Chapter 4025: Rewards

The crowd exchanged glances and thought that this was ridiculous. 

“The strongest sect versus the richest man. Who will win?” An expert wondered.

Prior to this, everyone thought that Li Qiye was suicidal for opposing Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

Alas, he was no longer the unknown junior. His extreme wealth carried considerable authority and influence.

“Well, Sea Emperor might not be as rich as Li Qiye but its power can’t be touched by wealth alone. If he really wants to go down this path against them, he’ll die for sure.” An older cultivator said.

No one could refute this because though Li Qiye could make many big shots work for him, the odds were still against him when facing this behemoth. This was akin to an egg trying to fight a rock.

“The feud is there. Their disciples being bullied is one thing but taking the king’s fiancee? There’s no going back from this, the kingdom will not show any patience nor restraint.” A high elder shook his head.

Others nodded in response. The issue with Starshooter Prince was rather negligible, just a feud between two youths. Sea Emperor could drop it but not the matter with the princess.

In fact, they needed to kill Li Qiye in order to wash themselves of this humiliation - a perfect example of an irreconcilable feud.

“There’s more to it than that.” One ancestor pondered: “The kingdom views him as a fat lamb. They want to kill him to maintain their prestige while taking his wealth too.”

Who wouldn’t be tempted by the Preeminent Legacy? The kingdom now also had the perfect excuse to deal with Li Qiye while not hurting their reputation.

“Young Noble, please come to our shop so that we can finish the hand-over process.” The manager invited Li Qiye.

Li Qiye followed the manager before stopping and turning around: “Our meeting is a type of fate so here, fifty million.” 

Having said that, he gave Chen Cangsheng fifty million Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades.

“...” Cangsheng was at a loss for words while looking at the pile of refined jades. He had never seen such a monstrous sum before. 

His sect might not have this much money. Though the Daoist Sword Ground used to be a top lineage, it was far removed from its golden age.

Their relationship was rather shallow and he hasn’t done anything for Li Qiye. Was the word “fate” enough of a justification for Li Qiye to give him so much?

He eventually regained his wits and saw that Li Qiye was long gone. He bowed in Li Qiye’s direction and said: “Thank you, Young Noble.” He then put away the money and seeked safety.

“Fifty million just like that?” Others became envious and jealous. One could toil for a lifetime without getting close to this sum.


The manager asked Li Qiye to sit down before bowing. He then presented a trunk containing numerous records: “This is the list of everything that is in the legacy. Please take a look, Young Noble.”

“It’s fine, I believe you.” Li Qiye only gave it a passing glance.

“I appreciate your trust, Young Noble.” The manager said: “The legacy has more than just refined jades. There are artifacts and weapons scattered everywhere. We will gather them and give it to you. Also, there are lands and ore mines as well. We can’t move them so you’ll have to take over later.”

“Alright, I don’t have anything else to do anyway.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The manager continued the process and found that Li Qiye was quite easy to negotiate with.

Not to mention Xu Yiyun, even Lu Qi found her horizon broadened. The content of the legacy was truly something else. They heard the numbers previously but couldn’t actually conceptualize how monstrous it was.

Lu Qi had followed her lord and seen plenty of treasuries before. Alas, she was shaken all the same.

The legacy had a total of thirteen dao lord weapons, twenty-four Immortal Sovereign weapons, and thirty-one secret artifacts. Seeing them in person was something else.

“I don’t think any other sect in Sword Continent has this many weapons.” Lu Qi commented. By this point, Li Qiye actually exceeded her sect in terms of money and armament as well.

The other behemoths naturally had access to their dao lords’ resources. However, these weapons were given away to their powerful members or have been lost due to the long passage of time.

This wasn’t the case for the Preeminent Legacy. Omniscient Dao Lord had no descendants and Archaic Style did an amazing job of administration.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was completely calm, unlike the two girls. He accepted the weapons and casually picked four weapons. He gave two each to Lu Qi and Xu Yiyun: “This is your reward for running my errands.”

These weapons were mighty but most importantly, extremely suitable for both girls.

Xu Yiyun never thought about possessing something of this level, let alone two. She stood there in a daze.

As for Lu Qi, her sect had plenty of experts and ancestors. Thus, though it was rich, it wasn’t her turn to possess the top weapons. She had only served Li Qiye for a brief time yet he actually gave her two without thinking twice.

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