Chapter 4015: Jian Sanqiang

All eyes were on the princess. They wanted to know whether she would fight right now.

Yes, the thing propelling her to fame was her engagement with the king of Sea Emperor. However, let’s not forget that she was one of the ten sword prodigies.

She was not just a beautiful vase solely meant for decoration. Her spot among the ten was earned by her brilliant prowess with the sword.

“Such impudence!” Starshooter Prince coldly shouted: “The princess does not need to dirty her hands against someone like you. I will cut you down myself.”

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at him, showing further contempt.

“Brat, let’s come outside and fight.” The furious prince challenged. He had to exercise restraint because this area belonged to Archaic Style and Hallowed City. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so wordy.

“No need to rush, we’ll get our chance soon enough.” The princess spoke before Li Qiye could answer.

“Whenever is fine.” Li Qiye didn’t mind.

This made it difficult for the prince since he had no way of venting. He wanted nothing more than to teach Li Qiye a lesson but had to listen to the princess.

“Yes, yes! I got it! Hahaha! I finally opened it!” Suddenly, someone shouted from another corner in a crazed manner: “Fuck! I finally understood. The goddamn Archaic Style really knows their stuff!”

His voice echoed across the entire field and garnered everyone’s attention. They saw an old man standing in front of a plate. 

He was rather thin as if only skin and bones were left. Nonetheless, this frame gave off a tough and unbreakable feeling. 

His eyes were red from excitement, or perhaps that he had stayed up for too many nights so they were fully bloodshot. All in all, he appeared to be an addicted gambler who had just won big.

“Buzz.” The plate in front of him lit up, the same with the squares inside. 

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” The squares gradually disappeared, allowing the old man to take the refined jades out.

“Goddamn, this feels good. I can finally take them back the right way, no need for any under-the-table bullshit.” He heartily laughed.

“He solved this one too, incredible!” Someone else couldn’t believe it.

“Jian Sanqiang is something else, that plate is definitely among the top ten. It’s so complex yet he still opened it.” An older cultivator felt the same way.

“Senior Sanjiqng must know something, what a shame.” Others started regretting.

If they knew that he could successfully open the plate, they would have watched his process in order to apply it to the Preeminent Legacy.

Opening one here didn’t mean being able to open the legacy. However, it was the bare minimum - a qualification round of sorts. If they couldn’t open the plates here, they had no chance at the legacy.

Jian Sanqiang was a powerful and renowned vagabond cultivator. Many praised his talents and it seemed well-deserved after a successful opening.

“Senior, how did you do it?” Others surrounded him and asked, wanting to know every single little detail.

The princess took note of this; her eyes shifted ever so slightly. She then stared at Li Qiye and asked: “Do you dare try opening a plate? There are different challenges here with varying difficulties.”

“Challenge? They’re only basic sealing methods, not difficult in the slightest.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“You clearly don’t know the mysteries contained in these plates. Very few cultivators managed to open the plates here, let alone someone like you. Stop daydreaming.” Starshooter Prince barked back.

“Most can’t because they’re foolish. The same goes for you.” Li Qiye glanced at the prince with disdain.

The prince turned red after being publicly insulted. However, others were also offended because he included them in his insult as well.

Ever since this field was created by Archaic Style, only a small number found success. This applied to the lowest level plates as well, let alone the tougher ones. This was the reason why Sanqiang’s success with a top-level one took everyone like a storm.

Nearly everyone present found this exceedingly difficult to the point of being impossible.

“Brat, mind your words.” One expert expressed his dissatisfaction.

Another person who disliked Li Qiye from the start shouted: “If you keep this up, I will slap you before the prince.” 

Li Qiye simply ignored all of them.

“Seems like you got a card up your sleeve. Fine, show everyone your ability then, go open a plate.” The princess sneered.

“As easy as pie.” Li Qiye smiled: “But no point trying to egg me on, it doesn’t work.”

Chen Cangsheng became curious as well. He had spent a lot of time here but couldn’t open a single one.

“Young Noble, you should try.” He asked Li Qiye.

“Just give it a shot since you’re so confident. I will pay the fee so only worry about whether you can do it or not.” The princess fanned the fire.

“Do you know the consequence of provoking me?” Li Qiye stared at the princess with a smirk on his face.

“What are you going to do?” She arched her chest, completely unafraid.

“I’m suddenly in the mood for a bit of fun. Little girl, I am in need of a maid.” He stroked his chin and said.

“Ridiculous!” The old servant behind the princess let out a thunderous roar, letting everyone know his power.

“Stop shouting, Geezer Wang.” Jian Sanqiang suddenly joined the fun and told Li Qiye: “Brat, I like your style. Try the hardest plate then, show everyone what you can do. Being able to open it is a sign of your ability and this is a world where the strong prey on the weak. It’s fine for you to take that brat’s wife then.” 

“Sanqiang, watch your mouth.” The old servant uttered.

Sanqiang ignored this and went on: “Geezer, you’re not my match. The brat puts up a better fight.”

“Hmph, you’re not His Highness’ match either.” The old servant retorted.

“True, the brat isn’t bad at all while I’m getting too old.” Sanqiang laughed.

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing this. It appeared that Jian Sanqiang had fought against Peace Ocean Sword King before.

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