Chapter 3993: Hallowed City

Hallowed City was created and named after Hallowed Dao Lord. It was one of the largest cities on the continent and served as an ancestral ground.

It operated similarly to a sect but there was one key difference - it was open to everyone.

Others always protected their ancestral ground from outsiders but this wasn’t the case here. Because of this unique characteristic, it became quite lively and prosperous.

Most importantly, its sword named Sacred was available for all to see. This was one of the nine heavenly swords. Its equivalent dao possessed the same name.

In this continent, it was abundantly clear that having any of these swords meant regional supremacy. Any sect would instantly become a top power.

The best example was Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom. It had five dao lords and two swords - Vastsea and Abyss. 

Few had the privilege of seeing the kingdom’s two swords, not even its own geniuses. They were well-hidden and heavily guarded.

The other sects such as Sword Temple and Virtuous School did the same, always hiding their sword and the equivalent dao.

In Hallowed, the heavenly sword was placed at the highest spot - the Hallowed Platform.

Thus, one could see sacred lights emanating at the top of the city from a distance. The platform had a statue of the dao lord. The sword in his hand was the famous blade named Hallowed.

It has been there for millions of years. Everyone had the chance to see it regardless of their background and race. Notorious characters and nobodies shared the same right as long as they came to Hallowed City.

Indeed, numerous top masters have come before - War God Dao Lord, Armament Dao Lord, Blessed Dao Lord, All-things Dao Lord, Buddha Dao Lord… Even Duality Master visited.

Many pondered the reason why the insightful dao lord left his weapon on the platform for all to see.

There were plenty of explanations and speculations regarding this topic.

One speculation stated that it had something to do with Hallowed Dao Lord’s background. Rumor has it that he was a sea demon cursed at birth. His cultivation path was arduous but he never gave up.

Eventually, he defeated the shackles of his bloodline and became a supreme dao lord. Because of his humble background, his benevolence and magnanimity had no bounds. 

He once entered a forbidden zone and spent ten thousand years suppressing the area with his vitality. This caused considerable damage to his physical wellbeing.

This magnificent feat earned him the respect of future dao lords. Some cultivators believed that he was the greatest dao lord and should be placed before Blessed Dao Lord.

His legacy remained here. The city continued to bask in the rays of the heavenly sword.


Li Qiye’s carriage slowly headed for Hallowed City since the Preeminent Plate was here. They saw the rays pouring down before they even got close to the city.

It looked peaceful and majestic like a crown. The sword would play the role of the jewel embedded on top.

“We’re close.” Lu Qi tidied her dress and stared at the city with respect.

This sentiment could be found in virtually all cultivators. They wanted to show respect to the city and Hallowed Dao Lord.

“Hallowed Sword.” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the city.

The path gradually became crowded since visitors from all over the world came to this famous destination.

Recently, it became packed with people due to the recently-opened Preeminent Legacy. [1]

To put it simply, it was an incredible prize left behind by another unique dao lord - Omniscient. It contained the dao lord’s resources and the profits accumulated from this event throughout the years.

Winning the prize didn’t make one the strongest or the most authoritative in Eight Desolaces. However, it would definitely make them the richest. That’s the significance behind this event and the reason why people kept coming like crazy and risking everything they got.

They all dreamed about being the luckiest and winning the prize. This would alter their fate forever.

Unfortunately, no one had won the grand prize while the legacy continued becoming bigger and bigger. This still didn’t deter visitors from giving it a shot. 

“Young Noble, would you like to go to the legacy first?” Lu Qi asked.

Li Qiye lazily answered: “Go on a tour of the city first. No one won before, we don’t need to be in a hurry.”

Lu Qi nodded and obeyed his command.

However, their carriage was stopped by a group of young cultivators. They all had the same uniform and an exceptional aura.

“Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom!” Others recognized their uniform and quickly dispersed.

No one wanted to mess with the strongest sect in Sword Continent. Every time its disciples appeared, others would come to flatter them with haste. Opposing them was never a wise choice.

They wondered about the people in the carriage. Who was brave enough to antagonize the members of this sect?


1. This was plate before, changing to legacy

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