Chapter 4007: Bidding War

Since her opponent didn’t relent, the princess glared at him and said: “350,000.”

The large increase left the crowd breathless. The actual currency right now was Golden Sovereign Refined Jades, a relatively high-level type, not 50,000 random stones.

“We can never be this rich.” One cultivator lamented.

“She’s a princess after all.” Someone from the last generation said: “Wooden Sword is rich so she can afford this.”

The princess already had a strong background and if she were to marry the king of Sea Emperor, she would become queen in the future with access to its unimaginable wealth. 350,000 refined jades wouldn’t be a big deal then.

“400,000.” Li Qiye bid without batting an eye.

Xu Yiyun had a wry smile - it seemed that Li Qiye had no intention of giving up.

“400,000!” More and more people became skeptical.

“Does this brat have the capital to back it up? Is he just messing around?” Another whispered.

“He doesn’t look like someone with 400,000 refined jades.” An expert from the last generation commented.

“Just wait and see. It’ll be a show when he doesn’t have enough.” Someone else sneered.

Archaic Style never went easy on those who messed with its business.

The worker became worried about this issue as well. Nonetheless, he kept on going: “400,000, any higher?”

“Hmph!” The princess snorted and retaliated: “450,000!”

“They’re just pissing money away in this contest.” One spectator quietly said.

“This grass sword isn’t worth that much, no need to do this.” An expert shook her head.

Yiyun was at a loss for words since the price for the sword doubled in no time at all.

“It’s no longer about the sword.” A hot-headed youth uttered coldly: “It’s a matter of pride. That brat has no clue who he is dealing with. Her Highness is far above his station. His wealth is akin to a pinch of salt versus the ocean.”

“Right, he has no chance.” Others agreed. The princess’ status and power were simply exceptional among the young generation.

“500,000.” Li Qiye nonchalantly bid as if this wasn’t a huge number.’

“?!!! He’s actually doing this?” One old cultivator was shocked just like the rest.

“There’s no way he can outbid the princess, just wait and see, he’ll be embarrassed soon enough.” Most had a bad impression of Li Qiye since he didn’t relent to the princess.

Most chose to side with the gorgeous princess rather than an unknown cultivator like Li Qiye.

“You!” The princess was furious since the guy wouldn’t give up.

“Your Highness, let’s stop this. The grass sword isn’t worth the price.” An old servant behind her whispered.

He dressed simply and has been sticking to the princess. There was something about him that didn’t attract attention. He acted like the princess’ shadow.

However, those strong enough would be able to see his power even though he was purposely hiding it. The glint in his eyes was one indication.

“Ridiculous.” She glared at him and said: “We don’t have this little sum?”

The old servant opened his mouth but refrained from speaking. He shifted his focus towards Li Qiye.

“550,000.” The princess had no intention of giving up.

“1, no, 2,000,000.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What?!!” The room became silent afterward.

The original cost of 210,000 has become 2,000,000 refined jades. This was a ridiculous increase in price.

Some actually thought that they had misheard him.

“2,000,000, right?” One expert asked.

“Yes, the brat really bid 2,000,000.” Another confirmed.

“Brat, are you sure that you can pay 2,000,000? This is not some crappy Yin-yang Refined Jades we’re talking about here. It’s Golden Sovereign Refined Jades.” One expert shouted at Li Qiye.

He didn’t bother answering.

“Is he crazy? This is still insane even if he can afford it.” Someone from the previous generation said: “Why wouldn’t he spend this much on a better treasure than a grass sword?”

In reality, most thought that just 400,000 was already exceeding the sword’s value. Did the guy have a hobby of wasting money?

Xu Yiyun was shocked as well. “Young Noble, let’s stop, the sword isn’t worth 2,000,000.” 

Even if she had the money, she would not spend so much for this grass sword despite wanting it. There were stronger treasures available.

However, Li Qiye smiled and didn’t mind at all. As for Lu Qi, she only quietly watched because this amount was nothing to her.

With one command from Li Qiye, their lord would immediately pay 20,000,000 Supreme Sovereign Refined Jades.

“2,000,000, any higher bid?” The worker calmed down and felt his blood boiling.

If this transaction were to go through, his bonus would be insane. He stared at Li Qiye as if he was looking at the god of wealth.

“Only a madman does something like this.” The crowd started gossiping.

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