Chapter 4020: Incredible Wealth

Nonetheless, a few individuals and sects actually remained optimistic about Li Qiye’s odds. That’s why someone came up to him and whispered: “Young Noble Li, do you have a plan? We have purchased a position from Archaic Style and prepared 600,000,000 refined jades if you need.”

Another expert shrouded in a black robe sent a message from his sect: “Our elders will add more favorable conditions if you join us. For example, we’ll prepare the perfect daoist companion and will help you with your cultivation…”

“Young Noble, as long as you team up with us, the sect master will take you in as his First Disciple regardless of the outcome. He will bestow upon you our ultimate sword law.” A different high elder said.

“Young Noble, we’ll satisfy all the previous conditions on top of making you our First Elder. Our Majesty’s royal daughter will be engaged to you as well, the princess is the most beautiful of Foundation Country…” Another elder was more clandestine with this sensitive message.

They wanted to invest in Li Qiye due to the immense benefits and unlimited gains. After all, sects required more than just powerful merit laws, treasures, and disciples. Wealth and resources were a necessity in order to groom their members.

Li Qiye had shown an erudite understanding of these plates. Even if he were to fail this attempt, there was still potential in the future as long as they could get him to join their sect.

Of course, some big shots didn’t show up and only sent their disciples to recruit him.

Alas, Li Qiye only smiled and refused all of them.

“Nothing but success awaits you today, Young Noble.” Chen Cangsheng was here early and enthusiastically greeted Li Qiye. He also found a good spot for Li Qiye as well.

“The plate is opening soon, please get ready.” The manager of Archaic Style sent this message after Li Qiye got to his spot.

The others hurriedly traveled to their position as well. The majority of the 9,999 upper plates had people occupying it.

Not far from Li Qiye was a familiar face - Calm Bamboo Princess.

She has been glaring at him ever since he got here. Her phantom protector was close by as well - the guardian elder of Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

“Good, I hope everyone is ready. I will once again introduce the Preeminent Legacy.” The manager of Archaic Style announced: “It is a legacy of Omniscient Dao Lord and left in our care with a period fee of five percent interest. These are the current numbers: 8,900,000,000,000 Dao Lord Refined Jades; 176,500,000,000,000 Immortal Sovereign Refined Jades; 35,000,000,000,000 Supreme Sovereign Refined Jades... Thirteen dao lord weapons, twenty-four Immortal Sovereign weapons, thirty-one secret artifacts… 210,000 territories, sixty-seven large-scaled ore veins…”

The listeners quietly listened and gradually became shocked by the outrageous numbers. For many people, just having one Dao Lord Refined Jade could make them rich.

Now, the legacy possessed an insane amount. One couldn’t visualize this treasury in the slightest.

“This has to be more than Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom’s treasury, right?” Someone calmed down and quietly asked.

“It’s the Preeminent Legacy, whoever gets it will obviously be the richest in the world. Your question is unnecessary. No lineage in Eight Desolaces can match the sheer number of refined jades. Maybe they have more precious treasures but to produce this sum? Impossible.” An expert gave him the side-eye.

This was a reasonable assessment. Some lineages might have priceless items but they couldn’t come up with this many refined jades. The legacy had simply accumulated too much- a snowball rolling for millions of years.

“How come no one tried to seize it before?” A newcomer couldn’t help but ask.

“Do you think Archaic Style will just sit there and watch? The business is extremely strong. Here’s why I know this, they can still access their resources all over Eight Desolaces despite the current seal. They might have secrets unavailable to us.” His senior elaborated.

This was no exaggeration. Doing business on such a large scale required a powerful backing which Archaic Style certainly had.

“What about a dao lord?” The newcomer boldly speculated: “Can a dao lord seize this legacy?”

The group exchanged glances and pondered about this situation. Maybe an invincible dao lord had a chance but they haven’t heard of any such thing in history.

“Dao lords won’t try.” An ancestor shook his head: “Omniscient Dao Lord put everything he had into the legacy so it’s not that easy to break. He’s not that far off from a supreme dao lord like Sword Sea, so any dao lord would need to give it everything they got. Plus, and this is the most important point, money and resources are external items, dao lords won’t think that this is worth it.”

“This is only one reason.” A high elder said: “Not all of the legacy is located here. The rest is guarded by Archaic Style. One might be able to break this grand plate but they’ll only lose their reputation instead of getting the whole thing.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “It’s important to note that Archaic Style’s reputation is perfect, their words are worth as much as gold. Dao lords want to keep a good reputation and relationship with Archaic Style too just in case they need anything in the future. Plus, they have to think of their descendants once they’re gone.”

This conversation helped the crowd understand why certain dao lords came and couldn’t obtain the legacy.

“Alright, we’re starting soon. I won’t repeat the rules except for two things - no brute force lest you wish to be black listed forever and no limit on the capital invested.” The manager announced.

After buying a starting spot, one could drop anything into the plate, whether it be the cheapest refined jade or chaos stone. Low-level treasures and even mortal coins worked as well.

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