Chapter 3984: Preeminent Legacy

The apex was the dream of all cultivators. She might not be at the apex in Eight Desolaces but certainly wasn’t far off.

She paid in sweat, blood, and time for her current achievements. To restart was an unacceptable price. Furthermore, she had no idea if success was possible. Failure meant losing everything.

Asking a king to give up his authority and start again as a beggar? No king would be willing to do this.

It required immense determination and a firm dao heart to jump down the abyss. Just one wrong step meant damnation.

Xi Yue sighed. It was easier said than done. 

“Everyone has a limit.” Li Qiye said: “Only a selected few could reach this border and even fewer could surpass it. This applied to all the geniuses and top cultivators in history. But those capable of reaching the limitless state will become true overlords.”

“Thank you for telling me this, Young Noble. It seems like I do not have the ability to ascend above the nine heavens.” She bowed, having made up her mind.

No one would fault her for giving up. In fact, to start over was the crazier choice.

“Understandable.” He nodded: “Everyone has their own position on the long path. Those without a seat have no choice but to continue until one is found.”

She carefully thought about the statement and suddenly, she saw a solitary traveler walking on the dao path through history. He crossed through the firmaments in spite of the raging waves. Prosperity came and went but one thing was for certain - his continuous progress and footsteps on the river of time. He eventually traveled farther than anyone else. Others could only see his back.

Once she regained her wits, she found him sleeping again. Nonetheless, she still bowed towards him.

He slept until noon the next day when they had a female visitor. She was tall and thin, only around the age of twenty or so, attractive like most cultivators.

Her simple dress gave her an elegant appearance. Her face was covered by a thin veil. Even a heavenly gaze wouldn’t be able to see through it.

The only thing visibles were her gem-like eyes, looking bright and pure. She exuded a gentle and warm presence like water flowing through one’s heart.

She was startled to see a man in the courtyard. How could there be an outsider here and a man at that?

Most importantly, he was acting as if this was his house, not showing any restraint or awkwardness.

Her lord was a supreme character. Ordinary people had no right to be here, let alone being so blatantly rude. She had followed the lord for so long yet never saw anything like this before.

She had to compose herself despite being quite experienced in life.

“My Lord.” The girl bowed towards Xi Yue and said: “The elders asked me to come and seek your order.”

“What is it?” Xi Yue stopped her task and replied.

“The Preeminent Legacy in Hallowed City is opening again, the elders would like a decision from you.” The girl said. 

“I see, it looks like Hallowed will be busy.” Xi Yue’s brows narrowed.

“Would you like to join the fun?” The girl asked.

“It’s only a waste of time, no point in doing so.” Xi Yue shook her head.

“So we won’t participate?” She asked again.

“The disciples may do as they please, let them have fun. As for the sect, no point in even attempting.” Xi Yue responded.

“The elders only care whether you will participate or not, My Lord. You haven’t tried it before.” She said.

“It’s pointless. If someone like me could do so, the plate wouldn’t have lasted this long. How could I compare to Omniscient Dao Lord?” She smiled beautifully. No one would ever get tired of staring at this smile.

“My Lord, you’re being too humble. How many in the world right now can compare to you?” The girl wasn’t trying to be a sycophant. This was indeed the case, at least in Sword Continent.

“Lu Qi, do not be arrogant. My accomplishment thus far on the dao path is not worth mentioning compared to the peerless sovereigns and unbeatable dao lords, far from the apex.” 

“My Lord…” The girl didn’t know what to say. In her mind, her lord was very close to being invincible.

“The great cultivators before me would have solved this plate long ago if they could. It wouldn’t be my turn.” Xi Yue emphasized.

The girl kept her mouth shut, realizing that her lord was being logical.

“As I’ve said, individuals can go if they want but our sect is not participating. I will also be in isolated cultivation soon and won’t see anyone.” Xi Yue ordered.

“I understand.” The girl bowed.

“Preeminent Legacy?” Li Qiye woke up and interjected.

Lu Qi who was serving as Xi Yue’s maid stared at Li Qiye after listening to him. She found that he was only in the yin yang realm.

Why would such an ordinary cultivator enjoy the privilege of being in the lord’s presence?

“You would like to go, Young Noble?” Xi Yue inquired.

“I'm a bit interested since I've been bored recently. It’ll be something to do.” Li Qiye lazily said.

“You can definitely give it a shot. Omniscient Dao Lord is considered the most erudite cultivator in history. He wasn’t the strongest but his knowledge was peerless and praised by all dao lords. He left behind a special plate in Hallowed.”

Lu Qi shuddered after seeing her lord’s tone. Normally, others would bow before the lord. She rarely showed others politeness, let alone respect. This left Lu Qi speechless and frightened. 

“Omniscient? How interesting. We must take a look.” Li Qiye smiled.

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