Chapter 3991: Ten Sword Prodigies

Both Dong Ling and Lu Qi stood in a daze after seeing the unmatched lady. She could absolutely shock Sword Continent or even all of Eight Desolaces.

They found it strange that they haven’t heard of someone like her before. She should have been world-renowned.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and turned back, surprising the duo.

Lu Qi found this astonishing. They were only passing by but Li Qiye decided to stop to take a look. He should be wanting to enter the city; why did he want to leave right now?

Of course, she didn’t think that cowardice was the reason. Thus, it must have something to do with the unknown lady.

The two of them faced each other in silence. Did Li Qiye know her? 

Lu Qi thought carefully and found it implausible. If they were acquaintances, they would have greeted each other. However, they simply stared at each other for a brief moment.

The whole thing was shrouded with mysteries. Of course, Li Qiye was the biggest mystery here but she didn’t dare to pry.

She obeyed his command and started following. As for Dong Ling, he hurriedly gave chase and asked Li Qiye: “We’re leaving just like that? We don’t want to take a look at that famous ghost realm? Maybe there are incredible artifacts there at the immortal level…”

He blattered on while occasionally glancing backward.

Li Qiye gave him the side-eye and said: “No idea about the incredible artifacts but there’s definitely a peerless beauty. Feel free to go take a closer look.”

Dong Ling turned red after his true intention was revealed. He tried to play dumb and laughed: “It’s not my fault, I’m just curious about the peerless beauty. I don’t know how we haven’t heard of her before in Sword Continent.”

“There are too many strange things to count in this world.” Li Qiye nonchalantly responded.

“Are you not curious at all? Why is she going to that ghost city all alone?” Dong Ling didn’t give up.

“Not particularly. There are karmic ties and cause and effect. It’s all destined.” Li Qiye firmly answered.

“I see…” Dong Ling had no idea what he was talking about.

“If you are hellbent on going, do it. Who knows, she might like you back.” Li Qiye added.

“Like me back?” Dong Ling’s eyes lit up after hearing this. Alas, he shuddered and thought about something: “No, no, I best not harbor any idea, I don’t even know if she’s a human or a ghost. My life would be over if it’s the latter.”

He wasn’t a fool. Why would a peerless beauty be here in this ghastly place? There was something else going on, dangerous enough to take his life.

“You’re not too stupid.” Li Qiye smiled: “But there’s an adage, dying in the embrace of a beauty is absolutely worth it.” 

“So she's really a ghost?” Dong Ling’s hairs stood on end. He felt that something was watching him ever since he got here. He turned around again and there was nothing but darkness.

“Stop trying to scare me, cultivators aren’t scared of ghosts.” He got closer to Li Qiye.

“Cultivators are nothing compared to real ghosts, nothing more than food regardless of their power.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Really?” Dong Ling became increasingly nervous due to their current location.

Li Qiye’s lack of response frightened him even more.

He didn’t want to stay here all alone. Though he was strong, he had no confidence in being here alone. That’s why it was wiser to leave with Li Qiye.

Just think about it, Li Qiye gave up despite having such a powerful maid. If he kept on going to that city, he would be dead in no time at all.

They eventually returned to the original steps. Dong Ling heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the starry sky and basking in the night breezes.

Though they somehow escaped unscathed from Revival Emperor City, he still had a heavy heart. In reality, they were quite safe because of Lu Qi.

It’s just that the place was creepy and he felt something was watching him from the darkness. This feeling was unbearable but he refrained from saying anything.

Now that he was out, the feeling was no longer there. The entire trip felt like a dream or an illusion. Nonetheless, he was absolutely certain that something monstrous was keeping an eye on them.

“Are there really ghosts in that city?” He couldn’t help but ask while descending.

“Those with wicked thoughts might see some.” Li Qiye joked.

“I definitely don’t have any wicked thoughts but I still think there are actual ghosts in there.” Dong Ling shook his head in response.

“No, just an abomination that has lived for billions of years.” Li Qiye revealed.

“Billions of years? What kind of thing can live that long?” Dong Ling took a deep breath.

He knew nothing about Li Qiye since they had just met but for some strange reason, he truly believed in Li Qiye.

“A remnant of the past.” Li Qiye responded.

The answer was rather vague but it confirmed Dong Ling’s speculation - there was something horrifying in that ghost city. It might be the reason why people never returned after visiting. It must have killed all of those cultivators.

He stopped thinking about it and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye: “I will take my leave right now. As long as the mountains remain verdant and the rivers keep flowing, we are bound to meet again someday. I appreciate what you have taught me today.”

Li Qiye simply nodded. Dong Ling then leaped into the sky and disappeared from sight.

“That’s one of the ten sword prodigies.” Lu Qi said.

Though Lu Qi rarely showed herself in public, she knew all of the famous cultivators in Sword Continent. After all, she was in charge of administration in the absence of her lord.

The ten sword prodigies were the best among the young generation. All were gifted in the sword dao.

Dong Ling was one of them but he was rather humble and didn’t state his title.

“Heaven Silkworm has a capable successor.” Li Qiye commented.

“Are you friends with that sect?” Lu Qi asked softly. She felt that he had a special relationship with this mysterious sect.

“Just a few ties from the past.” Li Qiye smiled.

Lu Qi nodded and followed right behind Li Qiye. Once they made it to the base, they saw the old man still waiting by the carriage.

He immediately stood up and greeted Li Qiye. As they were about to leave, they suddenly heard something akin to a bamboo stick hitting the ground.

Lu Qi and the old man immediately looked over and saw someone standing nearby.

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