Chapter 4001: Pendant Sword Lady

Prosperity often came with dirty and despicable deeds. This phrase applied to Purification Street filled with complex characters.

Li Qiye and Lu Qi arrived and saw stores and merchants everywhere. There were mortals trying to make a living as well.

Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this. It was tough to escape the temptations of life. This place was a perfect example.

“Is there anything you would like to buy, Young Noble? Purification Street has merchandise from all over the world.” Lu Qi asked.

Unfortunately, she then realized how unnecessary this comment was. Nothing here should be able to enter his sight.

He couldn’t answer before a sweet fragrance wafted in front of them.

“Fellow Daoists, are you here to shop?” A girl stood in front of them with a voice as pretty as the chirp of an oriole.

Eyes would lit up in her presence. Her slender figure was covered by a purple dress and had curves in all the right places. Her eyes were round, bright, and expressive. Two dimples could be seen as she smiled; they accentuated her cuteness.

She had a ponytail, causing her to look innocent yet still gorgeous. She had a jade pendant hanging on her waist that issued pleasant clunks upon movement. 

Li Qiye’s direct stare made her uncomfortable. She turned red from being inexperienced. His eyes seemed capable of piercing the soul, just needing one glance to see through everything.

“Fellow Daoist, may I be of assistance?” She maintained her composure and bowed slightly.

“What can you do?” He chuckled.

“I can do many things, errands, hard labor, being an intermediary. As long as you’re willing to pay for a service, I can do it.” She hurriedly said.

“A freelancer?” He smiled.

“That’s one way to put it. Just let me know if you need anything.” Her smile was captivating and natural.

“Interesting. Very well, you may follow me.” He nodded.

“May I ask for the payment information?” Her smile became sweeter after finding a new boss.

“It is a privilege and an honor to work for me. I won’t mistreat you.” He said.

“Very well, if that’s the case, I’ll give it a shot to see if we’re a good match.” She thought about it before accepting.

“Address me as Young Noble henceforth.” He added.

“My name is Xu Yiyun. It is my pleasure, Young Noble.” She bowed.

“Oh?” Lu Qi found this surprising: “One of the ten sword prodigies, Pendant Sword Lady, Miss Xu.”

“It’s an undeserved reputation, I am just trying to get by.” She smiled and said.

Normally, these geniuses were arrogant and thought that they were better than everyone else. Moreover, they always aimed for some lofty goal.

Now, Xu Yiyun was actually willing to run errands? This was rather strange.

“Do you feel sorry for yourself? A genius needing to do menial tasks.” Li Qiye smiled.

His directness caught her off guard. She sighed and nodded: “Of course, but this is my chosen path. The clan is having a hard time as well so I should share the burden.”

“The Xu has declined.” Lu Qi said.

Xu Yiyun had a bitter smile but calmly said while cupping her fist: “I can do anything to the best of my ability, Young Noble. Please guide me.” 

The Xu used to be a famous clan in Sword Continent. This was no longer the case. Nonetheless, it still had enough resources to take care of its genius. She didn’t need to resort to working to take care of herself.

However, she chose to do so and considered it a type of training.

“Why do you think I can guide you? Maybe you’ve picked the wrong person.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I trust you, Young Noble.” She said. Though she chose to work to take care of her cultivation needs, she was relatively selective in the tasks. She had noticed him the moment he entered Purification Street.

“No, you trust the girl next to me.” Li Qiye shook his head: “I am just another average guy who you didn’t notice.” 

“You’re right, Young Noble. I feel even better after seeing how insightful you are.” Xu Yiyun smiled and said.

Li Qiye was correct. In the beginning, she noticed Lu Qi right away despite the latter hiding her aura and appearance.

Nonetheless, Yiyun has been here long enough to recognize the hidden big shots. Though she didn’t have a clear idea of Lu Qi’s power, she knew that she was absolutely inferior.

Furthermore, such a powerful cultivator was serving as Li Qiye’s maid? Yiyun assumed that he would be a good boss. Thus, she came and offered her service.

“Not necessarily. I might just be a young master with an amazing senior who gave me this capable maid, and that I am stupid and incapable, only living lavishly and surrendering to pleasures.” Li Qiye said.

“I don’t think any young master is as low-key as you are.” Yiyun disagreed.

“So how should a young master act?” Li Qiye replied.

“At the very least, he should be well dressed with a divine sword hanging on the back, and a few precious trinkets as well.” She elaborated: “Your style is too simple, no young master is like that.”

Li Qiye rubbed his chin and became interested: “Hmm, how should I disguise myself then? A young master is too boring, how about as a new-rich?”

“New-rich?” She asked.

“Someone who got rich overnight, maybe the richest in Sword Continent. Isn’t that more interesting?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Oh. Oh! You’re here for the Preeminent Legacy, Young Noble!” She realized.

“Mmm, sounds about right. I’ll be the richest after I open it. I’ll probably get a few sovereigns to be my driver, then I’ll put on a really expensive robe. Maybe I’ll have some divine swords as hairpins, ten or so dao lord weapons hanging on my waist…” Li Qiye found this amusing.

Yiyun agreed that his description would be a perfect match for a newly rich cultivator.

“Obtaining the legacy isn’t that easy.” She pondered, then revealed her mind.

She had no intention of disrespecting Li Qiye. It’s just that no one has ever done it before in history.

“This is your test since you trust in your vision and people-reading skill so much. Or maybe, you’re just an idiot and chose the wrong boss.” Li Qiye patted her shoulder and laughed before walking away.

Yiyun stood in a daze for a while before she decided to catch up: “Are you going there right now, Young Noble? Do you need me to show you the way?”

“No one can get it anyway. It’s fine, it’s there waiting for me.” He smiled.

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