree with a gentle smile.

“One billion!” The crowd clamored. Even the ancestors became emotional.

One billion Golden Sovereign Refined Jades each year - this salary was shocking. No one else in Sword Continent could have a job with such a handsome salary, not even the ancestors and elders from the behemoths.

A few hidden big shots started losing their patience after hearing this. It might be their only chance. Some thought about quitting their own sect and joining Li Qiye instead.

“Hmph, who dares?!” The demon could sense the murderous gazes nearby. He became defensive as well.

“Come if you do not fear death. I will drain and leave nothing left of you, your sect will be next too, kekeke.” He threatened.

His nefarious laughter expressed his cruelty perfectly. The crowd knew that he would stay true to his word.

They shuddered as if a basin of cold water had just been poured on them. The fire of greed cooled down as a result.

The powerful ancestors also hesitated. After all, this demon was stronger than most here. They would die after two or three moves at best.

Those capable of fighting him also hesitated. If they couldn’t kill him right here and now, the guy would escape and start terrorizing their sect. This had happened before. Money was tempting but being alive was more precious than anything else.

“Kekeke, see, your money is of no use here. Looks like you want it the hard way instead, here is your punishment.” The demon laughed and told Li Qiye.

He swung his hand and the tentacle-like branches flew towards Li Qiye with the speed of divine arrows. They resembled poisonous insects wanting to take a bite.

“Watch out!” Some shouted in horror.

“Break!” They suddenly heard the sound of a weapon leaving its cover.

A ray came from above like a heavenly waterfall, easily cutting down the branches and leaving a deep gash on the ground.

“Bam!” A figure landed in front of Li Qiye. This man had a snake body, a human head, and two arms. He wielded two hatchets and looked ready to fight.

His scales were red with golden outlines. His body was big, needing two or three adults to fully wrap their hands around it. Nonetheless, this bulkiness didn’t hinder his agility.

“Crimsondeath Monarch!” Someone recognized him and shouted.

“Another monster…” Another murmured.

“Even devils and ghosts obey money.” One ancestor said: “This evil guy wants to get paid.”

Crimsondeath Monarch was another notorious character in Sword Continent. He was a snake demon who achieved the dao and now, a vagabond cultivator.

He earned his fame with the blood of others, always ready to use his hatchets even against stronger cultivators.

“Two monsters fighting each other, how fitting.” One expert said.

The spectators thought that it would be best for these two to fight to the death.

“Brat, you must be tired of living.” The demon tree uttered coldly.

“Birds die in pursuit of food and men die in pursuit of wealth. This job shall be mine.” Crimsondeath guffawed.

“How dare you boast before me when you’re only at the six-dao level? I don’t think you’ll survive to take the job.” The demon tree said.

“Old geezer, you might be three levels higher than me but you’re old and your vitality is gone. I can last until your last moment.” Crimsondeath retorted.

“You have no idea what you’re in for.” The demon tree became murderous.

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