Chapter 3990: Number One Beauty

Just one sword slash from Li Qiye’s maid took care of all the monsters on this street. Everything happened so quickly to Dong Ling’s astonishment.

The monsters assumed their original state. Doors, windows, and rocks scattered on the ground.

Nonetheless, this wasn’t the end of the creepy occurrences. Clicks and clacks could be heard as these things were moving.

There seemed to be invisible strings trying to pull them back in position again. This process was rather slow.

The small items such as the carts and tables were faster. The assembly wasn’t perfect either. There were still damaged spots. The tiny things started walking, looking feeble and powerless.

“They’re still not dead?” This was Dong Ling’s first time seeing something like this.

They crossed through the street and saw a massive plain shrouded in darkness. The sunlight didn’t reach this place. Perhaps this has been the case for millions of years.

However, upon activating his heavenly gaze, he noticed a peak ahead. It could be a monster as well. Either way, it spanned the entire length of the plain.

The scariest thing was the black smoke oozing from it, thick enough to obscure all vision. The smoke made it look like a great army was gathered there, giving off a creepy sensation.

It resembled an evil city with flashing lights. With just one command, the army would rush out and rampage. A murderous presence wafted in the air, enough to make anyone shudder. Nothing in this world could be scarier than this city.

Dong Ling was frightened as he spoke: “That looks like the gate to hell, the gathering of fiends.”

“Rumble!” The dried vegetation suddenly sprung up from the ground. They came back alive as if something had granted them life force.

Loud explosions detonated as large trees walked towards Li Qiye’s group. They have been turned evil. The roots coiled together to form legs. Each step from them resulted in violent quakes.

They have been here for millions of years and didn’t appreciate the presence of outsiders.

“More monsters.” Dong Ling said while looking at the approaching horde.

Lu Qi’s eyes turned cold as she released her sword energy again. Rays shot out like a storm of needles, capable of turning these tree monsters into beehives.

Dong Ling stuck his tongue out after seeing this, aware that she could turn him to ashes whenever she wanted.

However, she didn’t have the chance to release her attack because peach petals suddenly descended.

“Rain?” It felt like rain so Dong Ling stuck his hand out only to catch some petals: “How strange, a flower rain?”

This place was filled with ominous occurrences. This rain might be evil as well.

Li Qiye finally stopped to take a look at the petals. The world became an ocean of flowers - beautiful and melted the eerie atmosphere.

“Someone’s there!” Dong Ling faltered backward after sensing something.

A girl had appeared out of nowhere in front of them and seemed to be floating instead of walking. She possessed a slim and graceful figure beneath a cloak only covering her neck and shoulders. 

Her steps birthed lotus flowers that sway with the winds - a scene only found in the paintings.

“A gho-” Dong Ling shouted but his words suddenly stopped in his throat.

This was because the moment she opened her eyes, they chased away the engulfing darkness. Spring returned to the regions and millions of flowers blossomed.

Her face was equally gorgeous - looking natural without any makeup. Words weren’t enough to describe her soul-swaying beauty.

Dong Ling considered himself a scholar yet he couldn’t come up with the right characters to describe her. Words sprung in his mind and the only suitable ones were - number one beauty.

This common and overused phrase was the only one matching the current situation.

She finally saw Li Qiye and he stared at her as well. Everything halted on the river of time. Not a single sound could be heard.

It was as if the two of them were the only ones existing right now. The past, present, and future collided at this moment.

Her eyes were filled with mist. She seemed to be recalling the past and only saw faint images and lines. In the next second, her body trembled once and lucidity returned. She then turned around and moved forward.

“Rumble!” The flower petals landed on the tree monsters and exploded, destroying all of them.

She headed towards the evil realm ahead in a courageous manner, never looking back.

“So pretty, since when does our continent have someone like her?” Dong Ling regained his wits after she was long gone.

There was no one like her among the young and old generation.

Lu Qi nodded in agreement. Calling her the “number one beauty” wouldn’t be an exaggeration. She herself was gorgeous on top of having a vast network. However, even her lord and all other women she had met couldn’t compare to this lady. [1]

1. I have the feeling Revival is the wrong word. Su might just be the last name

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