Chapter 3999: Marry Me Already

“Lil’ Bro, why are you so anxious? We need to take it slow when talking about the most important event in our life.” A’jiao said coquettishly.

“Do you think I can’t stomp you down? I want to see how you would try to stop me.” Li Qiye glared at her.

“Lil’ Bro, your words are as sharp as swords.” She pouted, causing her lips to look like a pig’s snout.

“Scram.” He lay down and stopped paying attention.

“Okay, okay, let’s just talk.” She begged.

Li Qiye simply ignored her.

“Alright, since you want to talk, let’s talk.” She winked: “After all, you’ll be our son-in-law soon…”

“You’re making me nauseous. Leave already.” He glanced at her.

She laughed heartily after hearing this. The laughter echoed like a bell but at the very least, it was far more pleasant than her trying to act cute.

“What is your condition?” She became serious.

“I don’t think anything like this has happened before in history, what a miracle.” He touched his nose and smiled.

“Well, there’s an exception to everything. Plus, you’re a unique existence and have value above everyone else. My rich father said that you can ask for whatever you want, we have a lot of antiques at our home. Don’t be shy now, this will be a good start for us…” 

She acted as if she was on his side instead of her father’s.

“I don’t think free lunches exist in this world or a random pie falling from the sky. Even if there was, this pie might smash my head hard enough to kill me.” He calmly said.

“You’re being too suspicious for no reason.” A’jiao complained: “Our house takes pride in having a flawless reputation of being trustworthy.”

“Reputation isn’t worth a coin when everyone’s dead already.” Li Qiye said.

“Well, there’s a beginning to everyone.” She said: “This is for our happiness in the future. You just need a little push to start and then you can do anything given your ability and intelligence.” 

“If you’re relying on me, it shows that the matter isn’t serious enough. You all can deal with it too.” He said.

“It’s a matter of should or shouldn’t. This is a case of shouldn’t, that’s why we need you to do it. Plus, this aligns with your goal too.” She elaborated.

“Oh?” He showed no sign of hastiness: “I’ll start with a high price if you insist.”

“Do as you please.” She revealed her most charming smile: “Our house has money anyway.”

“Do you know what I want?” He smirked while staring at her.

“Hmm…” She pondered before answering: “I don’t, I’m not a worm in your belly, Lil’ Bro.”

“If you don’t know, then you’ve come to the wrong place and found the wrong person.” He shrugged: “Return from whence you came and one day, I might visit again.” His eyes narrowed after saying this.

Her eyes narrowed as well. This caused Lu Qi to feel a chill all over her body. Time and space seemed to be flowing chaotically and she became something as insignificant as a speck of dust - just one exhale from A’jiao would blow her away.

She realized just how terrifying A’jiao was. Both her lord and the top existences of Sword Continent couldn’t hold a candle to her.

Why was this terrible being here in Sword Continent? Who the hell was she?

Only Li Qiye was unmoved by Ajiao, unaffected by the terrifying aura.

“Your heartlessness is hurting me.” She became normal and the aura disappeared.

“If you want to negotiate, do it earnestly. If you don’t, whatever. When the opportunity comes, I’ll go.” He said.

“Do you really want it?” She asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? I know you can’t give it to me though.” He chuckled.

“Lil’ Bro. Change your condition, we can negotiate something else.” She sighed and said.

“Can’t you see that I have all the advantages? It is you who is asking for a favor here. Trust me, I have plenty of time and of course, you do too. Then why the need to rush anything?” He smiled.

“Maybe.” She answered seriously: “But you know that time is not on your side. No one can escape when the end comes, not even you or me.” 

“When a nest is overturned, no egg can remain intact.” He replied: “I understand this very well. It’s just that you’re far more anxious than I am, no?”

“Lil’ Bro, don’t you know that you’re not the only one in this world? Maybe others can do it too. At that point, your bargaining chip…”

“Feel free to ask someone else.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted her: “I don’t mind if you actually have another candidate. After all, this might be a crappy transaction, the probability of dying is a hundred percent.” 

“You’re afraid of death?” She smiled, wanting to provoke him.

“That depends on how. At the very least, this matter is not worth my death.” He said: “Stop bluffing though, you wouldn’t be here if there were other candidates.”

A’jiao had no response this time. After a long while, she asked again: “Change it to something else, we can accommodate you then.”

“I’ll let you have some time to come up with a list. We can talk afterward.” He said.

She carefully mused before nodding: “So be it. As you’ve said, we do have time. There’s no need to rush.”

“Goodbye now.” He told her to leave with no intention of getting up like a polite host.

A’jiao had no choice but to get up. As she was walking away, she suddenly turned back and said: “Lil’ Bro, I know why you’re here. If you want to find the whereabouts, I can give you some information. After all, nothing can hide from my eyes.”

“I appreciate your goodwill but I’ll take my time. Unlike you, I don’t mind that someone has made contact.” He chuckled.

“Are you really this confident?” She spoke normally without trying to act cute. Her rough appearance became rather natural and far more pleasant than before.

“Yes, and you have experienced my confidence before. My goal will come into fruition eventually, I’ve never doubted this for a second before.” He said.

“It’s nice that you’re so confident but the unexpected will always happen.” She cupped her fist then continued to walk.

She then turned her head and winked at him again: “Lil’ Bro, remember to come, I’ll be waiting.”

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