Chapter 4027: Too Many Weapons

The suddenness of the assault caught people off guard at first. However, this was to be expected.

Who didn’t covet Li Qiye’s wealth right now? Moreover, he had a weak cultivation realm on top of no known backers. Thus, everyone wanted to have a taste of his delicious meat.

It’s just that they didn’t have time to plan just yet. Moreover, it was in broad daylight. Failing might result in throwing away their personal reputation along with their sect’s.

Nonetheless, this kidnapper had lost their patience and decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out.

The person immediately turned to run without saying a word.

“Where are you going?” Li Qiye smiled and raised his hand.

“Boom!” An unrestrained radiance and another dao lord aura manifested.

The sky turned dark for a bit before a five-colored waterfall descended. People looked up and saw five mountains spewing out their respective colored light along with dao lord laws.

These laws started rampaging and created powerful blasts. The spectators’ weapons trembled violently, seemingly in the presence of their king.

The five mountains could suppress gods and devils without Li Qiye’s control. This was its power alone.

“Five-colored Sky Hammer, another weapon of Omniscient Dao Lord!” The same ancestor earlier shouted after seeing the visual phenomenon.

The fleeing assailant became startled and didn’t dare to underestimate the incoming pressure.

“Clank!” They unsheathed a sword. A hawk screech could be heard as the sword turned into a hawk. They jumped on it in order to escape quicker.

“Soaring Hawk Sword Technique!” Since the assailant had no choice but to go all out, they ended up revealing their background.

Though this black-robed assailant was fast, they still couldn’t dodge the dao lord weapon.

“Crack!” Bones broke down right away and they smashed through several buildings.

Nonetheless, they survived despite being struck by the mighty hammer due to having an impressive cultivation.

They ignored these serious wounds and tried to run again. Alas, this was too late.

Li Qiye and Lu Qi didn’t need to do anything since there was a third party appearing. He laughed and said: “Can’t miss this opportunity!” 

“Rumble!” He unleashed a barrage of punches on the assailant who was already wounded.

The newcomer was just too powerful and attacked without warning. Thus, the assailant vomited blood again before being smashed downward. Blood and cracks appeared all over the area.

This newcomer was none other than Jian Sanqiang who had already made a killing off Li Qiye. He stomped down and immobilized the assailant.

“Hehe, Young Noble, I’m here to help.” He smiled at Li Qiye.

However, the spectators’ focus was still on Li Qiye and the two weapons floating above him - a silvery truncheon and a five-colored hammer.

The pressure emanating from the weapons made it difficult for people to stand upright and breathe normally.

“Two dao lord weapons…” The crowd became jealous.

“I don’t even have one…” An ancestor complained.

Though certain sects such as Sea Emperor or Nine-wheel Citadel had several dao lord weapons or perhaps more, the average ancestors didn’t have access to them.

Now, Li Qiye had two right now. This was a privilege only seen for the successors of the behemoths.

“No, he has more than just two. Given what we know about the legacy, it’s thirteen.” A high elder reminded them.

“Fuck, he has more weapons than a kingdom’s armory. This world is so unfair!” The ancestor cursed.

“Do Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom or Nine-wheel Citadel have more than ten?” A jealous youth asked.

No one could answer this question since it was rather sensitive.

“That I do not know. However, I can say with absolute certainty that no single member from there can have more than ten dao lord weapons on them at a time.” A big shot shook his head.

“Such incredible and undeserved luck. I want to kidnap him too.” A young expert spat on the ground.

The jealousy from the crowd was palpable. After all, they could work their entire life and wouldn’t come in contact with a dao lord weapon. As for Li Qiye, he obtained thirteen in no time at all.

“Young Noble, how should we deal with him?” Jian Sanqiang kicked the beaten assailant.

Others looked down on him for acting like Li Qiye’s hound. Instead of being a big shot like he is, he chose to work for a junior. Some top cultivators in the crowd found this contemptible.

Of course, Jian Sanqiang wasn’t a traditional cultivator and didn’t care what people thought about him.

“Let’s take a look.” Li Qiye smiled.

Sanqiang broke the stealth method to reveal the assailant - an old man with hawk-like eyes and long brows.

“Soaring Hawk Monarch!” The crowd clamored after seeing him.

“The sect master of Soaring Hawk.” Some found this surprising.

Soaring Hawk was a relatively powerful sect in Sword Continent. It wasn’t on the same level as the behemoths but was still far stronger than the Xu.

“Geezer, you’re throwing away your reputation by acting like a bandit.” Sanqiang laughed.

The pale monarch turned red from embarrassment despite his serious injuries. He closed his eyes and uttered: “The winner takes all, do what you want.” He knew that failure meant death today.

“That’s not up to me. Young Master, should I end him?” Sanqiang looked over at Li Qiye.

Though some members of the crowd knew him or even had a good relationship with him, none stepped up to help. After all, the monarch was in the wrong for attempting to kidnap Li Qiye.

“How much is he worth?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Sorry?” Sanqiang didn’t understand.

“How much can Soaring Hawk pay for him?” Li Qiye explained.

“Well…” Sanqiang couldn’t come up with a number right away.

Lu Qi answered instead: “Given Soaring Hawk’s history of having five sovereigns, it should be able to gather seven million Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades in a short time. Of course, this will bankrupt them.”

She had a good understanding of the various sects in the world.

“Alright, then send them my message, that if they pay the ransom of two million Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades today, I’ll only strip him naked and hang him on the city wall. If they need two days, then we’ll whip him in public and it’ll be five million. Three days? We’ll make an example out of him by burning him to death…”

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing Li Qiye’s bizarre idea. They thought that he would execute the monarch right away instead of trying to get a ransom.

“You!” The monarch vomited blood from anger.

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