Chapter 4009: Bid Whatever You Want

It became obvious that opposing the princess was the same as opposing Sea Emperor. Nothing good would come from this.

In fact, if an individual were to antagonize Sea Emperor, their own sect would be the first to kill them then apologize to Sea Emperor.

“50,000,000.” Li Qiye casually bid.

“50,000,000!” The crowd felt the room spinning after hearing this.

“Brat, do you actually have 50,000,000 refined jades?” An old cultivator regained his wits and shouted.

“But what if he can actually pay this amount? Where is he from then? In that case, we should all know who he is.” Another ancestor found this puzzling.

The more perceptive members of the audience thought that someone with this much money should be exceptional in some ways.

This was a huge sum for a sect, let alone an individual. Only the behemoths could casually spend so much. Thus, Li Qiye should be from a mighty sect as well, not an ordinary one.

Furthermore, he should be a top genius there or perhaps even the successor. His name or title should be known across Sword Continent. Some ancestors pondered to no avail like a monk trying to find hair on top of his head.

The majority of the crowd was frightened by this extreme bid. Using the word “insane” to describe him wasn’t an exaggeration.

The princess only frowned slightly in response after hearing the price.

“Bid 100,000,000 and make it fun.” Li Qiye smiled at her.

All eyes were on the princess now after the direct provocation. If she were to refuse, then she would lose the match. This was unacceptable since she had dragged Sea Emperor into this mess.

“Your Highness, no need to stoop lower yourself to a commoner’s level.” The old servant said since it looked like she was going to make a bid.

“Nonsense, our Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom has never lost to anyone before. 100,000,000 is enough to make us run away?” She glared at him.

A few crowd members thought that she was being too stubborn and arrogant. Nonetheless, the kingdom could indeed accept this amount. She was qualified to be arrogant.

“Your Highness, it is unbecoming for someone of your prestigious status to deal with a commoner. Please show your benevolence and forgive him.” The old servant persuaded.

“No, I’m good, keep going. We can do 100,000,000 increments each time.” Li Qiye laughed and interjected.

“Do you think I’m scared?” The princess looked eager to continue.

Yiyun smiled wryly since this no longer had anything to do with the sword. It became a matter of pride for the princess.

“Sir and madam.” The shopkeeper came over and bowed towards the duo after seeing the heated atmosphere: “I apologize for the inadequate reception shown thus far. We’re just a small shop so please, take it easy on us. We’ll really appreciate it.”

Normally, selling an item for a sky-high price should be something worth celebrating. However, the shopkeeper didn’t want this to go on since there was no end in sight to the bidding. Letting this reach a ridiculous level wasn’t necessarily a good thing for their store.

“Rest assured, Shopkeeper, I am a reasonable person. I’m here to buy, not to cause trouble.” The princess responded.

“Thank you, Your Highness, I appreciate it.” The shopkeeper bowed again.

“Since when is Archaic Style so cowardly?” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Young Noble.” The shopkeeper wasn’t angry and bowed to him as well: “Fairness and equal treatment are important principles to our tiny shop. If we have done something to offend you, please let us know.”

“Tiny?” Li Qiye said: “If Archaic Style is tiny, then no other shops can be considered big. I remember when your ancestors determined the rules, their magnificent aspirations reached the heaven itself.”

“Oh?” The shopkeeper was surprised: “Looks like you know quite a bit about our history, Young Noble…”

He was surprised because their shops were actually older than any lineage in Sword Continent. Fewer than few had any idea about their true background.

Li Qiye chuckled and reached forward to knock the little bell hanging on the shopkeeper’s waist.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” A melody could be heard echoing across the entire shop.

However, it didn’t come from the shopkeeper’s little bell but rather, the larger one worshipped in the shrine.

Others only found this a little strange and thought that it was a coincidence. 

Li Qiye pulled his hand back and stared at the shopkeeper with a smile. The latter, on the other hand, appeared to be frozen.

That golden bell had a special significance; not just anyone can make it ring. However, Li Qiye started a harmonization process.

The meaning behind this could shock the world, hence the shopkeeper’s astonishment.

He took a deep breath and tidied his outfit first before bowing as deep as possible towards Li Qiye.

“It is a supreme honor to have you here at our shop, Young Noble.” He said with reverence.

“No need for convoluted formalities, I am just here to buy this sword.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

“I see, then please accept it as a token of our respect.” The shopkeeper hurriedly wrapped up the sword and gave it to Li Qiye.


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