Chapter 4021: Maid

“Start!” The manager ordered.

Numerous cultivators have been waiting for this and threw their refined jades into the legacy.

Light started flashing along with pulsing chaos energy. They knocked on new squares with their money, hoping for activation.

Their method was different because each had a different understanding and interpretation of the embedded runes.

Big shots have researched these runes before. They knew that one could combine all of them together into a single chapter - the key to unlocking the legacy. Unfortunately, no one has ever managed this task.

Those who spent their life to fulfill this goal only gained an elementary understanding due to the runes’ complexity.

Loud clunks could be heard as people tossed down both low and high-level chaos stones, refined jades, and various treasures. It became a torrent of money pouring down the funnel. Anyone watching this would understand why the legacy was so highly coveted.

Something else stood out today - some started throwing mortal metals and coins as well. This was due to Li Qiye’s influence.

Many thought that mortal coins had a chance of activating the squares as well. They were worthless and easily gathered by cultivators.

If a mortal were here to see this, they would go crazy after seeing the mountains of gold and silver. Even mortal kingdoms didn’t have anything close to this level.

Some cultivators only observed. They were from the larger sects or even the behemoths.

In fact, the big shots such as ancestors, sect masters, and kings from these great powers have arrived. Alas, they chose to stay in the shadows and let their disciples stand on the stage instead.

These disciples weren’t in a hurry to throw down their capital. Their focus was solely on Li Qiye, not wanting to miss a single detail.

They wished to learn from Li Qiye’s actions, thinking that he was the most likely to open the legacy. This was the case for the hidden big shots as well.

Calm Bamboo Princess was the same; her pretty eyes have been fixated on him.

He lazily stretched while scouting the scene before turning towards her.

 “Trying to learn how to open the legacy?” He asked with a smile.

“As if you know how.” She answered, clearly tempted.

“It’s already within my grasp.” Li Qiye smiled.

“No one has been able to do so in history, not even Starshooter and Darkfrost Dao Lord. What makes you think you’re special?” She retorted.

“Opening this little game might be hard for others but not me. I’ll become the richest in the world today.” He chuckled.

Everyone stopped right away and stared at him after hearing his haughty declaration.

“Just do it then, enlighten us!” A young cultivator shouted at Li Qiye.

“All the talents in the world have failed, you’re no better than anyone else.” The princess scowled.

“And if I were to succeed?” Li Qiye calmly asked.

She raised her chin and haughtily said: “Let’s do a bet then.”

“A bet? Why not, what’s the bet?” Li Qiye smiled.

The crowd quieted down after hearing this. Due to her future status, this was akin to a match between Li Qiye and Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

“If you can open the legacy, you win and you can have it your way.” The princess uttered coldly: “If you can’t, then your dog life is mine.”

“Anything I want?” He stared at her invasively.

She felt as if she was naked under his blatant stare. This drove her angry and embarrassed. She stomped her foot and said: “We can talk after you open it.”

The crowd could see that Li Qiye had devious intentions judging by his expression while looking at the princess.

This was understandable since she was a supreme beauty. Plus, taking someone else’s fiancee could be his fetish as well… The crowd thought that they had fully understood his intention.

“Here’s the deal, I need a maid to make tea and wash my feet, you’ll do.” Li Qiye stroked his chin and said.

This caught the crowd off guard. His perverted stare gave them the impression that he harbored sexual desire towards the princess. However, he only wanted her as a maid for daily essentials?

“You?!” The princess seethed with rage after hearing this. Putting her prestigious background and identity aside, she was still an irresistible beauty. Thus, she assumed that he was purposely insulting her.

“We’ll see about that. I’ll cut off your head when you can’t open it.” She scowled and said.

“No problem, get ready to be my maid then.” Li Qiye smiled.

“It’s a deal then.” She confirmed.

“Your Highness, you mustn’t.” The old man behind her told her to stop.

The princess turned cold and said: “Do you think he can actually open the legacy?”

He had no response to this.

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