Chapter 4016: Boasting Shamelessly

Jian Sanqiang was a powerful vagabond with an unknown background. He always traveled alone and had an eccentric personality, completely different from other big shots.

Thus, it wasn’t too strange for others to see him siding with Li Qiye right now. He had done weirder stuff in the past.

The thing piquing their interest was the fight between him and Peace Ocean Sword King. What was the result?

“We’ll see if you’re capable enough to make this happen.” Calm Bamboo Princess glared at Li Qiye.

“No, it is your honor to be my maid.” Li Qiye smiled, further astonishing the listeners.

Her status as a sword prodigy and being the princess of Wooden Sword were prestigious enough. Her future position as the queen could only be described as peerless.

Now, Li Qiye dared to make her his maid? His arrogance had no bounds.

“It would be strange if Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom doesn’t cut him down after this.” One expert murmured.

No sect would ever take this sitting down, let alone Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom. Humiliation would turn into relentless wrath only satiated with Li Qiye’s death.

“I’ve had enough of your disrespect towards our sect, brat!” The agitated Starshooter Prince stepped forward only to be ignored by Li Qiye again.

“Come out here, I will decapitate you and wash your dirty mouth with your own blood!” The prince bellowed.

“Stop shouting, little one, I’m waiting to see a fun show.” Jian Bajiang waved his hand.

He was very interested in Li Qiye as he said: “Young fella, come, come. Try to open any plates you want, I’m your backer now. I’ll smack whoever tries to do anything to you.”

Starshooter Prince’s face turned red but there was nothing he could do. Jian Sanqiang was someone who actually fought against their king.

If he forced the issue, the result would not be pretty for him.

“Go on, we’re all waiting.” Calm Bamboo Princess urged him on.

“That’s right, show us instead of just running your mouth!” Others started being rowdy.

Some wanted to side with the princess in order to please Sea Emperor. Of course, a few didn’t like Li Qiye either due to his attitude and wanted to see him embarrassed.

“A few sword prodigies have tried only to fail. A nobody like him has no idea what’s in store for him.” The other youths nodded in agreement.

“He can’t get out of this since he spoke so absolutely, leaving no room for take-back.” An older expert shook her head.

The majority had no confidence in him. Numerous geniuses and ancestors across the generations have tried numerous times to no avail. No one should bet on his success.

“Little girl, I shall be lenient on you out of respect for your ancestors. Fine, I will show you what I can do.” Li Qiye glanced at the princess and said.

“I can’t wait to see.” She said proudly.

“Young Noble Li, how many refined jades do you want?” Chen Cangsheng felt generous and said: “I have a bit here, feel free to use them.”

“No need for refined jades to do these plates. Just regular coins are enough.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Coins?” Cultivators nearby exchanged glances. 

“What the hell is he saying? Using these lowly things to open a plate? Ridiculous.” Someone added.

Coins made of silver and gold were currencies for mortals. However, they were nothing for cultivators.

The plates here contained wondrous transformations and mysteries. How could one use regular coins to open a plate? Everyone thought that this was impossible.

“He must be half-asleep.” Another added: “Mortal coins can’t activate any of the plates.”

Cangsheng himself didn’t expect this answer. He smiled wryly while checking his pockets: “I, I don’t have any regular coins.”

After all, why would cultivators carry this worthless currency?

“I actually have some.” Xu Yiyun took out some silver coins and handed them to Li Qiye.

While working in Purification Street, she dealt with both cultivators and mortals. Thus, she had some coins on her right now.

“This will do, enough to open all the plates.” Li Qiye looked at them and smiled.

“Open all of them?” The assistant accompanying him found this astonishing as well: “Young Noble, we have more than a hundred plates here.”

He wasn’t looking down on Li Qiye. It’s just that this claim was virtually impossible.

For example, Jian Sanqiang came numerous times. After many attempts across a long period, he finally opened a high-level plate.

Thus, Li Qiye’s claim should be impossible. There was no historical precedent either.

The crowd clamored right away after hearing this.

“Using coins to open all the plates? If he can do this, I’ll eat all those coins.” One of them shouted.

“What a joke. Even mighty and talented cultivators require ample time in order to open one plate after numerous speculations and calculations. This guy wants to do all of them with a few coins?” Someone else said.

“You must be joking.” The princess herself didn’t buy this: “This isn’t a game.”

“Stop this vulgar claptrap to rouse the crowd. You won’t even get a single one.” Starshooter Prince coldly added.

“Young fella, don’t be so sure about this. The plates here can’t compare to the real legacy since they’re rather simple, but Archaic Style is actually quite capable. They have fused the grand dao of several dao lords into these plates and are attempting to understand the legacy with them.” Jian Sanqiang himself thought that Li Qiye was being too much.

After all, he had opened these plates before and knew what it took.

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