Chapter 4013: Starshooter Prince

Excitement soared in the building as everyone tried to make the right guess with the plates.

On the other hand, Li Qiye seemed lackadaisical with his observation. Ultimately, these imitation plates had a long way to go compared to the actual legacy.

After all, Omniscient Dao Lord was the most knowledgeable out of them all. The special plate contained countless facets and wasn’t limited to just cultivation.

Thus, his peers couldn’t figure out the plate either. Archaic Style had a long history and plenty of capabilities. It studied the legacy for years now but was far from being close to solving it.

Unfortunately for the cultivators here, even solving these imitation plates wasn’t enough preparation for the real thing. 

“Fellow Daoist Xu, it’s good to see you.” As Li Qiye was looking around, someone came up and greeted Xu Yiyun - a youth wearing a tightly-fitted robe. 

He was in a good mood yet there was still a sharp aura to him. It was as if his body was a treasury of swords. He was none other than Chen Cangsheng whom Li Qiye met before back in Holy City.

“Fellow Daoist Chen.” Yiyun greeted him back.

The two of them were part of the ten sword prodigies. He came from Daoist Sword Ground, one of the strongest sects in the continent. It had weakened in recent years but was still far stronger than the Xu.

“Are you here to take a look at the imitation plates too?” His smile was a testament to his easy-going nature.

“I’m only accompanying the young noble.” She shook her head.

Cangsheng was surprised because he hadn't heard of her having a master before. He took a look around and finally saw Li Qiye. This astounded him.

“Oh, it’s good to see you again.” He greeted Li Qiye.

It wasn’t that he purposely ignored Li Qiye. The latter was just too ordinary and forgettable in a large crowd.

Moreover, he was walking next to a sword prodigy. People would only pay attention to the beauty, not Li Qiye.

Yiyun managed to be so successful despite her fallen clan. This showed just how excellent she was. However, she still acted respectfully before Li Qiye. It wasn’t just for show either; it seemed to be coming from the heart. This truly surprised Cangsheng.

“May I have your name, Young Noble?” Cangsheng bowed, not daring to be careless after seeing Yiyun’s attitude.

“Young Noble Li will do.” Li Qiye casually responded.

“Yes, Sir.” Cangsheng said while being awfully curious. The third person, Lu Qi, only increased his confusion.

Her appearance and aura were hidden but Cangsheng felt that she was unfathomable. This mysterious woman was following Li Qiye as well? 

“Young Noble Li, are you wanting to test your luck at the Preeminent Legacy?” He asked, thinking that they were connected by fate after meeting at Holy and now, Hallowed.

“No, I’ll just be taking it.” Li Qiye smiled.

“...” Cangsheng didn’t have any response since Li Qiye pretty much killed the conversation.

Anyone would think that he was being too arrogant and unreasonable. History told a different tale since no one has done it before.

A brief silence ensued before a young cultivator came over and pointed at Li Qiye: “That’s him, Your Highness.”

A group of disciples led by a handsome youth came over. This leader had a blue jade embedded on his forehead. This didn’t affect his aesthetic in the slightest and actually boosted it.

“Starshooter Prince!” Those nearby paid attention to this newcomer right away.

Chen Cangsheng and Xu Yiyun had also attracted some attention a while ago. After all, they were members of the ten sword prodigies.

However, this youth took it to the next level. He wasn’t only handsome but also led a group of disciples from Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom. Of course, he was another sword prodigy as well; it’s just that his fame far exceeded the other two.

He hailed from Starshooter Country, a tributary of Sea Emperor. Most importantly, part of his bloodline was known as Blue Spirit - a noble lineage.

This country had a great character once - the fourth dao lord of Sea Emperor, Starshooter Dao Lord.

This prince also had this bloodline so others believed that he was the dao lord’s descendant. Therefore, his status was superior to Yiyun and Cangsheng’s.

“Sea Emperor has three out of the ten sword prodigies. This is expected though.” One older spectator said.

Though the ten weren’t the strongest among the young generation, it was still impressive for a single power to have three on the list. Other powers couldn’t compare to Sea Emperor in this regard.

Starshooter Prince greeted his peers first before glaring at Li Qiye: “You killed our members.”

“I believe so.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Then you’re also aware that the punishment for murder is death!” The prince’s eyes turned cold.

The spectators enjoyed this development. It seemed that the prince came for revenge.

“Who’s gonna kill me? You?” Li Qiye stared at the prince with a smirk.

The prince didn’t appreciate the disdainful retort; his face became hot with rage.

“Your Highness, he’s provoking you!” A crowd member shouted, wanting to cause more trouble. They didn’t give a damn about either side, only wanting to be entertained.

“Are you challenging me or the prestige of our kingdom?” The prince said coldly.

“Either or.” Li Qiye lazily said: “Got a problem with this?” 

This silenced the rowdy crowd right away. Challenging the prince was one thing because fights among the young generation were common enough.

However, challenging Sea Emperor’s authority was an entirely different matter.

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