Chapter 4022: One Stomp

The majority thought that Li Qiye would lose for sure and that the old man was worrying about nothing.

Dao lords have left empty-handed before. Two particular ones of note were Starshooter and Darkfrost Dao Lord.

They came to observe and never actually made an attempt. However, they did tell people about the difficulty of this feat. This was also proven across history.

“The only thing I’m worried about is your ability to be a maid, I’m sure you never had any practice.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You!” A noble lady like princess had never experienced such humiliating treatment before.

“Brat, your tongue will be the end of you!” The old man lost his patience and reached for Li Qiye.

The grand dao exploded the moment he closed his palm. Everyone felt as if there was an invisible hand gripping their neck.

“So strong!” They were impressed by his mighty power. No one paid attention because he followed the princess as if he was her shadow.

However, the next development astounded them - Li Qiye easily grabbing the old man’s wrist.

The latter couldn't react before being dragged closer by Li Qiye. He struggled to get free but he found himself completely immobilized.

All of his meridians have been sealed, rendering him unable to channel both his vitality and chaos energy.

“Have fun down there.” He heard Li Qiye’s voice coming from behind.

“Bam!” Li Qiye kicked his butt and sent him flying into the Preeminent Legacy.

“Rumble!” The old man smashed onto one square and was repelled into another like a shooting ball. This process repeated for a while. The squares lit up every time once struck.

“Ah!” The momentum eventually took him down the abyss at the bottom. His scream came from below.

“Buzz.” The astonished crowd then saw all of the squares lighting up.

“What’s going on?!” Someone shouted.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s current square suddenly exuded blinding strands of light. They harmonized with the entire legacy and a beam of light shot up to the sky.

“The legacy… it’s opened… it’s opened!” An unknown crowd member bellowed while jaws dropped to the ground.

Creaks came next as the squares suddenly shrank to the sides. The only thing left of the legacy was a crater pulsing with wondrous lights. There seemed to be countless treasures below.

“Creak!” The changing process didn’t stop either. Unknown materials came together at the bottom and the legacy turned into a pot large enough to boil heaven and earth.

The new form released a bright blast with the intensity of a million stars exploding. Everyone thought that they had turned blind.

A figure appeared in this radiance with a galaxy circling around him. The cycle of life flowed continuously. Its eyes brimming with wisdom and intelligence could see through time itself.

Vast enough to contain an eternity - everyone would think of this phrase after seeing the figure.

It exuded the aura of a dao lord and forced the crowd to get down on their knees.

“Omniscient Dao Lord!” Some willingly prostrated to show their respect.

The embodiment of wisdom, Omniscient Dao Lord, bowed towards Li Qiye before dispersing into little particles.

The crowd still couldn’t digest these developments. They then got blown off the plate and saw the legacy flying upward.

It then became as small as a dining plate and landed on Li Qiye’s palm. It was completely covered in runes that were too small to read.

The area became flat again - the valley and the abyss were nowhere to be found. They thought that they were just seeing things earlier - the large legacy and the squares.

“He… really opened it…” Someone sat with his butt on the ground and murmured.

Lu Qi and Xu Yiyun felt the same astonishment as the rest of the crowd. Even the hidden big shots couldn’t believe it.

The unbeatable legacy has been solved today by Li Qiye whom everyone doubted.

Lu Qi had the most faith in Li Qiye. She thought that his chance of opening it was quite high. The problem for her was the method.

She assumed that he would use a monumental amount of refined jades to open it. Thus, she had prepared the necessary sum. 

As for Xu Yiyun, she thought he might use mortal coins again so she prepared that as well.

Both turned out to be wrong. Li Qiye treated Elder Wang of Sea Emperor like a ball and used it to knock on the plates.

“I, I formally announce that Young Noble Li has opened the Preeminent Legacy and earned all of Omniscient Dao Lord’s wealth.” The manager took a while to calm down before announcing.

He wasn’t as smooth this time with the announcement. Though he had mentally prepared for this possibility, it still came too quickly.

The scene fell into a hush as spectators exchanged glances of confusion and awe.

“I oppose!” A crowd member suddenly broke the silence.

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