Chapter 4026: Kidnapper

Cultivators crowded outside the Archaic Style branch, waiting for Li Qiye to come out. They understood that the moment he came out, he would no longer be the unknown junior but rather, the richest man in Sword Continent.

The sheer weight of his wealth could suffocate anyone. Thus, the crowd wanted to see the birth of the richest man in the world.

“He’s coming, he’s coming.” Li Qiye finally showed up with Lu Qi and Xu Yiyun behind him.

“The richest in the world.” Someone murmured. The behemoths in Sword Continent couldn’t compare to him in this regard.

“Congratulations, Young Master Li. You are the richest in the world now, a god among men.” Some immediately rushed over towards Li Qiye.

“There’s no one else on the same level as you, Sir Li. Your radiance illuminates all of Sword Continent and the rest of the world.” Another congratulated him.

Of course, the majority only watched from a distance, not wanting to stoop down to that level like beggars.

“That’s exactly what I want to hear.” Li Qiye smiled and tossed out several million refined jades to those who came: “Go buy some wine and enjoy yourselves now.”

“Thank you, Sir Li!”

“Thank you, Young Master Li!” 

Those who came over excitedly grabbed the refined jades on the ground. Several million jades disappeared right away.

“Leave now.” Li Qiye said without batting an eye.

Those who got money wisely left without asking for more. However, some in the back saw this opportunity and surrounded Li Qiye.

“Sir Li, please be benevolent and show some sympathy to those in need. Please give me ten million.” A bold soul asked for a large sum.

“Sir Li, you have billions and billions now. Please spare me fifty million.” Another was even more ridiculous.

“Young Master Li, you have it all, both looks and wealth, just give me a hundred million to get good karma?” Another seized the opportunity.

“Why should I give you money?” Li Qiye looked at them and smiled.

“Sir Li, I lost my parents early and I’m a vagabond who has to search for the dao all by myself. Bandits robbed and broke my legs once, I barely survived that encounter and have had lingering problems since. Life has not been easy, please show compassion.” One cultivator started weeping.

“Our sect was robbed and it’s pretty much over for us. We’re living in destitution, two thousand of us not having enough food. All I see are fellow cultivators with yellow skin and bones, please save us…” An expert hurriedly added.

“Young Master Li, a hundred million to you is just a drop in the ocean. Heaven blessed you with this fortune so that you can help the world. It’s not a big deal for you to spend a hundred million, no, a billion or so to save us.” Another strongly asserted.

These cultivators spewed different reasons and sob stories. Some cried and tried to be pitiful, others tried to trick him…

“Scram, I have no intention of being a good guy. Crawl back from whence you came.” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively.

“Sir Li, you are being out of line. It’s one thing that you won’t help us when you’re so rich, there’s no need to spew such disdainful rhetoric!” An old cultivator uttered coldly.

“Yes, it looks like he’s looking down on poor people like us.” Another added.

“If that’s the case, we won’t let it go so easily. There are more of us than the likes of you in Sword Continent…” Others wanted to force Li Qiye to hand over some money.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this and said: “Whoever stands in our way, cut off their head.”

With that, he continued moving forward.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Xu Yiyun raised her sword and rays pulsing with murderous intent manifested into reality. It became abundantly clear that she wouldn’t show mercy.

“Move or die.” Her expression became fierce.

She earned her spot as one of the ten prodigies with her own power. Those surrounding them didn’t stand a chance and would go down in one slash.

They weren’t big shots or cultivation experts. Thus, fear took over. They exchanged glances and had no choice but to leave a pathway for Li Qiye. Though they wanted easy money, their lives were more important.

The spectators from a distance sneered. They looked down on these “beggars” in the first place so they didn’t stand up for them against Xu Yiyun.

“Being rich is nice.” One youth commented.

Many male geniuses here had a crush on Xu Yiyun. Unfortunately, she was now working under Li Qiye who was far weaker. This made them quite jealous and bitter.

They thought that this was the power of money. It didn’t matter how incapable one was. As long as they had enough money, top sword prodigies or whatever would work for them. 

As the group was leading, a shadow suddenly leaped for Li Qiye with extreme speed. It evaded Yiyun’s sword rays and reached for Li Qiye.

“Watch out!” She changed her form but it was too late.

The assailant had grabbed Li Qiye and leaped upward again.

Lu Qi’s eyes turned cold as a result, ready to kill.

“He’s being kidnapped!” An ancestor realized the situation right away.

“!!!” The crowd became alarmed and anxious.

As that person was pulling Li Qiye up, a smirk appeared on the latter’s face.

“Boom!” Li Qiye summoned a truncheon with a silvery glow then smashed the kidnapper.

The aura of a dao lord suppressed the area and made everyone tremble in fear.

The shocked kidnapper let go of Li Qiye in order to block the attack.

“Boom!” Though the kidnapper was powerful, the dao lord weapon broke through, destroying the blocking weapons and forcing the kidnapper back to the ground.

Everyone then saw the truncheon clearly. It seemed to be made of stars as it poured down dao lord laws.

“Omniscient Dao Lord’s Galactic Shift Truncheon!” A knowledgeable ancestor recognized the weapon.

“This is one of the thirteen?” Others became jealous of him.

As for the kidnapper, they were shrouded in black and couldn’t be seen due to a stealth technique. Nonetheless, they started vomiting blood after being hit directly by the truncheon. The difference in weapons was overwhelming.

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