Chapter 3986: Capsize Them

Sunlight shined down on the blue water. Life was good at this moment as Li Qiye enjoyed the sea breezes while laying on his long chair.

The helmsman limited the speed to a comfortable level. There was no bump and jolt as they traveled across the massive ocean. Lu Qi stood by Li Qiye’s side, ready to serve him.

He wasn’t a king but still enjoyed a similar treatment. He had no qualms against enjoying these rare moments of peace.

However, this didn’t last long because loud rumbles came from behind. They stemmed from a large ship speeding at a rapid rate.

It had a large banner exuding sword rays from the front. Others in Sword Continent would become afraid right away after seeing it because it belonged to Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom.

This was the strongest lineage in the continent, having had five dao lords before. It also had the most territories, spanning from Eastern Grand Land to Eastern Sword Sea. It had thousands and thousands of tributaries.

Their progenitor, Sea Sword Dao Lord was incredible - the first to obtain a heavenly scripture. This contribution to the continent was priceless. He was the one who started the love for the swords here.

Thus, most people backed off whenever they saw this kingdom’s banner. The target of this ship was actually Li Qiye’s boat.

There were nearly a hundred young cultivators on the ship - male and female; humans and sea demons of various forms.

They looked to be on vacation, not official business or training.

“Whoosh!” It passed by Li Qiye’s boat, leaving a trail of water that eventually poured down like the rain.

Li Qiye’s boat was about to get hit. However, the old man was fast enough to evade the splashes.

As for the young ones, they didn’t give a damn and even waved towards Li Qiye. One of them shouted: “We’re going ahead, keep moving at a turtle’s pace.” 

The group erupted in laughter after hearing this. Having a bit of fun wasn’t a big deal. Plus, Li Qiye’s group didn’t look like big shots at all.

They didn’t even care about smashing into Li Qiye’s boat. After all, this group was blind for being in their way.

“Capsize them.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye as he gave out this order.

The old man immediately roared and increased the speed of the boat.

The youths noticed this and one of them laughed: “You think your little boat can catch up to our divine ship?”

However, the boat was indeed gaining on them at a rapid rate.

“So what if you can catch up? As if you can do anything to us.” Another disciple coldly uttered.

One female disciple sneered: “Acting haughty in our territory? They must be tired of living.”

Their arrogance was understandable since they have grown used to having privileges everywhere. Moreover, this was within their own territory.

In the next split second, the small boat leaped forward just like an arrow.

“Shit!” An expert on the ship bellowed but it was too late.

“Boom!” The boat struck the back of the ship with the force of lighting.

“Crack!” Though the latter had a defensive barrier, it was taken down instantly.

The laughing disciples didn’t expect their ship to break down. The impact threw them off the ship and into the ocean.

Moreover, a massive tsunami formed from the shock waves and smashed them down into the water, causing them to drink several gulps.

Once they floated to the surface, the boat was already long gone.

“We won’t forgive you for this!” Many disciples roared furiously.

“You can run to the edge of the world and we’ll still find you.” Another declared.

Their hatred couldn’t be contained since they had never experienced retaliation before. Alas, the people on the boat couldn’t hear them.

Li Qiye was already sleeping while Lu Qi remained nonchalant. Sea Emperor Sword Kingdom was formidable indeed but these random disciples meant nothing to her.

The boat continued riding the winds and waves. After a long while, Li Qiye woke up and found that they had made it to shore. The helmsman was now waiting in a carriage.

“There’s still some time before we reach Hallowed. Is there anything you want, Young Noble?” Lu Qi asked, not minding to take their time since it was Li Qiye’s wish.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye gazed ahead and said.

They embarked on the journey with the old man doing a great job. He never said a word from start to finish.

The scene outside the window was beautiful. Li Qiye quietly watched the ever-changing landscape.

Meanwhile, Lu Qi thought about who he was. The man was a puzzle and she had no idea where to start. Nonetheless, she was aware of the mission given to her by the lord. She must do everything in her power to serve Li Qiye well.

Sun rose and set during their journey. Li Qiye eventually grew bored of the scenery and decided to sleep. He recognized many places but the familiar faces were no longer there.

On a night filled with fog and mist, the sounds of hooves stomping on the ground could be heard in a rhythmic manner.

“Stop.” Li Qiye suddenly sat up and ordered.

“What’s the matter, Young Noble?” Lu Qi immediately asked.

“We’re taking a break.” Li Qiye got out of the carriage.

Lu Qi found this strange since this was the first time Li Qiye showed interest in anything.

They stopped before a peak with a stone path leading from the base all the way to the pinnacle. The top half was covered by fog and clouds, resulting in an unsettling feeling.

Li Qiye glanced upward before starting the climb. Lu Qi gave chase right away while the old man waited with the carriage.

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