Chapter 4030: Money Is Meant To Be Spent

Soaring Hawk Monarch became the prime example of not to mess with Li Qiye. Some ancestors still had the intention of kidnapping Li Qiye but they needed to re-evaluate their own abilities and the risks entailed.

The richest man in the world was certainly a fat sheep in their eyes. Alas, they needed to figure out his actual power.

Most once considered him as a lucky junior, that his arrogance and ignorance would eventually be his downfall. Now, their view on him had changed since he possessed incredible dao lord weapons and resources.

In their opinion, his cultivation hasn’t increased at all. Nonetheless, his actual power soared and could actually threaten them. After all, thirteen dao lord weapons were enough to intimidate anyone.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that he was unbeatable. It’s just that he had an overwhelming advantage compared to anyone else. Most importantly, due to his ability to be awfully generous, stronger cultivators naturally wanted to work for him. 

All of this made capturing him exceedingly difficult. No one wanted to suffer the same fate as the monarch.


Once Li Qiye returned to the courtyard prepared by Lu Qi, there was a crowd already waiting for him.

Humans, demons, heavenly devils; nobles, vagabonds, even ancestors… They all wanted to talk to him.

They asked for different payments as well. Some desired refined jades or weapons, others wanted territories.

Among the prices, a few were fair and appropriate given the status of the asking cultivators. However, some were ridiculous and even asked for dao lord weapons or ancient artifacts…

Of course, none actually met Li Qiye. All of this was relayed to him by Xu Yiyun.

She was already famous for being one of the ten sword prodigies. However, she became even more popular because everyone wanted to work for Li Qiye and she served as the intermediary. Even rulers and ancestors begged her to put in a good word for them.

She told Li Qiye all of this, prompting him to smile: “Why not? As long as it is suitable. Tell them to write their resume, I am recruiting. Money is plentiful but we’ll see if they have the ability or not.”

“Also, we need to be grander in style when we go outside. Beauties, carriages, divine and auspicious beasts. Yes, gather them for me as long as they’re cool.” Li Qiye laughed and added.

“Young Noble, I’m afraid if we recruit too many people, unwanted folks will mix in and might harm you.” She became worried.

This was rather reasonable since everyone coveted Li Qiye’s wealth. They could take advantage of this and join the group to wait for an opportunity.

“I’m hoping for that because I’ve been lacking exercise for years. Gotta get rid of the rust somehow.” He smirked.

Yiyun’s heart skipped a beat while staring at his smirk. He resembled a primordial beast opening its mouth.

Everyone was a potential prey. He would devour them whole, not leaving a single bone or even strand of hair behind.

“If this is the young noble’s wish, you just need to carry it out, Miss Xu.” Lu Qi said, aware that Li Qiye simply wanted to have fun and pass the time.

The recruits had no chance of entering Li Qiye’s eyes. As for those harboring nefarious intent, they were simply suicidal. Li Qiye would obliterate them soon enough.

“I will take care of it, Young Noble.” Yiyun said.

“Go to the large markets and auction houses, buy the most expensive things like beasts and carriages. I want to have a complete entourage when I travel.” Li Qiye ordered.

“Yes, I will go look around.” Yiyun agreed.

In reality, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn about this issue at all. However, she chose to be earnest and swift in carrying out his order.

She went around Hallowed and even the nearby cities to gather the most expensive outfits. As the saying goes - clothes make the man and Buddhas rely on gold. She picked the clothes first before focusing on traveling necessities.

After ample preparation, she returned and reported: “Young Noble, for your outfit, I chose the Hallowed Jewel Robe, Nine-dragon Regalia, Myriad-law Robe… Then for your carriage, we have the Windrider Draconic Carriage, Immortal Monarch Palanquin, Cloudriding Citadel… We also have the Auspicious Golden Lion, Nine-firmament God Hawk, Five-element Fish. How do you wish to match them?” Yiyun gave him the list.

“Only a child picks, I am an important character and will take all of them.”

“All of them?” Yiyun had selected a list of outrageously expensive items suitable for him, not expecting him to buy everything.

“Young Noble…” She slightly frowned.

“What? We don’t have enough money?” He smiled.

“Of course not, I just think that it might not be good to spend so much.” She shook her head.

She was fully aware of his matchless wealth. However, this squandering trend might make him poor one day.

“Money is meant to be spent, I can’t take it with me to the grave.” Li Qiye smiled: “Well, maybe I can indeed take it to the grave with me but a dead man can’t spend. That’s why I need to make use of it right now.”

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