Chapter 4017: Easy

Both the imitation plates and the Preeminent Legacy required refined jades. The actual amount didn’t matter.

It wasn’t impossible to use mortal coins for these plates. However, this seemed like a waste of time for most people.

The coins were just regular metals while refined jades contained chaos energy and worldly essences - all parts of the dao.

Using regular coins for these experiments was illogical and absurd. Even Jian Sanqiang, who was interested in Li Qiye, felt the same way.

On the other hand, the princess enjoyed this development. She suggested: “Go on, show us whether you are qualified to have me as a maid.”

“Watch carefully now.” Li Qiye smiled at the princess to the chagrin of his opponents: “You’ll learn soon enough the honor of being my maid.”

The old servant and Starshooter Prince glared angrily at Li Qiye after hearing this.

He ignored them and casually threw the coins forward without a care in the world. This was simply careless in the eyes of the spectators.

Any of them would pay attention to the smallest detail - from the flick of the wrist and the necessary power to toss the refined jades.

On the contrary, Li Qiye didn’t bother picking the plates. His eyes might as well have been closed.

“I’m keeping my word. If this actually works, I’ll eat the coins.” Someone snorted.

Strangely enough, the coins started dispersing while others were still mocking him. They spread in a perfect fashion - one coin for each plate.

A series of quiet clanks could be heard upon first contact. The coins then started jumping with insane speed. Everything happened too quickly, resulting in a rhythmic melody.

No one could react before all the plates lit up. “Creak.” The squares on the plate started shrinking and the bottom could be seen.

“They all opened!” A crowd member shouted in astonishment.

Everyone else remained frozen; their eyes nearly dropped to the floor after seeing this shocking development.

Lu Qi was prepared for this yet she still became emotional. She understood Li Qiye the best out of anyone here. She knew that he was fully capable of opening the plates.

Alas, this method was beyond her wildest dream. He didn’t open just one but all of them by simply tossing mortal coins up in the air. One must be here in person in order to believe this story. This solidified his supreme position in her mind once more.

As for the others, they still couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Xu Yiyun thought that Li Qiye could open one or two without a problem. This caught her off guard.

The members of Archaic Style have seen various scenarios before. Attempters in the past used incredible methods and found relative success. Unfortunately, these past exploits seemed like child’s play now compared to Li Qiye.

After a long while, more cultivators calmed down. One of them asked their friend: “Hey, wake me up from this dream.”

“Bam!” His friend slapped him and left behind a red print. The cultivator touched his burning cheek and murmured: “It’s not a dream…”

“Goddamn!” Jian Sanqiang shouted as well: “What the hell is this… how can this be… I spent so much effort…”

He jumped around while holding his head, completely overwhelmed by this development despite his rich experiences in life.

“What sorcery is this…” The majority of the crowd quietly whispered different comments in disbelief.

Li Qiye had no intention of lingering around. He glanced at the frozen princess and chuckled: “Think about when you’re ready to be my maid then come.”

Having said that, he left with Lu Qi and Xu Yiyun right behind him.

“There must be something off about this! He cheated!” The scene erupted after his departure.

“Cheating? Do you actually think that’s possible?” Another expert strongly disagreed.

“Assistant! Your plates are broken?!” One cultivation questioned.

No one thought that this was the case because one or two plates could break down but all of them at the same time? They were clearly working before.

Nonetheless, the workers started checking the plates. They confirmed that everything was working fine.

“How the hell did the brat do it? All of them?” A big shot wondered.

Each imitation plate had been carefully set up by Archaic Style. They contained their own profundity and transformation.

Because of this, defeating one plate was exceedingly difficult. It required understanding the plate. Li Qiye didn’t seem to be operating under these limitations.

One expert calmed down and asked his friend: “Did you see the movement of the coins earlier? How did they hit the plate?”

Others heard him and began thinking as well. However, no one remembered because they never paid actual attention in the first place, having been too busy laughing and making fun of him.

A selected few watched attentively for entertainment reasons. However, the coins moved too quickly across the plates so they didn’t see the patterns.

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