Chapter 4031: Recruits

Yiyun had no retort since it did make sense.

“You’re right, Young Noble.” Yiyun replied: “But either way, you should be moderate and keep it low-key. Cultivators have a long path ahead.”

She still thought that there was something off about his logic. After all, she came from a fallen clan. Of course, because she was a prestigious member there, she didn’t experience abject poverty. The experience only taught her to be frugal and cautious with her spending.

“That’s the mindset of the weak. A true expert does not need moderation.” Li Qiye shook his head: “If you think experts are humble, it’s because you’re not at the right level to see otherwise.”

“Hmm, I don’t quite get it. Please elaborate.” She became curious.

“Would an invincible dao lord talk to you about his merit laws or show you his top treasures?” Li Qiye glanced at her.

“No.” She answered right away since it was obvious.

A dao lord stood at the apex. Not to mention a junior like her, most cultivators were merely viewed as ants. In other words, would an elephant show off its strength to an ant?

“Then how do you know dao lords don’t show off to other dao lords or brag about their merit laws and peerless treasures?” He smiled.

“Well, I’ve never heard of two dao lords being around at the same time before…” She murmured.

“You wouldn’t be there in person anyway.” Li Qiye said.

“Yes.” She nodded in agreement.

How could an insignificant character like her be in the presence of two dao lords talking about their items?

“Experts do not bother to keep a low profile.” Li Qiye said: “It’s just that they don’t care to show off to you, you’re not qualified for them to be bombastic around.”

“I see…” She pondered his comment. She thought that maybe he was right. Keeping a low profile or remaining humble seemed to be a belief for the weak to make themselves feel better.

“That’s why I don’t need to be humble.” Li Qiye said: “I’ve won a large prize and now am the richest, this is my golden age and I need to enjoy it before it comes to an end.” 

“True.” Yiyun replied. He became the richest in the world, why shouldn’t he buy the most expensive and the best?

“Go, don’t worry so much. Money is just mere worldly possession, let it go for entertainment’s sake.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

“I understand.” She bowed and left.

On the other hand, Lu Qi didn’t have a problem with Li Qiye’s wasteful spending. Others were ready to die for the legacy but it wasn’t a big deal for him. Plus, how long would it take to actually spend it all?


Xu Yiyun went to carry out his order. Despite the previous conversation, she remained frugal with her purchases and tried to barter with the stores each time. 

Li Qiye didn’t bother asking her about the cost in the slightest. This was only a way to kill time.

Today, Yiyun did someone a favor and allowed an audience with Li Qiye before the recruitment period.

It was none other than the shopkeeper of the antique shop. 

“My name is Tie Jian, nice to meet you, Young Noble.” The shopkeeper greeted Li Qiye again during this official meeting. [1]

“Yiyun said that you wish to follow me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, though I might be overestimating myself, I heard about the recruitment so I want to offer my service along with ten fellow members, seeking enough to get by.” Tie Jian solemnly responded.

He had carefully thought about this choice before coming.

“I’m sure you and your fellow members can get by just fine. In fact, joining another place might be better.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“You’re right, Young Noble, but we seek to see how vast the world is.” Tie Jian said.

“Not bad, joining me not for wealth.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, Young Noble, we do not require a single coin to work under you.” Tie Jian nodded.

Yiyun found this astonishing. Then why were they here?

“Little one, you’re underestimating him.” Li Qiye could see her confusion and chuckled.

“Why are you here, Uncle Jian?” She asked.

She knew that Tie Jian was a special cultivator but not much more than that. Their relationship was limited to the meetings in the store.

“We are looking for a wise lord.” Tie Jian revealed.

Yiyun didn’t expect this answer. It sounded illogical and unrealistic. She wouldn’t believe anyone coming here to join Li Qiye for anything other than money.

Nonetheless, Tie Jian spoke with sincerity. Plus, he had no reason to lie to her and Li Qiye.

“Even a king requires a stage. Without a stage, a king is inferior to a clown.” Li Qiye said.

“Hmm?” Yiyun didn’t understand right away.

Lu Qi, on the other hand, glanced at Tie Jian and said: “You wish to change your sect? Our young noble has no reason to help you with this.”

“You misunderstood, Miss Lu Qi.” Tie Jian replied: “I haven’t worried about the sect for a long time now. We are only here to find a place to stay and a better future.”

These two clearly knew each other’s true identity.

“We are here with utmost sincerity, please accept us, Young Noble.” Tie Jian asked again.

“It seems you have a high evaluation of me.” Li Qiye smiled: “You’re not only gambling your future but also your descendants’.”

Tie Jian was obviously a big shot, one of the strongest in the contemporary. Others would find it astonishing that he was here to join Li Qiye without requiring any condition.

“I’m certain that you will be a wise lord.” Tie Jian earnestly responded.

“Don’t be so sure since anything is possible. It’s not too late to change your mind.” Li Qiye smiled.

1. This was Yizhan before in the shop. I’m not sure if Tie Jian is a title here but it should be a name. Tie Jian means Iron Sword

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