Chapter 4029: Ransom

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Jian Sanqiang remained busy with his task, adding more injuries to the hanging monarch.

Of course, these were mere flesh wounds for cultivators. The problem here was the damage to the mind and the dao heart.

The monarch wished for death. If it wasn’t for the complete seal on his meridians and muscles, he would have tried to bite his tongue.

Spectators knew that even if he were to survive, he wouldn’t want to meet anyone again. Nothing was left of his reputation and authority. Furthermore, his sect’s reputation was grievously damaged as well.

“Please stop, please stop!” Suddenly, an old man with a group of disciples appeared in front of the gate.

“The first elder of Soaring Hawk.” Another cultivator recognized him.

The monarch closed his eyes, not wanting to see his fellow members. As for the latter, they clenched their fists and gritted their teeth after seeing him.

If this was any other situation, they would risk their lives trying to avenge their sect master. However, they needed to show restraint in order to pay the ransom and save their master.

“In accordance with your request, Young Noble Li, we have prepared five million jades. Please release our sect master.” The first elder of Soaring Hawk prostrated towards Li Qiye and Jian Sanqiang.

Though they hated Li Qiye for numerous reasons, they could only swallow their anger. First of all, they were in the wrong. Li Qiye could be unreasonable and no one would criticize him since he was the victim.

Plus, their main goal was to save the sect master. Therefore, this elder chose to be as humble and subservient as possible.

He got up and held a pouch with both hands, presenting it to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye grabbed and then tossed it over to Sanqiang without a care. He smiled and said: “Since you came with sincerity, I will stay true to my word and let him go. As for the five million, it is your reward.”

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Sanqiang was ecstatic.

Once again, others became jealous of him for earning five million Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades in such a short time. Some ancestors wished that they had worked for Li Qiye since the sum was more than their total wealth.

Moreover, Sanqiang didn’t actually do much. Any of them could have done the same thing. Most importantly, Soaring Hawk wasn’t on the same level as Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

Offending Soaring Hawk was still acceptable. They could take the risk. Alas, the opportunity was gone.

“Okay, Monarch, your disciples are here to fetch you. I hope you’ll have a quick recovery and learn something from this experience. Don’t cause so much trouble in the future.” Sanqiang smiled and released the monarch from the rope.

“Ugh.” The monarch vomited blood after the seal was gone. His complexion was a sickly yellow.

“Sect Master!” The disciples immediately surrounded him.

“Don’t worry, he’s just a little angry, that’s all. Let him drink some soup and medicine and he’ll wake up as lively as a tiger.” Sanqiang said.

The sarcastic tone naturally infuriated the disciples but Sanqiang ignored their glare.

“Take the sect master back.” The first elder didn’t want to linger around. Further complications were unacceptable after paying the huge ransom.

The disciples obeyed and the group left together.

Many experts knew that Soaring Hawk would disappear for a long time after this serious blow to their reputation and wealth. They no longer had the courage to meet anyone.

The scene became silent after their departure until Li Qiye spoke with a smile: “I enjoy excitement so I welcome anyone who wants to kidnap me. Of course, they better think about how much money their sect has first along with their personal wealth. It’s best to do so lest you want your friends to be caught off guard with the ransom amount.”

No one answered Li Qiye. Some secretly exchanged glances, especially the big shots.

They naturally wanted to capture Li Qiye just like the monarch. Alas, the consequence seemed rather serious.

Being killed was one thing but being utterly humiliated like that was unacceptable. They would be dragging their sect down as well.

Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t wait for an answer before leaving.

“Young Noble, remember to call for me if there’s anything else, I’ll be the first to come running.” Sanqiang shouted at Li Qiye.

Others found him contemptible for being Li Qiye’s hound. Nonetheless, others were envious because Sanqiang had nothing holding him back. He was all alone and could do whatever he wanted to earn money.

Some ancestors wanted to work for Li Qiye too - low risk and high reward. Li Qiye was a hundred times more generous than other powers.

Unfortunately, they had prestigious backgrounds. Being Li Qiye’s hound would destroy their reputation along with their sect’s.

“Must be nice being a hound.” One ancestor said with a wry smile.

“It’s fine, there’ll be chances.” His friend still wanted to work for Li Qiye in the future despite the circumstances. The benefit was just too much.

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