Chapter 3995: Exercise

“Brat, consider yourself lucky today.” Liu Qi glared at Li Qiye and was still annoyed.

He gathered his friends and pursued Li Qiye in order to teach the guy a lesson about offending Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom. This would also serve as a deterrence for everyone else.

Alas, he had no choice but to give up.

“No, I’m afraid it’s too late for you to leave.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What? Don’t be an idiot who doesn’t appreciate mercy.” Liu Qi’s expression soured.

Li Qiye placed one hand on his waist and started stretching: “I’m rusting from lacking exercise.” He then pointed at Liu Qi and said: “If you can block one sword move from me, I will spare all of you.”

The crowd became frozen. They thought that he was lucky to be saved by Qingcheng Zi. Thus, the lack of appreciation was one thing yet he chose to be so haughty?

“Is the brat crazy?” Many viewed this as a suicidal attempt.

“How dare you run your mouth before us?!” One member from Sea Emperor shouted and grabbed his sword hilt.

“I see, I see, someone even more arrogant than me.” Liu Qi had an angry smile.

He then cupped his fist towards Qingcheng Zi: “Brother, it’s not that I’m being inconsiderate towards you. This brat is simply asking for it.”

Qingcheng Zi stared at Li Qiye in confusion. Normally, people knew when to back off but Li Qiye chose escalation instead. It seemed as if he wanted to provoke Sea Emperor.

“Forget it, my meddling is unwanted.” He shook his head and moved to the side.

“Brat, I’ll do you a favor and send you on your way!” Liu Qi then stepped forward and pointed at Li Qiye.

He had to acquiesce earlier in public. This annoyed him to no end. Now, Li Qiye was asking for it and he wouldn’t be blamed for showing zero mercy.

“Talk all you want after surviving my attack. I won’t be a bully either, take out your treasures and activate your merit laws now while there’s still time.” Li Qiye smiled.

He was merely speaking the truth but everyone took it as blatant disrespect.

“The brat is only at the yin yang realm at best, not even at the intermediate level. He should be considerably weaker than Liu Qi who is from a prestigious sect. Liu Qi should have stronger treasures and merit laws.” One expert gazed at Li Qiye and stated his assessment.

Though both were in the same realm, everyone thought that Liu Qi should be stronger due to his background. Thus, Li Qiye was being a fool.

“He’s nothing more than a frog who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. This is fine, he deserves death anyway for messing with the wrong person.” One youth sneered.

“Senior Brother Liu, make him get on his knees and beg!” Someone from Sea Emperor shouted.

“No, that’s not enough. Crush all of his bones and make him beg for death! That’s what he gets for offending our sect!” Another added.

Everyone thought that Li Qiye was finished after listening to the aggressive members from Sea Emperor. They realized that it was best to never provoke this sect.

“Come, brat!” Liu Qi roared as his eyes pulsed murderously.

“Take out your weapon already.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

Liu Qi trembled with rage. Though he wasn’t a genius or anything in his own sect, he was still a big deal in the cultivation world, being on the same level as some elders and sect masters.

“I hope you can back it up.” Liu Qi released his vitality, unable to tolerate this any longer.

“Boom!” Nine fate palaces appeared along with the majestic four symbols. They were around eighteen feet large and poured down violet rays.

“He’s at the intermediate level.” One expert said after seeing the size of the symbols.

As a cultivator grew stronger, their symbol would become one foot longer after each realm increase. Given what he had shown, others could see that he was at the intermediate level of the yin yang realm.

“He’s a ghost member.” Another noted the violet rays pouring down like waterfalls. This was an obvious sign.

“Clank!” He unsheathed his sword and green waves emanated from it.

“A heaven-level sword.” One youth said.

Only experts had access to heaven-level weapons. Though this was a low heaven-level sword, it was still more than enough to impress the crowd.

Sea Emperor probably had a scary number of disciples like Liu Qi. However, he still had such a good weapon? This was indicative of the sect’s resources and foundation.

The green waves from his sword formed a mighty wall and he uttered: “Bring it, brat.”

“Are you prepared?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Do your worst because I’ll cut you to pieces afterward. Take out your weapon!” Liu Qi gritted his teeth.

“No need to make a big deal out of this.” Li Qiye smiled and bent down to pick up a dried branch. He waved it around and said: “This’ll do.”

The crowd immediately looked around in confusion.

“Is there something wrong with his head?” One expert wondered.

Someone from the last generation agreed: “Yes, he has to be crazy. Even if he was one realm higher, using a branch versus a low heaven-level sword is insane.” 

“People like him will die without a grave.” Another snorted.

Qingcheng Zi frowned after seeing this reckless act. He himself wouldn’t dare to do this.

Liu Qi’s face turned red, having never experienced this level of humiliation before. The guy was weaker yet he wanted to use a tree branch against a powerful sword?

“Kill him, Brother Liu!” His friend shouted.

Liu Qi pointed his sword at Li Qiye. Terrifying sword energies emanated as he said: “This is your last moment, brat.”

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