Chapter 4032: Gift

“I trust in you and also myself. If you accept our group, we will pledge our lives to your cause.” Tie Jian took a deep breath and said.

He then prostrated and repeated: “Please accept us.”

“Haven’t seen this in a long time.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Very well, how can I refuse such enthusiasm? Rise. From now on, you have a position under my banner.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Tie Jian bowed again: “This lowly one will jump into a boiling cauldron or tread through an ocean of fire, as long as you give the command.”

Yiyun could see that Tie Jian was powerful and should have a frightening background. Thus, he seemed to be lowering his status by offering to work for free. Furthermore, Li Qiye was a stranger as well. Anyone with a bit of sense would consider Tie Jian’s choice crazy, that his brain had stopped working. However, Tie Jian knew exactly what he was doing.

Yiyun didn’t say anything. She thought that this must be part of his plan after careful consideration.

“Since you have joined me, I must give you a meeting gift.” Li Qiye casually said: “Mmm, I do have something that is just right for you.”

Having said that, he took out a tiny sword with many rusty spots on it.

Yiyun didn’t expect this and nearly told Li Qiye that he had taken out the wrong thing. She thought that Li Qiye would give something amazing, perhaps even a dao lord weapon.

After all, he gave equally-impressive treasures to her and Lu Qi before. This didn’t make sense because the young noble wasn’t a stingy person. In fact, he was unreasonably generous.

Others could construe this as Li Qiye purposely insulting Tie Jian. Alas, the guy was completely shocked to see this sword.

His eyes were as wide as can be while gazing at the sword. He thought that he was seeing things.

“This is…” Lu Qi became startled and didn’t dare to come to a conclusion. She had never seen this sword before but had read and heard about it. 

Tie Jian was the same way. He knew everything about this sword because he had read all the ancient scrolls depicting it. Each word and image describing the details of this sword were engraved in his mind.

For millions of years, generations of his clan have been searching for this weapon. Why was it in Li Qiye’s possession?

“This is that sword?” Tie Jian spoke with doubt. Though he knew everything about the sword, he still hadn't seen it before.

“What is it?” Xu Yiyun knew that the sword was a big deal after seeing their expression.

“That’s right, this is it.” Li Qiye nodded and smiled: “It is returning to its rightful owner.”

He obtained the sword from Black Tides; it fell off when he collected Sword God’s corpse. He naturally had a reason for bestowing it to Tie Jian.

“Clank!” Li Qiye swung it and the tiny sword pulsed brightly.

The rust fell off the sword and a modification process began. Once the light fully dispersed, a regular sword appeared.

It had a gray scabbard with embedded ancient runes, truly inscrutable. They had a majestic aura, seemingly capable of splitting heaven and earth.

One could already sense its scorching battle intent and sharp gales while still sheathed. The moment it came out, it would be able to sweep through any battlefield. 

“This is it!” Lu Qi blurted.

“The forefather’s sword!” Tie Jian prostrated before the sword that once belonged to their forefather. It somehow went missing and they couldn’t find it despite trying for generations.

Thus, he was overwhelmed with emotions. It was as if he was looking at his forefather.

“Take it.” Li Qiye smiled and handed the sword to Tie Jian.

Tie Jian hesitated, not knowing what to do. He knew the value of this sword more than anyone else. Moreover, it had pivotal importance for his sect as well.

The sect members would pay any price just to possess this sword. Alas, he felt both gratitude and shame at this moment.

“I have yet to contribute, Young Noble. I cannot accept this supreme item.” He said.

“There’s plenty of time later.” Li Qiye casually responded and handed him the sword.

He raised both hands respectfully to accept the sword then bowed deeply again. His forehead knocked on the ground repeatedly.

“Our sect will do everything we can to repay your kindness. All of our members are at your command.” Tie Jian powerfully declared without holding back.

“I am merely gifting with borrowed flowers.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You should be thanking Sword God or this sword would be who-knows-where right now.”

“Sword God…” Tie Jian naturally knew this senior because the latter had deep ties with the sect. Some even thought that Sword God came from there.

“I will definitely start a shrine in order to show our respect.” Tie Jian said.

“Congratulations, it’s finally back.” Lu Qi was happy for him.

“Thank you.” He bowed towards her.

Their two sects used to have a close relationship. Alas, after the war back then, Tie Jian’s sect declined and rarely interacted with others afterward.

“Right, aren’t there more recruits? Let’s go take a look.” Li Qiye smiled and walked outside.

Yiyun calmed down and followed him right away: “I’ve prepared everything already, Young Noble. Select whoever you like.”

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