Chapter 4010: Please Accept

The fact that a sword that had been bid up to 50,000,000 was suddenly offered for free to Li Qiye astounded the audience.

The piece of fatty meat was right before them yet they chose against biting?

“What is going on?” Everyone found this astonishing.

“Who the hell is he?” This became the question for the big shots. Li Qiye was obviously someone important in order for this to happen.

Though the shopkeeper acted humble in the beginning, this didn’t mean that Archaic Style was afraid of trouble. They had branches throughout Eight Desolaces - a testament of their power.

Numerous sects had turned to dust across the eras yet Archaic Style remained. They chose to be polite because amiability made everyone rich.

In this situation, picking Li Qiye’s side was throwing away their business rules. The crowd couldn’t come up with a reason why.

The princess was naturally displeased. She coldly said: “Shopkeeper, I have yet to bid yet you gave the sword away. Do you think I can’t afford it?”

“Please don’t be angry, Your Highness. The Celestial Grass Sword is fated to be with this young noble. We do note of your loss so please, pick another treasure in the shop and it shall be yours.” The shopkeeper said.

“Any treasure?” The princess was surprised.

“Please check if there’s anything that you fancy.” He bowed.

The crowd couldn’t believe this generous suggestion. 

“Anything?” Some started staring at the most valuable treasures in the shop.

The shopkeeper wouldn’t go back on his words. Thus, This offer made everyone’s heart beat faster.

“Archaic Style is trying to please Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.” Some regained their wits and thought that they knew what was going on.

They assumed that the shop purposely gave the sword to Li Qiye in order to let him off easily then take advantage of the situation to curry favor with the unhappy princess.

“Hmph, I don’t want to take advantage of your shop.” The princess snorted and proudly turned to leave.

The old servant behind her heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this.

“What a shame.” Many found this regrettable. The shop had plenty of precious treasures.

To be able to pick one for free would be a dream come true. They would absolutely pick the best one possible. However, the princess walked away in a prideful manner without taking one look.

An older expert could understand why and said: “She doesn’t lack treasure and someone of her status hates owing others favor.” 

Others nodded in agreement. The successor of Wooden Sword and the future queen of Sea Emperor didn’t need more treasures. Her choice was understandable.

As she was walking away, she turned around and glared at Li Qiye: “We’ll compete again next time.”

“Any time you want.” He smiled in response.

The princess scowled then finally left the shop.

A youth nearby heard this and quietly told his friend: “This brat won’t be smiling for long after offending the future queen.”

“Ignorance and arrogance will be his downfalls.” Another gloated.

Everyone thought that this was the end of Li Qiye’s path. This was the result of offending Sea Emperor while staying in Sword Continent.

Unfortunately, the show was over so they went back to their own task.

After the crowd dispersed, the shopkeeper bowed and asked Li Qiye: “We have an ancient ancestor here, would you like to summon him for a visit, Young Noble?”

Xu Yiyun found this unfathomable. The gift of the sword was shocking enough but the shopkeeper’s subservient attitude took it further.

She could tell that this had nothing to do with mediation or business. The shopkeeper’s choice stemmed from respect.

This prompted her to take a closer look at Li Qiye. This wasn’t her first time visiting Archaic Style so she had a good idea of its power.

The shopkeeper was both a businessman and a mighty cultivator. This should be rather apparent since the branches stored numerous treasures.

In her opinion, even the six kings of Sword Continent wouldn’t garner anything close to this level of respect shown by the shopkeeper.

“No need to disturb anyone, I’m just taking a look at interesting places.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing on Purification Street that can interest you. On the other hand, we do have several public venues, it would be a supreme honor if you visit.” The shopkeeper said.

“Maybe.” He nodded.

“If our young noble visits, will everything be free?” Yiyun asked for fun.

The shopkeeper earnestly responded: “The young noble doesn’t even need to go there himself. Just say the word and we will send anything your way.”

“What about the Preeminent Legacy?” She couldn’t help but ask.

“Well…” The shopkeeper smiled wryly: “We have a pact with Omniscient Dao Lord so we can’t be in charge of this matter.”

“Don’t make it difficult for him. He can’t open it anyway even without the pact.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Right you are, Young Noble.” The shopkeeper heaved a sigh of relief.

He then walked Li Qiye’s group to the door, not coming back inside until the group was long gone.


Yiyun was awfully curious about the shopkeeper’s attitude towards Li Qiye but didn’t dare to ask.

“That old man next to the princess is a guardian elder of Sea Emperor.” Lu Qi brought up something else.

“A guardian elder?!” Yiyun became startled. She knew that the old man was strong but didn’t expect him to have this position.

“Looks like Peace Ocean Sword King really loves her.” She calmed down and commented. Even a guardian elder was assigned to protect her.

“Minor correction, she’s very important to him.” He smiled.

“Isn’t that the same thing?” Yiyun was confused.

Li Qiye didn’t answer and handed her the box containing the grass sword: “For you, payment for being an errand girl.”

“Fo-for me?” She stood in a daze while holding the box, never expecting to actually get it.

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