Chapter 3992: A Beggar

The person was an old man whose robe was tattered from overuse. There were plenty of patches that were terribly sewn on. 

However, the lack of craftsmanship was understandable after taking a good look at the old man. He appeared to be blind.

His eyelids were tightly shut as if they were sewn together. They looked like two meatballs sticking out of the sockets. There was one tiny gap in the middle. Who knows if he could actually see out of them? Even if he could, his vision would be awfully limited.

Being skinny caused his cheekbones to be overly prominent, resulting in a scary look. The rest of his frames were as thin as bamboo sticks. It seemed that one gust of wind could send him flying.

People shuddered for him because it must be cold wearing the thin and shoddy robe during the night.

He held a walking stick made out of bamboo with one hand. The bottom end was bald, most likely from accompanying the old man for so long.

His other hand was a broken bowl with several holes. He obviously picked it up somewhere and clearly treasured it since it was kept extremely clean.

There were five coins or so in the bowl. They issued clanks as he walked. Everyone could tell at first glance that he was a beggar.

This was a common sight in any major city. After all, life was tough for many. However, this was the wilderness.

The appearance of an old man like him here seemed out of place. Both Lu Qi and the old man took one step backward and became cautious.

The issue was that he appeared next to them with extreme speed. They didn’t notice his arrival until he was already standing by the carriage.

Both of them were top masters, especially Lu Qi. She didn’t dare to claim supremacy but she was confident that very few cultivators in Sword Continent could beat her. Moreover, she knew all of the big shots too.

She didn’t recognize this old man. There wasn’t a famous cultivator acting like a beggar either in this region.

First was a mysterious beauty in a ghost city. Now, another mysterious beggar? This was too much to be a coincidence. Since when did Sword Continent have so many hidden masters?

“Grandpa, is there something you want?” She took a deep breath and bowed slightly.

The old man was clearly powerful so prudence was the best course.

“Sirs, I haven’t eaten for three days and three nights. Please give me something good.” He raised his bowl and caused the coins to collide.

For some reason, the duo felt that this old man wasn’t actually begging but rather, he was showing off the coins in his bowl. This was a rather strange and outrageous feeling.

However, Lu Qi wasn’t laughing. She glanced at the old carriage driver, unaware of this newcomer’s intention.

“What would you like, Grandpa?” She asked.

“Just something good.” The old man remained vague. The coins were still clunking.

The duo became lost due to the lack of criteria. Something good? Like what? Treasure? Weapon? 

“How about my head?” Li Qiye interjected with his signature lazy voice.

Lu Qi heaved a sigh of relief and stood aside.

“You’re too funny, Sir.” The old man smiled. Due to his caved-in cheeks, the smile looked awfully creepy.

Li Qiye got closer and said: “Does it look like I’m joking? How about this, I’ll cut off my head and let you have a taste.”

“Sir, I don’t eat raw.” The hideous smile remained.

“That’s fine, I’ll cook it first.” 

Lu Qi and the old driver became confused again. Who would talk about cutting off their own head and boiling it for someone else to have a taste?

They stared at Li Qiye and it didn’t look like he was joking.

“Sir, I don’t have that many teeth left, I’m afraid I can’t eat something so hard.” The old man opened his mouth, revealing only a few yellow teeth. They seemed as if they could fall off at any moment, definitely unable to chew Li Qiye’s head.

“Then I’ll cut off your head and boil it for you to eat, sounds good?” Li Qiye smiled.

This suggestion was even stranger. How could the old man eat his own head? That’s impossible.

“Well, I think my old bones might be too hard for chewing.” The old man shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take my time boiling it. Even things harder than bone will eventually break down.” Li Qiye smirked.

“No, no, I don’t think I can wait that long.” The old man responded and shook his bowl again: “Sir, just give me something good.”

“So be it, here’s something good.” Li Qiye chuckled and suddenly kicked the old man’s chest without showing any mercy.

“Ah!!” Lu Qi and the old driver shouted in astonishment.

“Bam!” The old man flew through the horizon like a meteor.

The duo’s mouth was wide open, not expecting this at all. Lu Qi knew that this old man was far stronger than her. How did Li Qiye manage to make contact? Why didn’t the old man try to dodge?

The powerful hidden master really looked like a helpless beggar during that moment.

The duo couldn’t make heads or tails of this event.

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