Chapter 4024: Money Is King

Getting ten million in just the blink of an eye was about as easy as it gets for making money. 

“My sect doesn’t get ten million in one year.” An ancestor whispered: “I should have accepted the deal.”

No one wanted to oppose Sea Emperor Sword King. The issue was the irresistible reward and how effortless it would be. The risk was worth it for these ancestors. 

They felt terrible that Jian Sanqiang had gotten the reward by being courageous. The youths felt the same way. This was a monstrous sum for them.

“How nice would it be to have ten million?” One cultivator salivated while fantasizing.

“What an expensive way to get back at someone. He’s going to be a prodigal son.” Another murmured.

“The legacy has billions of Dao Lord refined Jades, this is nothing in comparison. It’s like you or me buying cabbages from a street vendor.” Someone else disagreed.

The group thought that he made perfect sense. This amount was considered massive to virtually anyone. However, Li Qiye wouldn’t think twice about spending this sum.

“Sword Continent has a new magnate now. I’m sure there is profit to be made.” Someone from the last generation said.

Given Li Qiye’s current wealth and penchant for spending, this could be a great opportunity for everyone on the continent.

Therefore, a few thought that the legacy was better left with him rather than a behemoth like Sea Emperor. It would be impossible to extract anything good from the latter.

“Young Noble, if you ever need anything, please come to us. We will do our best.” A bold cultivator shamelessly spoke to Li Qiye.

“Anything? Kneel and call me grandpa then.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

Silence took over right away due to the disdainful request. Once again, certain cultivators preferred death over dishonor.

“I have money now so let’s play something new today.” Li Qiye smirked: “The first to kneel and call me grandpa will get one million Grand Dao Refined Jades.”

“This is ridiculous, does he think he’s all that now?” Someone complained.

“Li, don’t think so highly of yourself just because you’re right now!” One genius glared at Li Qiye.

“I can get whatever I want now regardless of your feelings. If you’re not happy, just spend more money than me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You!” The genius turned red from anger, unable to compete with Li Qiye in this regard.

“Grandpa, I pay my respects.” Someone eventually yielded and prostrated.

Li Qiye shook his head in response: “I don’t have a shameless grandson like you but here, one million.”

Having said that, Li Qiye actually tossed him the amount.

“Thank you!” This cultivator prostrated again, completely convinced. Though doing this in public was humiliating, this was a monstrous sum for a nobody like him.

“I pay my respects too, Grandpa.” After seeing the first successful case, a few others started doing the same.

“The first to start anything is a brave talent, the second is exceptional, but everyone else afterward is just foolish.” Li Qiye said: “Fine, 200,000 for each of you. Scram, stop embarrassing yourselves any further.”

Having said that, he tossed the right amount to the kneeling parties without caring about money. They didn’t get one million like the first cultivator but this was still easy money so they left happily.

For the experts here, Li Qiye seemed to be purposely humiliating people. Alas, the temptation of money was too much.

This discomforted the remaining spectators. Though this put cultivators to shame, they couldn’t exactly do anything about it.

Li Qiye wanted to spend his money and others were happy to oblige. Nothing was fundamentally off about this. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was filled with an air of awkwardness.

“He’s an interesting person, maybe Sword Continent will be more lively from now on.” An insightful ancestor told his friend.

In Eight Desolaces, the biggest fist usually had the most power. Now, Li Qiye was doing the same thing with money.

This was unique in that Li Qiye didn’t come from a powerful lineage as far as they know. He suddenly became the richest man in the world and could greatly influence Eight Desolaces.

Some ancestors became excited and wondered about the incoming future.

Li Qiye shifted his focus towards Calm Bamboo Princess and said: “Refresh my memory, you’re my maid now, right?”

The topic changed from the power of money to the bet between these two. The princess had lost and became Li Qiye’s maid.

The princess didn’t run after his success either. She certainly had the chance when no one was paying attention but she chose not to do so.

Being under the spotlight left her embarrassed, unable to maintain her arrogance and haughtiness. She gritted her teeth and met his gaze: “I’ve lost the bet and will stay true to my word. However, give me time so that I can report this back.”

“Very well, I’ll be awaiting your service.” Li Qiye agreed and nodded.

This brief conversation surprised the listeners.

“Really?” Someone took a deep breath. The future queen actually agreed to become Li Qiye’s maid?

This was as humiliating as can be for her fiance and Sea Emperor Sword King.

“There’s no way the sword kingdom will agree to this.” Another expert stated. The kingdom would erupt in fury after knowing that their queen was about to be a maid.

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